Monday, June 12, 2023

Father's Day Advice to Fathers and Sons

Father's Day.  On father's day, you can normally find an open reservation for dinner at most restaurants.  Often a walk in is available.  It is the exact opposite from mother's day where it's difficult to find any reservation availability.  Why? In general, fathers do not have a great reputation.  Often the fathers who are not the best of fathers stand out over those fathers who are "model" fathers.  Negative things always overwhelm good things.  We as humans seem to prefer negative drama over positive drama. But the tide may be turning as more and more positive stories come out.

For you sons out there.  Remember this.  "Father's don't know what they don't know. "  In other words, a father who isn't taught by his own father to be a model father, does not know how to display to you the traits of being a model father by his actions.  So, then you either model your father's learned/un learned behavior, or focus on trying to improve in the areas that your father was never good in.  So be understanding of the faults of your father.  His father may have passed on some of the traits that you do not like.  Or your father may even be an improvement over your grandfather.  Just know that your father either is doing the best he can or he doesn't know what he does not know.

Once a man learns his wife or woman he is sexually involved with becomes pregnant guess what happens?  Well guess what?  The man is not given a manual on "how to be the best father you can be?"  Maybe we should be given one.  After thousands of years there should be a top 100 tips on being a good father?  Or at least 5-10 books that provide guidance.  Here are a few random selections from an internet search:

How to Be a Good Dad: 12 Simple Steps - Ramsey (

Bright Horizons | How to Be a Good Father: Tips & Advice for Dads | Bright Horizons®

How to be a Great Dad: 18 Tips for Fatherhood | The Art  of Manliness

Within your family, has there ever been a discussion of what is a great father?  What person stands out whom you know of?  An uncle, grandparent?  Who is it?  Maybe you don't have a reference other than your own father.  Think about it.  For such an important role, thee is no "manual" they are given to apply.  It's all on the job training.  Your father is the result of there being no manual.  We do the best we know how to.  Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

How Affordable Housing Crisis Is Increasing Homelessness

 Despite record setting low unemployment rates, just having a job does not guarantee that people can afford a place to live.  It is not unheard of for rent to cost in the range of $3,000 a month.  That normally is a mortgage payment.  The lack of affordable housing is increasing the number of people who fall into the category of being homeless.  Stories are increasing.  Here is a recent story from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Family forced to move out of former Washington Pointe Apartments (

Thursday, June 8, 2023

WTHR News - Same Negative Stories Every Day - We deserve better


Today was my last day watching the Indianapolis WTHR news.  Here is the text of my letter to the general manager:

Your news coverage is the same every day.  Repetitious stories of shootings and murders.  It’s as though you can’t find any stories that are motivating and positive.  Here is all that people need to know.  Is the water safe, is the food safe, or their any recalls on food or other items, what is the weather, what is traffic like, is any criminal loose we should be watchful for, are there any laws being passed that impact us, is there a health issue we should know about?  After that you get into the need to know category and human gossip.  Your stories of shootings, road rage, murders have no redeeming value.  You are not telling us anything we do not know about our society and neighborhoods.  Your “news” coverage rarely presents stories that are inspirational or motivating.  Stories that inspire us to do better.  Instead, your news coverage takes the easy way out.  You repeat stories of shootings, murders, etc. with only the names and places changing.  Your news coverage has no value.  It does nothing to improve the daily lives of the people watching in and around the Indianapolis area.  Not seeing or hearing your news coverage will be an improvement in my life and the lives of others who choose not to watch the nonsense you present us as being news.  It is not news.  It is just negative visuals you present to us as if we want to see such things after a long day at work or in school.  Explain yourselves. What do you think you are providing to the public that is helpful?  We know violence exists!  We know evil exists!  My life will improve without having to be exposed to the daily nonsense you throw out at us as being news!

Monday, June 5, 2023

Affordable Housing Crisis - People Living in RVs

 Another sign of the times and the affordable housing crisis.  Over 11,000 people are living in RVs across Los Angeles County.  Why?  Because in Los Angeles a one bedroom apartment costs $2,500 a month.  More evidence that housing, what we used to think was something we could all get, is not a guarantee in the United States of America.  So, while politicians distract our attention with rants about woke ideology, immigration, and freedom, the problem persists and gets worse each day.

Where is the government response to the issue?  There is none.  As with most real problems, we are on our own to figure out a solution.  People need to stop being passive about the issue.  In Los Angeles those living in RVs should drive them to the state capitol and park them around the building where the state legislature meets.  Or park them around the building where your local community legislators convene.  Make the problem noticeable to the public.  Show the world how the United States responds to such a basic issue as creating or building housing to accommodate its citizens.  

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Affordable Housing Crisis

 One of the American dreams is to have your own home.  In the United States that dream is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and achieve.  Yes, you can find a home.  But the home you find at the price you can pay is not the dream home you always desired. Why?  Because the prices of homes have skyrocketed since 2020.   A home that could be purchased for a mortgage price of $250,000 in 2020 will now cost around $450,000 in 2023.

The rising costs especially impact the first-time home buyers.  Those who are tired of paying rent prices that are equal to some monthly mortgage payments.  So what are government officials doing about the problem?  Is there legislation being proposed to bring relief to homeowners and would be homeowners?

This is an issue that needs to be up front in the upcoming 2024 political primaries and general election.   Affordable housing is a major issue.  As you review the credentials of local, state, and national candidates ask them what they propose to ease the Affordable Housing Crisis.