Monday, April 6, 2015

Religious Freedom Restoration Act - The Politically Correct Outrage

People, let's stop pretending.  There are many forms of discrimination.  The form that was getting attention the past two weeks was how we discriminate or behave towards those who are intimate with others of the same sex.  That intimacy includes sexual intimacy with a person of the same sex.  Of course being humans, we have assigned those who engage in that intimacy with our human labels and biases that go along with that label.  Their are biblical references to same sex preference not being what our Creator intended.  But we as people of course seem to think we know better so we can overrule what our Creator intended because we think our views as people overrule the one who created us.  Great Logic huh?   It's the same "we are Supreme" logic that human beings have had for thousands of years.  That same behavior that has seen numerous wars and annihilation of each other under the umbrella of "civilized behavior".  We pat ourselves on the back that we are so brilliant and we continue with our asinine behavior year after year.

We discriminate every day.  We discriminate on who we want as a friend and who we don't want as a friend.  We discriminate in who we hire and whom we don't hire.  I once noticed that a Director within one of my former employer's organization seemed to mainly hire thin looking Caucasian women.  If you were a minority or an overweight Caucasian female, your chances of being selected for a job were pretty much non existent.  If you were an African American male candidate, you definitely did not stand a chance of being hired.

We all have experiences and biases that dictate our behavior and whom we want to interact with and whom we want to avoid.  We discriminate on the basis of skin color something that historically has existed in these United States of America for over 200 years.

I wonder how many of the organizations that came out against Indiana's RFRA are ensuring that within their organizations there is absolutely no discrimination against, African Americans, women, and other minorities?  That means within their organization 100% of the internal personnel decisions have never involved discrimination of any kind.  I would like to see all those organizations from the NCAA to Angie's List declare that they are 100% free from discrimination.  That means every decision made was non discriminatory.

The Indiana law was at least up front about its intent.  The initial law basically said if you can't stomach the thought of same sex relationships you can divest yourself of any business relationship with the gay requester who wants to pay you for services rendered.  You tell the person(s), "sorry, I don't like what you do with someone of the same sex and I'm not going to provide you service, bye!'

Stop pretending!  Some of you righteous organizations and individuals are still discriminating legally against African Americans.  You don't care if unarmed African American men are murdered, but now you speak loudly that you are disturbed because someone actually has the audacity to say, I don't want to deal with someone who engages in sexual activity with someone of the same sex.

Yes, the law making machinery of the State of Indiana produced a poorly explained and adjudicated law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Before the ink of the Governor's signature had dried, opponents of the legislation were letting their money do their talking.  The Governor and his aides clearly did not think the impact of the legislation through.  Even though there were many protests before the legislation was approved, only after companies/organizations/corporations threatened to take their convention dollars elsewhere did the Indiana Governor suddenly pay attention to the negative feedback.  He confirmed that  "money does talk".  If you are a citizen of Indiana who protested the proposed law, you now know now that you have to bring a big stack of money with you when you want to make a point to the Governor.  Threaten to move jobs to another state, or not bring conventions to Indiana and you will get the Governor's attention. Otherwise, what you say doesn't matter!

When I watch television I forcefully discriminate.  If I don't like the content of a television show I change the channel or refuse to watch that television show again.  As parents you discriminate when deciding what your child should watch or not watch on television.  So, if a television show depicts intimate scenes of same sex behavior would you allow your 6 or 7 year old child to watch that show? If you say no are you discriminating?

If you kept a log of all your daily decisions you might be surprised how much you discriminate during a day.  Let's face it.  People don't like to be told what type of behaviors they must accept.  We all make our own decisions on what we will accept regardless of what our human laws or biblical laws say.  Whatever laws are passed publicly we still hold our personal viewpoints and live our lives accordingly.

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