Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Orlando Internationlal Outlet Mall Charges $10 to park??

On two recent trips to the Orlando, Florida area I saw first hand the greed that exists among some businesses.  In Orlando off I-4 the Simon Group has the Orlando International Outlet Mall which charges customers $10 to park in the nearest public lot near the mall stores.  Yes, that is $10 to park in spaces that previously were free to park in.  What do you get for your $10?  Absolutely nothing.  The Simon Group somehow has allowed the mall to reap in thousands of dollars per week by ripping off customers who want to park close to the mall area.  The parking spaces were never intended to be paid parking spots.  Most malls offer free parking because they understand that the customers are coming to the mall to spend money on items other than parking.

I was outraged to see the mall charging for parking.  We arrived early enough the first time to avoid the parking fee.  They had yet to block off all the parking lanes and put up the $10 fee notice.  The second time we shopped at the mall I avoided the area on purpose when I saw they already had the $10 fee signs posted.  There is nothing special about the parking spots other than that they are the closest ones to the shops.  Normally a first come, first park policy is in effect for most stores/malls.  But apparently the Simon Group believes that the first person with $10 to pay should have first right to the parking spots.  Yes, it's all about greed and making money any way you can.

I suggest people refuse to pay the fee and leave all the spots empty.  Then Simon will see how stupid it looks to charge people $10 to park in the parking lot nearest to the mall.  There is another lot right across from the "greedy lot" which is where we parked the second time.

Boycott the $10 lot and show Simon Group how stupid and greedy this practice should stop immediately.  #boycottOrlandointernationalmallparking

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gay Batwoman Character

Sunday morning.  I'm preparing to get ready to drive to Sunday morning church services.  The television is on in the background to the sounds of the morning news, weather and sports.  A commercial comes out and features an upcoming series about Batwoman.  I see that Batwoman is in the bed and appears to be kissing or hugging another woman.

This is the state of television in the year 2019.  We are constantly being bombarded with images of people in gay relationships as if this is the new normal.  We are told to accept these images as they are part of the new normal life for human beings.

But what they don't tell you that it was not the intent of our Creator, God for us to indulge in homosexual relations.  But mankind does what mankind wants to do.  It's always been this way since the days of Adam and Eve.  Even through God oversaw the  destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for the rebellious life of humans to include homosexuality, people have continued to do what they want to do.

I cringe when I see these advertisements featuring gay characters.  I shake my head when a story line for a TV series or even a movie feels the need to  promote the character as being gay.  These are the images we promote to our children as being normal behavior and Godly behavior?  There seems to be an inordinate number of TV series that cater to children that promotes gay relationships.  For those of us who believe in Christianity we know this is part of the behavior that will eventually lead to the Last Days of mankind on Earth.  All we can do is point to the bible and God's plan for how we are to live our lives on Earth.  It is clear that the homosexual lifestyle is not what God intended for us.

People need to reject the promotion of gay relationships.  These images  are promoting the plan of Satan to support anything that runs contrary to God's plan.  What's next, a story about a human having a sexual relationship with an animal?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Something Is Wrong With This Picture!

Over a week ago I was watching the Saint Louis Cardinals playing Atlanta in the National League baseball playoffs.  The game was in Atlanta, Georgia.  The nickname of the Atlanta team is “Braves”.  One of the traditions the team has is that during a rally by the home team the stadium music plays what is supposedly some type of Native American war chant.  During this game the 30,000 plus fans take the Styrofoam hatchets/tomahawks they have either been given or purchased and raise and lower them in a stereotypical fashion they assume Native Americans did years ago.  I thought to myself, “there is something offensive about what they are doing.”  Some 200 plus years after the final decimation of the Native American culture, European Americans still are insensitive to other cultures.

So what kind of chant can minorities do to get European Americans to understand the pain that some of their rituals bring out in us?  Maybe we can name a professional sports team, the European American Land Grabbers?  Then during a rally the fans to the sounds of Joe Tex’s classic song, “I Gotcha” can pretend they are taking land from a Native American or a newly freed slave.  Or option 2 is to name the team the “EnSlavers” and during rallies pretend that they are raping the wife of one of the opposing team players.  Even better would be a professional team named the “Lynch Mob”.  During rallies fans could lift up nooses that were distributed to them as they entered the stadium and point them at the opposing team’s dugout!  

There really is no need for European Americans, or those of us taught to think like European Americans, to continue to give sports teams names that are related to Native Americans.  Why do we do so?  Only because we can and don’t really know the true history of Native Americans that would give us second thoughts to doing so.  One player on the Saint Louis Cardinals team did express his displeasure with the chant, music, and tomahawk antics of the fans as supported by the team.  Then the Atlanta Braves management reduced the antics some.  But, the chant will return and the team name will continue because the Atlanta team will use the rationale of “tradition” to continue the offensive antics.

Yes, there are other professional sports teams with names related to Native Americans.  Some schools over the years have done away with such names, but others continue the madness, only because they can.  So why do those in authority and who control the name of a sports team continue with the politically incorrect naming convention?  Only because they can.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

China, Daryl Morey, and the NBA

Daryl Morey.  Thank you for bringing into the light some of the hypocrisy that exist in the government and other institutions in the United States of America.  Instead of engaging in dialogue about the past transgressions and terrorism inflicted on Native Americans and African Americans in this country, Morey chose to point a righteous finger at social issues in China.  How did that work out for you Daryl?

 Why didn't you look within this country first and initiate a discussion about the history of lynching of black people in this country with no one brought to justice; the massacre of black people in Elaine, Arkansas in 1919; the burning down of a prosperous black neighborhood (black Wall Street) near Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921; the murder of 14 year old Emmit Till in Mississippi in 1955; and the other numerous atrocities committed against African Americans all under the banner of the American institution of racism.  And let's not even get into the American institution of slavery.  What do you think about that period in American history Daryl?  What about that discussion Daryl?

No.  Instead your mouth opens and you talk about social conditions in China??  Now look what you have done with the relationship the NBA had with China.  Your freedom of speech?  Excuse me Adam Silver, but it's more like the ignorance and insensitive nature of those who live a life of wealth and prestige.  Daryl, once you spend some time helping to improve conditions in poor areas and helping those who do not have what you have.....maybe then you can exercise your privileged "free speech".

But for the time being, in areas of social justice please keep your opinions to yourself.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Fishers, Indiana Library Actually purchases a "Black" book!

Chapter 3 in my ongoing exchanges with the Hamilton East Fishers, Indiana Library.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Fishers Library actually expended someone's funds to purchase the book "Soaring on the Wings of A Dream" by Ed Dwight the first black astronaut.  Normally when I do a search request  and see that the library does not have a book by a black author or on a topic related to black people, the library has resulted to getting the book for me via interlibrary loan rather than going out and buying the book for their holdings.  I am currently reading  "Before the Mayflower" by Lerone Bennett, Jr. courtesy of a loan from Grace College to the Hamilton East library.  The college and theological seminar is located in Winona Lake, Indiana.  I admit I had no idea the college existed prior to receiving the book.

Once I saw the library had purchased Ed Dwight's book, I did wonder why Hamilton East could not have purchased "Before The Mayflower".  I am halfway through Bennett's book and it is very educational regarding the experience of black people in this country from the early days of the 1600s on forward.  So why would Hamilton East want to deprive the citizens of Hamilton County of such knowledge?  Well it might be because some of the information in the book does not present European Americans in a very positive manner. For example, I never heard of  the Fort Pillow massacre where Confederate troops slaughtered black troops who had surrendered at Fort Pillow, Tennessee during the Civil War.  I don't think there would be much celebration of the Confederate flag if stories such as what happened at Fort Pillow were part of the history told in the American educational system.  Well, I take that back.  There might be more celebrating!

So congratulations to the Hamilton East Library for doing your part to keep purity of actions as the false landscape of European American history.  I am enjoying Bennett's book and am thankful that Grace College had the courage to purchase the book for it's holdings and was willing to loan it to the resource rich Hamilton East library.

As I come across more titles and topics by minority authors, I will be nominating the books for purchase by the Hamilton East library.  European Americans need to be given the opportunity to learn the truth about racial issues in this country.  Keeping such books away from white Americans only maintains the status quo of ignorance towards other races and their experiences in these United States of America.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Is the FBI Doing enough to combat domestic terrorism?

Twelve and counting.  That is the number of mass shootings which have occurred in these United States of America in 2019.  Somewhere, a person is planning to eclipse the carnage of October 1, 2017 when 58 people were killed and 422 others injured in one incident in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The FBI.  The vision of the "Bureau" is "Ahead of the threat through leadership, agility, and integration".

The priorities of the FBI:
- Protect the United States from terrorism attack;
- Combat significant violent crime;
- Protect civil rights

Based on the continued incidents of mass shootings, how well do you think the FBI is doing in fulfilling both their vision and priorities?  Is the FBI doing enough to gather information to paint a profile on the type of person most likely to commit these acts of domestic terrorism and then take proactive action to prevent them from occurring?

Most of these incidents have been committed by white males.  Most of these incidents have been related to use of weapons of mass destruction.  The American favorite, the assault weapon.  The assault weapon sold in the country with the self proclaimed best armed forces in the world.  An armed forces designed to protect us from attack by our external enemies.  But the armed forces is not designed to protect us from our neighbors.

That is where the FBI comes in.  The priorities of the FBI need to be redefined and clarified.  Protecting the United States from terrorist attack should be expanded and clarified to include acts of domestic terrorism.  In the 1960s and 1970s the FBI actively profiled, followed, and spied on civil rights activists, Native American activists, and members of the Black Panthers.  The redefined terrorists are now those who look like the  majority of FBI agents.  White and male.  Many of these domestic terrorists have an affinity to hate groups.  Hate groups consist of people who hide behind the United States banner of freedom of speech.  That same freedom of speech that condones and allows for hate, biases, and prejudice.

Now is the time for the FBI to have their priorities reset and their vision clarified.  Their is a serious domestic terrorism problem in the United States.  Regardless of whether the incidents are based on mental illness of the attacker, action must be taken to preempt the actions of would be mass shooters.

No, we should not take our eye off the prospect that a foreign terrorist act still can occur.  But, we now have ample evidence that our own citizens can cause more collective harm over a period of time than one foreign terrorist incident.  Our government needs to take action.  The FBI and our Department of Homeland Security need to revamp the approach to ensuring our safety.

We need protection now.  Otherwise just tell us that we are on our own.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

National Anthem Directions and Instructions

I was at a high school football game this past Friday. It was a decent late summer evening.  Not too muggy and warm. I had just finished watching the pre game team warm ups when it was that fateful time.  Time for the national anthem.  The stadium announcer directed us to stand and pay respect to our country and flag.  Instructed us to remove our hats if we had one.  At that point it struck me that we are being told what to do as if we had no choice. "You will stand, you will take off your cap, you will respect the flag and the country!"  This direction and instruction in the land of the free.

I thought to myself "why do you have to direct and command us on what to do? "  If we really respect the flag and all it is supposed to represent, we would not need anyone's directions and instructions when the anthem played.  We would simply stand once we heard the opening melody of the anthem.  The fact that we have to be told what to do seems to infer that we really don't respect the flag and the country.  Respect is being demanded from us.  We are complying because we don't have a choice but to comply.

What would happen if standing for the national anthem became optional?  How many of you would remain seated?  Why is it necessary to play an anthem anyway?  Is it to reinforce a false security in our allegiance to themes we really do not believe in?

A second thought came to mind as I robotically complied and stood looking aimlessly around the stadium. I saw one gentlemen walking out of the bleachers to an area behind the bleachers wearing a hat in the process.  I thought to myself, "now he had the right idea!"  Instead of standing via command I should have escorted myself out of the stands and stood somewhere out of sight while the anthem was being played.  Or I should have just stayed seated with my hat on, waiting for all the patriotic stuff to end.

Lastly came the thought why can't we just stand or sit quietly and say a prayer to ourselves to our Creator?  Why does allegiance to a country that supported enslaving people for hundreds of years have priority over praying to our Creator in whatever way we individually want to pray?

It all comes down to man made rituals and customs that have been forced upon us.  Forced upon us in schools.  Forced upon us in the military.  Forced upon us at sporting events.  Sporting events which are supposed to be a distraction for us from all the serious parts of daily life.  What happened to freedom of choice?  Why are you compelling me to stand for a flag and an anthem which supports a country that dehumanized my ancestors for hundreds of years?

I need to follow the direction of that gentlemen I saw at the football game.  Take a stroll to the rest room or to a hallway and say a prayer.