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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Why Can't More Asians Have Nuclear Weapons?

Why can't more Asian countries have nuclear weapons?  That's the question I want "45" to answer.  It's not like North Korea is  a new country inhabited by descendants of Native Americans who have a grudge against the United States! Who said only the nuclear weapon club is limited to European Americans only?  This isn't an exclusive private golf club that limits and screens who can be a member.  Plus, China and a few other non European American countries are already part of the club.  Those non European American members aren't trying to sponsor a new Asian member.  As a matter of fact they are trying to stay quiet even though they no what the deal is.  They are saying to themselves, those American's don't want any more people who look like us in this club.

So what do the other members of the club do?  They quietly help the wannabe member get their act together so they are fully qualified to join the club.  So don't be surprised that any past technical issues North Korea was having were "fixed" quicker than expected.  It's all part of the nuclear club game.  The other members of the club benefit by any new country joining the club.  It levels the field of play.  It spreads the power with a nuclear butter knife.

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Start of the Year 2018 - Random Thoughts - People do What People Want To Do

As this "new year" begins I have pretty much come to one conclusion.  No matter what we do, good deeds or bad deeds, the Christian conclusion is that this world is doomed.  A perfect humane world will never happen in it's totality.  We may encounter some periods where living in peace, love, and harmony may appear reachable.  But, apparently the plan of our Creator is that one day life as we perceive it will come to an end.

If such is the case, what motivates people to behave and perform acts of kindness?  Basically it comes down to having a choice to do right or to do wrong.  The motivating decision in which direction we turn depends on what we want?  People do what people want to do.  Yes, it's a simplistic statement but no matter what laws exist, or what religious directives and guidance exists, the final act of a person comes down to each person making a choice.  Some of us may consider religious laws and human laws in making our decisions.  Some of us just don't care what directives or laws exist. People do what people want to do and accept the consequences of their actions (especially if they can avoid getting caught when making "wrong" choices).

With that in mind is there any possibility that racism could be eliminated in the United States of America or in other countries.  No.  Some people will always maintain racist views.  They will be taught to believe in racism by their relatives or organized groups that are allowed to spread racist views under the broken umbrella of "freedom of speech".

I saw a news reference this morning that the leader of North Korea reached out to the leader of South Korea in an attempt to diffuse tensions between the two countries.    A united Korea would be a nightmare scenario for some elements within the government of these United States of America. Some elements of the political structure exist based on being able to point to enemies of the United States.  A strong military bureaucracy needs a poster boy country or group that can be pointed to as being a threat to the United States.  What would "45" do if he lost North Korea as a subject to Tweet about at 4 a.m. in the morning?  A United Korea with nuclear power?  A united Asian ally to China with nuclear power?  The industrial military complex in the United States would find a way to garner support for increased military spending for the "defense" of the country.  I really don't see why some believe everyone wants to attack the United States.  Such an attack would only be the beginning to the doom I mentioned in my first paragraph above.

Last year I heard much about the "opioid crisis" or "opioid epidemic".  Their has been some discussion that some pharmaceutical companies are purposely supporting the crisis. The more drugs are produced the more money some pharmaceutical companies make.

As I get older I find myself devoting more time to exercising and practicing good health habits.  I try to eat more nutritional and healthy foods.  It occurred to me that if the government can come to the rescue of people caught up in a crisis or epidemic, why can't that same government do more to support my healthy habits?  A healthy person means less need to cash in on health insurance that drives up the prices of health care.  If people stayed healthier, maybe that would drive down the cost of health care premiums?

Before the playing of the national anthem and patriotic flag displays at all the NBA, NFL, MLB, college, high school and grade school sporting events begins this year; I want to pause and reflect. I pause and reflect and before the anthems are played take a knee and a moment of silence for all those who were lynched in these United States of America just because they were black; those who were enslaved; those whose normal family life was disrupted by the American institution of slavery; those killed by police unlawfully; those police killed while just doing their job; and lastly I pause and reflect on the indigenous people of this country (Native Americans) who were annihilated by European American policies and actions.

A few closing thoughts.  The Grammy's and Oscar's are not called the "European American" awards.  So why is it necessary to create music recognition shows such as the Latin, Hip Hop, or R&B music awards??  Is it that the Grammy's and Oscar's generally don't recognize diversity of talent if it's not European American talent?

Why do people organize into hate groups?  Because we allow them to.  Somehow freedom is equated with allowing people to express and act on their hatred. 

People do what they want to do. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trying to Relate To and Understand the Different Generations

I'm into my sixth decade of life in this planetary experience called living.  I'm at a point where I definitely note the differences in what people in my age group like compared to "younger" people.  Now there are several different generations following me to compare lifestyles and interests too.  Plus I know I do not know the "language" spoken by these different generations or understand some of the things they have an interest in.  I'm quite sure they also don't understand my "old school" preferences either.  I was once them, and they are now me years ago.

We dress differently, like different music, movie choices may vary, and have different attitudes about the culture that we live in.  A couple of years ago, I asked a nephew in his 20s or early 30s to explain to me what the term "100" meant.  I had seen it often in an emoji form but didn't know what it related to.  He explained that it meant the truth or what was real.  When I was mentoring 10-11 year olds in the public schools I also noticed a different "language" that they spoke among themselves.  They liked to do some kind of hand gesture made famous by a professional football player.  I also noticed that many teens seemed to be copying a hairstyle made famous by another football player.

What makes them copy what they see?  Probably the same things that made me copy fashions that were around when I was there age.  The media publicizes and sometimes pushes as image onto the masses, people copy it and then there is a mass rush to join the bandwagon.  Why because it's the "cool" thing to do and it somehow shows that you are different from everybody else.  But in fact you are just copying an image that has been pushed onto you as something you need to do or be.

It's ironic how there really isn't as much individuality as people think there is.  There may be differences between the generations in our day to day "customs", but within the generations we are just copies of each other.  We are tribes within an age band.  Then within that age band we may also be different based on our race and culture.

One thing is sure.  I cannot relate to much of the things I see or hear in the younger generations.  Some  younger folk in my family like to use the phrase "nigga".  I've told a couple of the young generation that to me it's a derogatory term some European Americans tried to force upon us.  In my opinion by our own people using the term we help those European Americans who want to ensure the term lives on and in fact is accepted by black people.

Then there is rap music.  I rarely listen to it.  My preference is the real singing that reminds me of the Motown sound I grew up with in the era of the 1960s.

What really irritates me is when the younger generation attempts to impose their culture on older people.  I cringed when I saw my nieces and nephews attempting to get my 87 year old mother to do the signature move of the NFL quarterback that young people love to copy. Plus the two finger hand salute which I also haven't asked "what does it stand for?"  It kind of looks stupid for an older person to try to do what a young person does, especially if they really don't want to look young.  It would be like me buying young people clothes that represent my generation and not theirs and telling them to wear the clothes just because I said so.

I see music artists representing the younger generations and don't know who the artists are.  In that respect I've graduated from bondage.  I no longer have to care who they are!  If they make music that sounds good, that is great.  I now have a choice of not wanting to fit into what the younger generation cares about.  I have decided to stay in my generational lane, and will only change lanes if I want to.

So let's agree.  You younger folk can do your thing and believe what you are doing is really important.  I will gaze at you knowing that what you are doing is fine, but what I'm doing and care about is also fine.  I'll respect your right to do your thing as long as you respect my right to be who I've become over the years.  If I want to copy what you do, I'll do so voluntarily.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Go Back to Africa? Show Me the Reparations Package!

Once in awhile you hear some racist spout that classic racist diatribe to black people, “Go back to Africa!”  My first thought of course would be to respond, “Sure, if you go back to Europe and give the Native Americans’ back their land!”  But, I thought of a new response.  I would now say, “Show me the reparations package and I’ll get back to you with an answer in about 4 months!”

Think about that.  What would I do if the government of these United States of America really wanted to give me a reparations package to compensate me for the past kidnapping of my ancestors from Gabon, Africa?  A reparations package for hundreds of years of family disruption and loss of identity.  A reparations package for economic and social suffering over some 400 plus years.  What would the monetary amount of such a reparations package come to?  At least 40 million I would think.  A superstar athlete can make that much in one year including endorsement money.  I think a reparations package should pay at least 40 million.  What do you think?

We now have a Presidential administration that totally supports European American male domination to include misbehavior towards women. So, under this administration it would be appropriate for the United States government to finally give those black people of African descent the reparations package long talked about but never offered.  Forty acres and a mule?  Forget that!  Give me 40 million, throw in yearly round trip, first class airline tickets and hotel reservations for trips back to the United States so I could visit friends and family once a year, and I think we might have a deal.  And yes, flying first class is not negotiable.  The original black people kidnapped or bought from Africa already experienced the one way substandard transportation in a ship’s cargo hold.  That initial voyage got us to the “land of the free”.  If I’m going back to Africa, I’m going back first class.

My DNA results from African Ancestry show that I have paternal genetic ancestry with the Eshira and Eviya people living in Gabon, Africa.  Would I give up life in the United States to return to Gabon, Africa?  For a decent, life sustaining reparations package I would consider it.  I would need to travel to Gabon and see what my living options would be in the country.  That’s why I say give me 4 months to decide.  I have not been Americanized to the point that I would not change my current style of living for another option.  You never know what you’re missing, if you don’t know what you are missing. 

What does Gabon have to offer?  Apparently 11% of the country is parklands.  There are white sand beaches, rushing rivers and references to an “Eden” like travel experience. There isn’t a lot of reliable info available on the history of Gabon through the European American media.  If there was I wouldn’t trust a European American developed record anyway.  Apparently in the 1400s Europeans went to Gabon to kidnap people into slavery.

I’ve experienced many of the extravagant materialistic things of the American culture.  I was trained since child hood to think like a European American, absent all the rights and privileges.  In the past 20 years or so backed off from the brainwashing I received on what makes an American successful. The European American education system did a good job of convincing African Americans to pursue the values of European Americans. Through the American education system black people learned what was important to European Americans and adopted many of their customs and beliefs while losing our true heritage in the process.

 I like to compare the experience of blacks in these United States of America to the experience of the indigenous “American” people, the Native Americans.  During the years black people were enslaved in the United States, European Americans did not really attempt to “Americanize” Native Americans.  Instead the emphasis was to rid the landscape of Native Americans through a forceful conquering.  Near extinction of many Native Americans became the result of those efforts.

So, if President Trump has cabinet secretaries put together a comprehensive reparations package to get “those black people” out of the country, I might have to seriously review my options. At the age of 60 I have nothing to lose.  Spending the next 30 plus years of my life in a country and region in Africa I would have likely grown up in seems like a good way to end my life on this planet.  It would complete the circle of life.  It would be a return to the life that God may have meant me to have originally.

I would not miss the gallons of beer available here in the United States that I don’t drink.  I would not miss seeing all the aisles and shelves full of materialistic things in the American stores. Maybe a life in Gabon would make for a better appreciation of the simple things in life.  In Gabon I wouldn’t have to worry, hopefully, about being attacked by some mass shooter here in the United States angry at who knows what.  Maybe, I could even escape the racism that I’ve learned to deal with in these United States of America.  We all deserve to one day go home.  So twitter man, President Trump (I still can’t believe he actually won) tell your people to start working on that Back to Africa Reparations Package (BARP) and have it ready by springtime. 

My passport is up to date.  You know I’m going to keep my American citizenship.  Black people have gone through too much nonsense to give that up!  Oh, by the way make that reparations package tax free in your new tax plan.  My ancestors already paid a severe penalty over the years for European American greed.  We as black people did help to do much of the hard work in building this country that you all did not want to do!  Lastly, for those black people who want to stay, good luck.  I support your continued effort to rid this country of racism and the other evils that take away from its greatness. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be an African American if that is your choice.  Remember that we are no longer slaves. We have options.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Defiant Launch" by North Korea?

It is rather insulting that the media is attempting to paint the launching of missiles by North Korean as a "defiant launch".  The media and our government is also attempting to make it appear as if North Korea is planning to launch an unprovoked missile attack against the United States.  Other countries possess nuclear weapons.  Until the countries of the world are able to trust each other (never) countries will always possess nuclear weapons.

As long as the United States respects the sovereignty of a foreign country to develop nuclear defense/offense capability all will be well. 

The media and the government need to tone down the gloomy prospects for nuclear war.  As long as the United States does not take action to provoke a war, none will happen.  There is nothing to gain for the North Korean government to start a nuclear holocaust.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sexual Harassment Incidents

No surprise in the recent revelations of sexual harassment.  Years ago, maybe in the 1990s I recall sexual harassment training being conducted at my former workplace.  But the “training” wasn’t enough.  There was no enforcement linkage to the training to scare perpetrators from committing acts of sexual harassment.  The burden was placed on the victim to come forward.  Absent a video or audio recording, or a willing witness not afraid of some type of reprisal, sexual harassment claims came down to she said/he said.  Those who came forward faced potential loss of a job, or doors being closed to future job advances.  Knowing there was a lack of enforcement slowed any chance of those being harassed coming forward to confront their abuser.

Recently we’ve had many people admitting their acts, apologizing, and trying to walk away into the sunset to restart their lives.  Restart lives minus punishment.  No time in prison?  No loss of money via payment to those they harassed? Yes, they may lose their current job, endorsements, or be banned from their occupation.  But, minus losing their freedom via prison time and minus loss of economic power to lead a comfortable life, what punishment are the abusers facing?  There are some exceptions.  The “doctor” who abused the female gymnasts will be doing jail time.  News reporters, entertainment people, politicians for the most part so far appear to be able to skip away without doing time in prison.  I have yet to hear of the harasser making a donation to any of the many organizations that must exist to help women deal with abuse.

Their apologies are empty without follow up action, which further demonstrates they truly are sorry.  So why do they get a pass?  Because we allow them to.  It’s the same general historical pass that has been given European American men throughout history in the United States.  Many European American slave holders sexually abused female slaves.  The histories of those families shy away from admitting that European American males in their family performed such acts. They were never punished for their immoral acts.  Is it that some European American males believe they have a right to sexually harass women?

We’re now coming to a point where no female of any age can be left alone with a male, in a room.  Has it come down to where we cannot allow any one-on-one meetings of any type with people of the opposite sex?  Who can you trust?  Obviously not a morning news host and host of a PBS show.  Not a Senator, not a Congressman, not a President?  Not an actor or entertainment executive?  Well, we should have known that sexual harassment goes on in the entertainment industry.

This type of behavior goes on more than we want to admit.  I recall within the walls of a federal agency I used to work for hearing of incidents occurring.  Managers were either slapped on the wrist with minor punishment, or nothing done at all.  In one case a supervisor within Human Resources who sexually harassed one of his employee’s was allowed to maintain his employment while being demoted.  But, that supervisor has been able to regain the level of pay he was demoted from.  The employee he sexually harassed was eventually fired.

If we keep allowing women to be sexually harassed and allow the perpetrator to apologize, and settle for being fired with no financial compensation to the victims then we are not doing enough.  We have yet to hear the other side of the story, if one exist.  Are their females in power who are sexually harassing males???

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rest Stops on Interstate Highways

I do more highway driving these days.  I’ve learned to appreciate rest stops.  I stop just to use the bathroom and to wake the hell up.  You know that falling asleep feeling you get when driving.  That’s a scary feeling.  It’s like somebody is hypnotizing you and you can’t come out of the trance. That’s when I find a rest area fast. I did not know the history of rest areas.  But knowing this country black people were likely not welcome at most early rest areas.  They probably had unofficial rest areas where black people could stop.  No restroom, no water. No food.  Just a piece of cement in the ground big enough for 1 or 2 cars.   But, I did some research.  Rest areas started in the 1950s.  Some states built them, they claim, to emphasize that state’s culture.  I saw a photo where the state of Texas built rest areas in the shape of Teepees.  Now how insulting was that to Native Americans?  This country takes the land from Native Americans, then mocks them by putting up rest stops with a teepee design.  Who thought of that?  It’s like rubbing it it.  Whomever it was their entire family should be interviewed on TV then lined up to be slapped by the last 15 Native Americans living in this country. Thankfully most of the rest stops I visited looked okay.  But, I always worry about serial killers being inside the bathrooms waiting for me.  So, when I go into a rest room I go in fully loaded.  I’m packing like SWAT on a mission.  I’m talking full body armor, knives, backup guns, stun grenades.  So when I use the bathroom I have one hand on my stuff and the other hand on a weapon. I’m looking around and peeking  at whomever comes in. The food in those rest stop vending machines is sad.  They have sodas and snacks from 20 years ago.  You eat that stuff you’ll have to go big time at the next rest stop. But truckers really need rest stops.  Otherwise truckers would fall asleep and kill all of us.  Now some states are closing rest stops because you’ve got these all purpose gas stations being built with showers, restaurants, stores, video games.   They’re like little cities. I have an idea on how to keep the rest areas open.  Create rest and brothel stops.  That way it becomes a multi service facility.