Saturday, February 5, 2022

Create A Historic Super Bowl Moment

 One of the iconic human sports events is about to occur.  The Super Bowl.  As we close out another year of Covid Football Season (CFS), I humbly ask all fans paying $$$$ to attend the game to do one thing.  You don't have to buy anything to do it.  It is something you already are asked to do at a football game.

I ask you that during the invitation/command to stand for the national anthem, that you instead "Stand and Pray".  Even if you don't attend church, or normally pray, on this occasion please "Stand and Pray".

Why?  To acknowledge that human kind did not create the Earth.  Humanity did not create the sun.  Human beings did not create the air and water we consume daily.  Pray for all the things we take for granted every day.  Pray for your family.  Pray for those suffering.  Pray for the homeless and poor.  Pray for all the families impacted by Covid. In the one minute and fifty-five seconds that it takes on average to sing the national anthem, "Stand and Pray".

Stand in the stadium.  Stand in whatever venue you are at to watch the game.  It would be a historic moment if the person chosen to sing/play the anthem simply just let the melody of the anthem play in the background as they themselves simply "Stand and Pray".

After you "Stand and Pray", enjoy the game.

The Good News

 In a world destined for destruction in a horrific chaotic manner, God has created a system and method for human beings, as broken as we are, to have eternal life beyond this world.  God's system was to place His son in a human form on Earth, and to allow that Son to suffer and die for OUR SINS.

That system opened up a new door for all people to achieve eternal life.  The system/method is in place. The rules for humans to follow have been established in the words shared in the bible.  Now it is up to each of us to overcome the human ways of the world and to adhere to those guidelines if we want what God has offered.  

A narrow gate it is to enter.  What is your choice?  What is your chosen destination? Begin and continue your journey.  The path is full of obstacles and detours.  Tread carefully and in constant prayer.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

More Human Stupidity from the United States Senate

 I heard Senator Ted Cruz state that President Biden's statement that he wanted to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court was a disservice to white males.  Are these the same white males who have an advantage over every other human category for thousands of years??  At times I wonder who voted for idiots such as Ted Cruz?  How in the hell can they be elected when they make so many stupid statements?  But, this is the state of our government.  We elect boneheads whose mental capacity is less than that of the first humans on the earth.  Yes, those humans who were totally ignorant compared to the knowledge an 8th grader now has in an elementary school.

We can only pray that wise, spiritually guided men and women will be elected into Congress in 2022.  But, don't count on it.   This is the same country that is still following our idiotic 45th President around like a dog in heat!