Saturday, November 25, 2023


 My human curiosity had me check to see how many views my writings have had over the years.  Fifty Two thousand views is what the tracking system shows.  I have wondered if college or high school students have been "borrowing" from my writings to help them in their educational pursuits?  Have I contributed to some student achieving a passing grade in some high school, undergraduate, or graduate course?  If so, I hope my writings helped to inspire you to write your own words, rather than you just taking my material verbatim and putting it forth as being your thoughts.

I do hope that my writings have helped some people to think about issues and to formulate your personal viewpoints on a topic.  The views expressed were my own based on my experiences and what I have been taught or observed over the years.

I have noticed that sites tagged in foreign countries have been the locations where my writings have been viewed.  Again, I am not sure what that means.

Anyway, the goal of my writings is to put forth an opinion and to help us think about various issues. I have only received one or two comments to my writings.  If you are out there and have read my material, please let me know what your views are. awaits your responses.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

A Different Approach to Sharing the Word About Jesus

 I had a dialogue with several men on Saturday evening.  The conversation went well for about half an hour.  Then we got into discussing how to share our spirituality with others.  One of the men said that we had an obligation to tell someone that if they did not get Jesus in their life and repent, they would go to hell.  I and another gentleman felt that was a rather direct and somewhat harsh method to tell someone about Jesus.  We stressed that we would rather just dialogue with the other person and not tell that person they would go to hell if they did not change their lifestyle.  The "you will go to hell" person is a Deacon in a church, bible study leader, and was trained to think and speak the way he does. This after a life of not being a model citizen.  He is very sincere in his beliefs which is his right.  But me and the other man felt it was a somewhat rigid attitude to take towards someone else.  My thoughts were to just continue a dialog with the non believer and listen to what they have to say, and why they think the way they do.  I personally would rather take that approach. When the time was right, I would then bring up the "technical" aspects of giving your life to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.  Whatever I become in my spiritual walk, I do not ever want to become a "one way or the highway " Christian.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Immigration-The Source of the Problem is within the Countries People are Fleeing From

 There is an amazing fact to the immigration crisis.  Governor's of  some states are trying to pass on the responsibility of taking care of the immigrants to other states.  But, why are those Governors not focused on the conditions in those countries immigrants are fleeing? I have not heard one governor talk about the United States applying pressure to the governments where immigrants are coming from, or providing aid to those countries from whence the immigrants are coming!  There has been no talk about those countries taking actions to build up the foreign countries' housing and job infrastructure, or stopping any mistreatment of the citizens causing them to flee to the United States.  Their is no talk of providing aid to those countries, under specific conditions, so those countries can build affordable housing, and have clean water, food, and jobs, for their citizens.  Would that not be a better solution than giving the inhabitants of those countries the one choice of embarking on a dangerous journey to the United States?  

Instead politicians and their followers gripe and moan about all the immigrants and aliens coming into the United States.  Does the land where the immigrants are coming from contain poisonous soil and unbreathable air?  Are those countries unfit for human beings to live?  If not then what's the problem?  If the problems can be fixed in those countries, fix them.  Then the United States won't have to worry about trying to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people a year into the United States.  Governors will not have to expend state dollars to ship immigrants to another state.  Is that not the widely touted "win-win" scenario of legend?  

So, to the federal government, to the President, Vice President, and our dysfunctional Congress and Senate I ask you to answer the question.  Why are you not working with those countries where the immigrants are fleeing, or applying pressure to the governments of those countries to fix the conditions that are making their citizens flee from to the United States?  

In the Presidential debates that would be a topic I would like to hear the candidates talk about.  Having the countries of immigrants fix the conditions in those countries that are making their citizens flee to the United States.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

TV Parental Guidlines Monitoring Board - Accountable to no one?

They're back and flexing their entertainment muscle all in our faces!   The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board continues to oversee ratings of TV shows with an authoritative, take it or leave it attitude.  Despite glaring evidence that many TV shows are not accurately being rated, they march on as the public cannot scrutinize or question their decisions.

I recently sent in a comment that episode 7 of "Special Ops: Lioness" should have been give a descriptor of "S" for explicit sexual situations do to an extended same sex intimate scene between two females.  The episode was given a " TV-MA" rating with the descriptors of coarse language and violence.  There was no mention of the same sex sexual activity that would be thrust out at the public in a "surprise, surprise, gotcha fashion".  Of course the Monitoring Board, consisting of 18 representatives of the Entertainment industry, ranging from Hulu, CBS, and the Parent Teachers Association, did not respond to my complaint.  Why?  Because they have that arrogant "don't question us" attitude that the American public has come to tolerate.  Also, they really do not care what people think about their deliberations.  It's our industry and you should be privileged that we are creating trashy scenes in TV shows for you to watch!"

The issues are the same I have mentioned in the past 2 years. Bring more clarity to the ratings so viewers, like myself, who don't want to see certain depictions in their home will not waste time watching the shows.  A rating should be a warning label on the content of a show or movie.  The rating system is not accurate when it comes to scenes of intimate sexual activity.  Or modify the rating MA to include language that it may involve scenes of intimate sexual activities.  Is that asking too much?

Children and teenagers are already exposed to illicit materials via the internet.  Can we at least have more internal controls in the entertainment industry?

The Construction Business - A monopoly for White Males??

 I was walking by a construction site in the Wellen Park area of North Port, Florida.  It is a growing area, with homes priced $400,000.  At other construction sites that involved building homes, I had noticed work crews comprised of mostly Hispanic workers.  This site was different.  The construction work appeared to be focused on clearing the vacant land and laying drainage/sewage pipes and possible electrical connections.  But, at this site I noticed an absence of minority representation.  Several miles away there is a project involving the widening of a road.  A 6 mile 52 million dollar project.  At that site the only minority worker I saw was a black man given the task of holding a sign to stop and slow traffic.  There were no visible workers operating the machinery that requires specialized skills.

I photographed the name of the construction company doing the work at Wellen Park.  After locating a point of contact, I wrote them via email asking was there a path by which minorities could get a foot in the door with their company, Phillips and Jordan.  The company prides itself on being owned by a European American female.  The response I received was to receive email notifications of the job openings within the company.  But, most of the jobs involved foreman or jobs requiring specialized skills.  Only 1-3 involved entry level type positions.  I wrote them again last week, pointing out the high requirements of the open positions and asked again was there a program designed to allow minorities or other disadvantaged people to build a career for themselves in the construction business?  My point being that one opportunity could change the lives of a family that for generations been stuck in a cycle of poverty or hopelessness.  I have yet to receive a response to my second inquiry.

The construction business has long been monopolized by white males.  Drive to any construction site and observe who works there.  Note the European American flavor to the workers on site?  So why is this industry monopolized by European American workers?  Are black and other minorities excluded from getting a foot in the door on purpose?  If so, racism still does exist.

Monday, September 4, 2023

The News in 2023

Step back and evaluate the value and quality of items shown on the local or national news.  Ask yourself this question.  How did the information you were just shown via the news improve your life?  Did it educate you?  Did it inform you in a critical area important to the success of you and your family?  Did it inspire you to positive action?  Or was it just entertainment?

Realize that the stories presented to you were decided upon by a relatively small group of people.  That group decided that you would only be shown the stories they chose.  No one asked you what you wanted to see.  No one cares about what you need to see to improve your life.  A small group of people decide what you should value and what you should watch.  How does that make you feel?  Are you delighted by the stories shown to you on the evening news?  Don't you wonder what was left out from the selection?  What criteria are they going by to decide what stories you absolutely have to see on the news?

Most "news" stories will deal with violent acts by individuals.  The more individuals killed or injured the greater likelihood that the story will be presented first.  That is unless the subject(s) of the news story is about a group of people who do not have "favored" status.  The greater the public notoriety of the person, the greater the chance the "news" will feature them.

Try this.  When each news story comes up, write down the type of story it is.  Violence/murder could be one heading.  Shooting/death could be another heading.  If the story is about a person, write down what the person did to warrant the attention.  Keep that self log the entire week, then review it to identify if there is a consistent theme/trend as to what type of stories are pushed out at you.

How did all the stories you watch make you feel?  Sad? Disgusted? Scared? Angry?  Whatever you felt is what the small group of people who selected the stories want you to feel.  They seek to get an emotion from you.  Note that some news stations end the news with a "feel good" story.  It's likely the most positive story of the day.  Maybe the stories are rolled out that way so you leave watching the news with a positive attitude? It helps ensure you will return the next day to wade through all the violent stories to reach the positive story.  Your emotions are being played with in the manner the positive story is always last.

You need to expect more from the news you watch.  First, ask how are the stories chosen?  What is the criteria used to select the stories that make the cut?  Demand that the news be used to educate you on an issue.  Give you the chance to decide an issue based on hearing both sides of an issue presented on the news.  Contact the news stations to let them know which stories had no redeeming value.  What is the  value of telling you that someone has been shot and killed?

The news needs to tell us the following things: 1.  Is the water we drink safe.  2.  Is bad weather approaching your community?  3.  Is a criminal on the loose who presents danger to the public?  3.  Are there recalls on food or other items?  4.  Where are the traffic problems in the city?  5.  Is there a world event going on that may endanger our country?  6.  Is there a man made or natural crisis brewing that endangers the public?  7. Has a cure been found for some diseases or sickness?  Add any other category in your community that fits "a need to know".  Six to 8 items daily that we need to know about.  What follows after that is simply entertainment filler.  Stories designed to occupy the time and thoughts of a willing public.  The stories about entertainers and celebrities is useless.  Filler material to fit our human pyramid of idols.

Start asking your TV station to give you the news we all need to know.  Let them keep the trashy material to themselves.  Finally, ask for the names and phone numbers of the people who are approving the stories that are pushed out to you everyday.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Distractions from a Spiritual Lifestyle

 Trying to live a life starting from the foundation that we are all "children" of God is difficult.  The verbal, human communication with our Creator is not a direct verbal ask and response method.  We communicate via praying in reverence.  We "talk" to God, but we don't receive a verbal response.  We are then left to our human means to determine what is the path we are to take in response to our prayer request to God.  Then we await an outcome.  Yes, we do have a part in deciding the answer.  Sometimes the outcome will depend on the effort we put into the issue at stake.  Whether it involves economics, relationships, or other decision making, how we prepare for the result can be a deciding factor.  We just can't ask God for a result and then go watch TV or play video games while we let God do all the work.  We have to put in the work too.

Unfortunately, the supporting systems in this world that impact us do not have a Godly spiritual foundation.  Public schools that we are educated in rarely connect us to our spiritual Creator and Father.  In pubic schools, we are not taught the rules, principles and laws that God created for us to follow.  We start off our lives in an educational system that distracts us from the purpose that God created us for.  Fellowship with God is what we were created for.  Having a successful materialistic life is not what God created us for.  In God's eyes, the person who achieves materialistic riches is no better than the head of a family whose lifestyle is grounded in having God at the center of their life.

We have gotten so far off track, that we do not realize how off track we are.  We now talk about people being the G.O.A.T., "greatest of all time" in various occupations, primarily sports.  We are infatuated with idolizing other humans because of their entertainment star status.  A skill with a basketball or football is more admired than having a lifestyle that is in alignment with being in Fellowship with God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit.

To obtain that spiritual lifestyle one has to reject many of the human rituals and lifestyle that we have created.  We have to change the definition of having a successful life.  This begins in the family.  If we can't practice being in fellowship with God at home, we certainly can't expect to do so once we leave the home.  The distractions outside the home are many.  We often bring those distractions into the home and into our family environments.  Today start screening what you allow inside your home.  Screen out the lifestyle factors that are not in fellowship with God.