Wednesday, December 28, 2022

TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board still Missing in Action

 Episode 4 of the "Best Man: The Final Chapters" series on Peacock was rated TV MA.  Among the content of the episode was a coverage of one of the youthful characters coming out as being non binary.  The scene included the character dressing as the feminine side of "their" non binary personality.  The descriptor that was shown along with the TV MA rating was "coarse language".  Their continues to be no descriptor being used by the TV Parental Guidelines that forewarns audiences regarding an episode or movie containing scenes of a non binary lifestyle or same sex relationships.

As a service to the watching public, instead of us continuing to be surprised and shocked by these scenes, the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board needs to establish a descriptor that clearly forewarns viewers regarding the specific content of an episode or movie.

A descriptor of LS=lifestyle choices, and SSR=same sex relationships, is desperately needed if the Board continues to allow this "peek-a-boo" treatment of audiences.  Board membes, why do you insist on shocking and surprising audiences with scenes that cover non binary lifestyles and same sex relationships?  What is it that makes you think everyone is aware of these situations and accepts them?  Do you not owe people who do not want to watch such scenes a forewarning?  Is this a matter of economics where adding another descriptor would cost the industry some exorbitant amount of money?

Please educate the public on your rationale.