Friday, August 12, 2022

Don't worry about 40 year economic woes!

 I saw a "news" report several weeks ago.  It touted the current inflation rate being the highest it has ever been in the past 40 years.  I thought to myself, well, I am 65 years old so I lived through that last inflation milestone.  The lesson being, this too will pass.  Since I am typing this post now, you may rightly assume that I survived those turbulent inflationary economic times.  Yes, I did and I am doing well in today's environment, thank you, and mainly thank God!

My message is this.  Do not let the economic experts, pundits, and commentators scare you into any abnormal behavior.  Don't let them petrify you with fear on how you spend every cent of your income.  Just use common sense and reduce discretionary expenses.  Or if all your expenses are necessary rather than discretionary, just creat a plan on how to manage your income so all expenses can continue to be paid, on time.  Reprioritze the order in which you pay bills.  Don't pay your bills right away, but do pay them before the bill is due for payment.  Examine your current spending to see what you can eliminate as truly being a discretionary item.  Streaming services are one candidate.  You will not go into a coma if you cut back on 1-2 monthly streaming bills.  You can always catch up on watching episodes of a TV show or series.

Forty years ago, I was still a newcomer to the workforce with a 2 year old child and wife to support.  I don't recall doing anything extra ordinary back then to survive the high inflation rate in those days.  I just managed my spending wisely.  In 40 more years I likely will not be around to look back at the high inflation days of 2022.  But you will.  Then you will say, "what was the big deal?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

And you call yourselves Patriots??

 An ex President of the United States.  Senators and Congressmembers.  Governors of states.  Who would think that people in this category would be traitors to the Constitution and government of the United States of America. But such is the apparent case in the year 2022.  We all saw on January 6, 2021 when citizens of the United States marched on the capitol in Washington D.C. and violently threatened the government of the United States.

Now when the FBI attempts to retrieve documents under the pervue of its mission, the former category of people claim that the FBI is being misused to threaten innocent Americans!  These Senators, Governors, and Congressmembers are the people we need to fear.  Elected and former elected officials who support misbehavior of citizens.  Former elected officials who now seem to find themselves above the coverage of the law.  The law they swore to uphold.

As events move forward, be aware of people who support tyrants such as these. They are not patriots.  Instead they are a threat to the rule of law and order.  They only want to abide by laws and rules that benefit them.  Through your verbal tirade, they support the attack on the capitol building.  They support the attack on the capitol police.  And now they support an ex President being held above the law.

Let's not mistake who they are.  They are far from being Patriots.  They are the latest internal threat to the government of the United States of America.

Friday, July 29, 2022

The State of Indiana debates Abortion legislation

 I am listening to a debate on proposed abortion legislation by the Indiana State Senate.  One state senator just said he was trying to keep his religious values out of the discussion.  That response seemed strange.  How can you keep your beliefs on the subject out of your mind? They are now talking about religious faiths pushing opinions.  Now they are talking about the science of this issue. "God is not pro rape" was a comment just made by another person as a way of addressing why rape should not be used as an exception to an abortion.?  I assume he was trying to say that God would not approve of a child born due to a rape?

 They don't seem to understand.  if the behavior and culture that causes and supports an  abortion continues, the problem of abortion will still exist. 
Get to the foundation of the problem.  Sex outside of marriage, and understanding that a sex act can lead to a child is the issue.  Then the criminal activities where women are raped.
I don't know when abortions began.  But, imagine if someone thought that when Mary was pregnant with Jesus ,that her baby should be aborted?
But if a woman raped does not want to be the mother of the child why make her give birth? The whole issue is unfortunate and as is based on sin.  Now we are in a position of trying to repair the sin by our human un Godly legislative system.  Truly a broken world. 

Romans 1:29-32 addresses the wickedness of man.  It talks about how we as humans create new ways of sinning.  Somewhere in time humanity created the practice of abortion.  If we were as intelligent as we claim to be we never would have initiated the practice.  It goes against everything we were created for.  

So the human legislative debates continue.  Doomed to ultimate failure unless we get back to the original concept and behaviors that God had in mind for us to adhere to.

Monday, July 11, 2022

The Abortion Debate in the United States

The Supreme Court, the man-made final arbitrator of human justice in the United States, recently over ruled a 50-year-old Supreme Court decision that allowed abortions in the United States.  The decision had been leaked several months ago, so we were forewarned.  The reaction to the official decision was the same as when the leaked draft surfaced.  Outrage or joy, depending on which side of the issue you were on.

For those overjoyed, the common theme seemed to be that we as human beings have the authoity to do whatever we want to do.  That authority impacts the life of a child not yet "born" into the world.  The "logic" being that since it's the woman's body, she has the right to decide if the unborn child will live to see the world.

This whole abortion issue is similar to a train that has derailed.  Abortion as an option is the result of not using birth control, failed birth control, or sex forced upon a woman.  Why not try to ensure that any consensual sex between a male and a female will not lead to an unwanted pregnancy?  Is it not the unwanted pregnancy that leads to an abortion?  If not for the unprotected sexual activity, abortion would not be necessary in cases where the sex act was just for pleasure, not for creation of a child.  Yes, the sexual pleasure desires of humans and our failure to manage those desires, might seem to make talking about showing restraint from sexual activity a waste of time.  Does that mean we should give up trying to control ourselves and not prepare for when restraint does not work?  What is a better human alternative?  Birth control, or the ending of the life of a fetus in a woman's womb via an abortion?  Yes, each prevents a life from being developed, but the fetus in a woman is a life that already has begun to develop.  The fetus just has not entered the outside world that the rest of us have been allowed to join.

Yes, I know that a woman raped is something that cannot be a pre-planned avoidance.  The penalty for rape should be increased to filter in the impact of a woman having to make a possible abortion decision.  If the rape leads to the termination of a life inside a woman, shouldn't the perpetrator of the rape face the same consequences, death?  Deuteronomy 22:25 (NLT) "But if the man meets the engaged woman out in the country, and he rapes her, then only the man must die.  Do nothing to the young woman; she has committed no crime worthy of death?  She is as innocent as a murder victim".  Does this not also apply to the unborn child?  Do nothing to the unborn child except let it develop to live.  Whether the mother chooses to give up the child for adoption is a follow up decision.  Health care should be made available to the woman who was raped to allow her and the fetus to get more than adequate child care.  Emotional support is needed before and after the birth.

I started to read the text of the Supreme Court decision.  It quickly became a jumble of references to past court decisions and other legalistic terms.  It was clear that the decision was merely a human discussion absent of any spiritual references regarding the "rights" of men and women.  The decision was just more human stupidity dressed up and covered with a layer of human arrogance on how intelligent we are to decide issues of our own making via a "Supreme Court".  The decision had no reference to people having been created by God.  There was no acknowledgement that we as people are not the original creators of ourselves.  There was no discussion of how our Creator made humanity and then limits set upon us on what we could do and could not do.

The decision mechanically focused on the 1972 Roe vs Wade decision and the 1992 Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania vs Casey follow up decision that allowed Roe vs Wade to stand as the legal law of the land.  Although the recent court decision overturned Roe vs Wade, it still seems to take the stance that our Creator bestowed upon us the right to do whatever the hell we want to do!  In this case, the Supreme Court has said each individual state needs to make a determination on the abortion issue.  The court decision did not contain a graphic that outlined the process of our Creator making us, and then delegating all authority and human rights to us.  So where does this concept of "human rights" come from?  Where does the notion of "women's rights" to control what happens to their body originate from?  Does it come from us pushing aside God, our Creator and saying, "Thanks God, but we got it now!  We don't need or want your limitations on us and our behavior.  We can do just as well without you."  So I ask you humanity, how has that worked out based on our record of conduct on this planet?

Some opponents of abortion approach the issue from a spiritual perspective.  God created life.  We are to follow God's guidelines on issues dealing with the ending of a life.  The question can be asked, does the Bible or other spiritual book address the issue of abortion?  Not directly.   Some say that Genesis 9 and Galaitians 1:15-16 indirectly state that abortion is not an option for humans to take.  Abortion is something humanity created.  Romans 1:30b, "They invent new ways of sinning." (NLT)

Human history shows that in the Catholic faith, the belief was that the human soul entered the body 40 days after conception for males and 80 days for females.  There was no explanation for the difference in the number of days.  It seems as if it may have been an arbitrary decision made by men.  It was also thought that life was not present until the woman felt movement which was labeled, quickening.  Prior to quickening women would take herbal abortifacients to induce a miscarriage.  Abortions became more prominent in the 1800's, for those who could afford one.  Poor women continued to use herbs.  Abortion then transformed into  a social, religious, political issue.

Abortion was outlawed in numerous states in the mid to late 1800's.  The use of abortion was felt as being a method of white women to control fertility and that would lead to a reduction of the white race.  There was even some thought that as long as the child was aborted before it left the birth canal, it has not been born into the world and in such a situation the abortion was justified.  The development of a baby inside a woman has been documented.  The baby's heart beats after four to six weeks as a fetus.  Fingers, toes, and eyes start to develop.  The cycle of the miracle of birth is in progress.  It also has been discussed that a fetus can feel pain in the womb.  Do we have to go even further and video tape a view of the fetus/baby at the point of being aborted to document the pain the unborn child goes through in the abortion process?

The question of when is life viable after conception occurs, was also discussed in the Supreme Court decision.  Key to the discussion is the human definition that "life" begins once the baby has come out of the birth canal into the world.  If the fetus has an active heartbeat, is that not some indication that life exists within the woman's womb?  Are not people declared dead when there is no pulse or heart beat?  If there is a heartbeat the person is still alive, correct?  Man's knowledge limitations and lack of  medical ingenuity and competence does not make us qualified to determine when is life viable.  Human medical practices and understanding of the human body have advanced over the course of our existence.  Our human ability to preserve the life of a child born before the completion of 9 months in te womb, has improved.  Psalm 139:13-16; Luke 1:41; Ecclesiastes 11:5; and Jerimiah 1:5 all attest to the fact that life inside the womb is in fact, life that is developing.  The same life we develop further outside the womb.  Do we as people abort the lives of our children if we believe they will not have a viable, successful human life on earth?  No, we are not allowed to make those type of judgments.  We should therefore not be allowed to make judgments on the value of the growing child within the womb of the mother.  Abortion is a death penalty judgment against the child within the womb, without the child being able to defend their case for life.  It is comparable to a ruling of guilty made against a person in the outside world, without having a trial.  Pre term, premature babies need extra care, but continued life is viable for them.

If there ever was a spiritual discussion of abortion as a forbidden action of God's people, it has been lost amongst the human arrogance that continues to this day.  We are now in an era of "human rights" supplemented by "women's rights" that somehow overcomes all, even the authority of God over us.  Phillipians 4:19 describes how God will supply all of our needs from God's glorious riches.  What we have misunderstood as humans is that among all those whose lives were aborted over the years were people God was sending us to take care of our needs.  Aborted were peacemakers.  Those human beings with the gift to guide conflicts, wars, and violent actions to a peaceful agreed upon solution.  Aborted were scientists and doctors.  Those human beings who had they been allowed to live would have guided us to find the medical cures for cancer, Alzheimer's and many other diseases that now plague and torment us in this world.  Human beings who would have guided us to find worldly techniques with a spiritual foundation to address involuntary homelessness and poverty.  Through abortion we have destroyed the gifts that God was giving us to improve the quality of our lives.  Our support of abortion further dooms us and takes away what God is providing for us.  Is that so difficult to understand?

Where are we now?  We continue to march in circles over the issue, when it should not be an issue at all.  The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that each state must address the abortion issue.  A number of states have already taken the view that abortions in most cases are illegal.  But the behavior that is the source of the abortion problem continues.  We need a process where the child of a woman conceived via a rape is allowed to become the best person they can be.  The life of that child needs to be supported.  The rapist must be held accountable for the child to include financial accountability for assisting with the child's development.  If the mother does not want to keep the child, let's have in place an adoption process to support the child.  Is killing the child of a rapist the solution?  Additionally, we need a process that helps a woman recover from the trauma of rape.

We have collectively taken our eyes off the source of the problem that leads to abortion.  Each of us needs to look in the mirror and point your finger at the reflection you see.  We are the problem and the reason why abortion exist.  The Supreme Court decision allows us to call time out, regroup, and get back onto the path that God established for us to follow.  To cherish life, not destroy it.  To cherish the ability to create life.  Where are you on this issue of abortion?

Sunday, June 19, 2022

North Port Florida Police - They meant well in acknowledging Juneteenth - How did North Port citizens respond?

 Why do we need Critical Race Theory (CRT), or as I call it, "the truth", told in the educational system in the United States?  A Facebook post this morning by the North Port, Florida police department provides an example of why.  Here is the post:

"Today we honor Juneteenth.  This day celebrates and commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, which happened on June 1865.  It was made a federal holiday in 2021, therefore City buildings and facilities will be closed June 20 in recognition. It's a celebration of resillence, perseveraance, and hope.  #Juneteenth"

The post, author unknown, incorrectly describes Juneteenth as celebrating and commemorating the end of  slavery in the United States.

Juneteenth (short for "June Nineteenth") marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be freed.  The troops' arrival came a full two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  Juneteenth honors the end to slavery in the United States and is considered the longest-running African American holiday.  On June 17, 2021, it officially became a federal holiday.

In response to the post by the North Port police, several citizens of North Port responded with proclamations supporting Father's Day but ignoring or denigrating the acknowledgement of Juneteenth Day.  The responses support the need for European Americans to acknowledge the existence of  non European American cultures in the United States.  The notion that everything in these United States must relate to European American culture and values is a false, racist, selfish, and evil notion.  The continuing denial and non acceptance of anything non European American having value is sad behavior.  But, the behavior is honest and makes us all aware of where this country stands in terms of the thoughts and values of a large segment of the population, at least in North Port, Florida.

The Facebook post was met with numerous affirmations and responses of "Happy Father's Day".  It was a light handed slap in the face to Juneteenth.  Now do you understand why some black people and Native Americans ignore July 4th "Independence Day" celebrations?

So, now it's time to include information about Juneteenth in the educational system.  Along with information about the lynchings, and massacares of black people over the past 300 years.  Plus the story of the annihilation of the Native American culture in the United States by diseases, and European American culture.  Finally it's time for the North Port police department to get fully educated on the cultures of the people it protects and serves.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Pride Month - Proud about what?


I recently shopped at a local super store.  The kind that sells food, items for the home, and almost everything else you can think of.  As I turned into an aisle, I encountered a display that said, “Celebrate Pride Month”.  The display had two sides and was very colorful.  One side  had a variety of rainbow-colored articles for sale.  Stickers touted “love is love”, rainbow facial masks, rainbow capes, rainbow wigs, rainbow buttons, rainbow hats, and rainbow cups.  The other side featured items for pets with slogans “tell your dog I said hi” and “one of a kind”.  The display was positioned in a main aisle of the store, not hidden off in a corner away from public view. 

The display was symbolic of the world we live in today. People do whatever they want, and live and justify any lifestyle we want under the banner of love and human rights.  Romans 1:21-32 addresses how humanity long ago strayed from God, our creator.  At that point God abandoned us to do whatever shameful things our hearts desired.  Women indulged in sex with each other.  Men also did shameful things sexually with other men.

The, ”Celebrate Pride” display is reaffirmation that humanity has embraced and been bamboozled to believe that we as human beings have the right to do whatever we want to do.  The notion of the limits established by our Creator is a foreign thought to many of us.  I had seen such “Pride” displays at other stores.  I was reminded of the Pride display when we were in Sunday school and the topic of “the Pride of Babylon” from Isaac 47:10-15 was being discussed. I remarked to the Pastor that it was ironic that we were talking about the Pride of Babylon during the month of June in what has been labeled Pride Month.

The origin of Pride Month goes back to the late 1960s and the police raid of a gay bar in New York city.  The creation of a rainbow flag is credited to an elected official in the state of California in 1978.  The original rainbow was originally created and given to people by God as a sign of God’s covenant that floodwaters would never again be used to destroy all life on earth. Reference  Genesis 9:12-17.  The use of a rainbow as a symbol of Pride Month is shrewd as are many tactics of Satan.  Sometimes what should be obvious misuse of what God intended flows right by us due to our lack of spiritual knowledge.

Proponents of Pride Month state that it celebrates our freedom to be ourselves.  They say Pride Month supports “minority” groups who have suffered from prejudice.  Let’s just be honest.  Pride Month celebrates a part of the sinful nature of humanity. This is discussed in  Leviticus 18:22 and  1 Timothy 1:10.  It is comparable to celebrating any other sin, whether it be murder, adultery, or theft.  So are we to express “pride” in all of our sinful habits/lifestyles under the banner of love, acceptance or mental illness?  I do not think that was God’s intention.  What do you think?

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

What we Continue to Lose

 Another day in these United States of America.  Another mass shooting.  More are coming.  Assault weapons have already been purchased and are in possession by those who will one day repeat the carnage that happened in Texas yesterday.  One thing seems certain.  You do not need to actually practice shooting an assault weapon.  Just load, point, shoot and reload.  Someone is planning another event, even as I type this.  I may even be one of the victims of a future assault.

Through all the carnage, and emotional pain being inflicted, we forget all that we are losing and have lost.  The loss goes beyond the individual lives.  It goes beyond the loss and heartbreak felt forever in families. We are losing people who would have made an impact in this world.  Much of that impact would have been of a positive nature.

Pause to reflect on this.  All of these victims of violence had God given gifts that would have been a benefit to others and possibly to all of us.  We have lost people who were given the God given gift to create a cure for Cancer.  We have lost peacemakers, those desperately needed to calm communities and countries from engaging in various forms of violent conflict.  We have lost people who would have contributed to charities and done the work to ease the pain of people in this world.  A world slowly moving towards its end.  We have lost those who would have entertained us and made us laugh. 

And what have we gained?  We have gained added feelings of loss of security.  We understand that a simple daily task or function could lead to our human death.  We have gained added mistrust in our government to take action to reduce the chances of a mass shooting occurring. We have inched closer to the creation of conditions where life will no longer be allowed to exist on this planet.

What can we do to turn conditions towards the positive?  We can reject the ways of this world.  We can seek the ways of our Creator and be what we were meant to be.  We were made to fellowship with God.  We were made to love each other in fellowship, regardless of the color of our skin and other physical differences.  All of us will not commit to that goal.  But as each mass shooting happens, if you have not committed to living a life with God, you are given another reminder to do so.  From the violence can come a new commitment.  An action to turn your life around.  What do you have to lose?