Thursday, December 22, 2016

....And So It Begins - The Conservative Revenge

I was in the waiting room of an auto service dealership.  The television in the waiting room was faithfully turned to the morning Fox network news.  The story on the screen was something related to a "white man's wish list".  I had heard Fox had a deep conservative European American connection so I have never watched it all the way through.  I thought about going to another room where guests could wait, but decided to listen to the diatribe as this is what lies ahead for at least the next 4 years.

The news correspondents were proudly expressing conservative European American viewpoints.  Several video clips of Trump were shown where he expressed his views on immigration.  The concept of the immigration wall came up and another black customer and I exchanged quiet smirks and knowing smiles at the rants.

But as the saying goes, to the victor belongs the spoils.  So I'm already used to just staring with no emotion at the conservative rants already coming out over the airwaves.  But to the victor also comes the responsibility to deal with all the myriad of problems in this country and world.  Now it's the turn of the conservatives to put forth "solutions" to problems and to defend the policies and programs that result from these "solutions".  So, let's see what new programs will be in effect after 6 months in 2017.

We should have some idea by then as to who will be helped and who will not be helped in the next 4 years.  Checks and balances.  That supposedly is what our government is about.  I'm eager to see what proposals and policies will come out in place of all  the political rhetoric we heard in the past 2 years.  Strap yourself in.  It should be an interesting rodeo the next 4 years.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Open Letter To NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Dear Commissioner.  Last night fans in Memphis, Tennessee came out to see the stars of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.  Fans paid for tickets in advance in anticipation of seeing these stars perform.  What they got was an announcement that all 3 players were not there.  Instead they were back home in Cleveland resting!

Another instance where the fans are thought of last.  Another reason why NBA fans should reassess purchasing tickets to NBA games.  Especially if the teams feature marquee players.  There is no guarantee those stars will play the game.  The players do not have the loyalty to the fans who are paying the high priced tickets.  The players do not care if you spent 3 months of entertainment money on this one game.

Teams should start providing refunds if this trend continues.  Fans are being ripped off.  You as commissioner are doing nothing to support the fans getting their money's worth. Maybe it will take declining ticket sales to get your attention.

NBA fans, save your money for viewing parties at your home when the star players are playing at home on TV.  When the stars come to your town don't buy tickets unless you get a guarantee that unless the player is injured, they will show up and give you your money's worth.  Stop letting NBA players slap you in the face after you pay your hard earned money.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Self Service/Customer service evolution

Self Service/Customer Service Evolution

I was made aware of another event in the evolution of self service this past Friday.  Southwest Airlines, the champion of “you find your own damn seat” thinking, has taken it to the next step.  Now customers scan their own boarding pass when getting on a plane!  Yes, another “do it your damn self moment”.  I was flying back from Orlando when the gate attendant  told us that they “do it differently” in Orlando.  Along with having the pleasure of standing between two lightning rods as you await seating, now Southwest Airlines apparently is having customers scan their own boarding passes.  You know what’s next don’t you?  Soon passengers will have to load their own bags into the cargo hold of the plane.  So, after you clear through security you will be asked to go out onto the tarmac, find your plane, find your bag in a pile of bags, and then load your bag(s) into the cargo hold.  The next “do it your own damn self” moment will be when boarding the plane you will be asked to grab the drink you want out of a cooler positioned strategically by the  by the door as you enter the plane.   That way the attendants will not have to get up and take your drink order during the flight.  

Most modern planes already have a video showing what to do in an emergency.  So what does that mean for the future of flight attendants?  Well, they probably will become Anti Terrorist/Homeland Security Attendants.  Their main job will be to keep rowdy passengers under control and to prevent any possible incidents from occurring.  Criminal Justice majors in college, you just had another lane open up for you in possible career choices!

So passengers scan their own boarding pass, get their own drink while boarding, find their own seat, watch a video on emergency procedures.  I forgot that also while boarding the plane they could grab as many pretzels and peanuts as they can humanly consume on a 2-4 hour flight!

You know what’s going to happen.  To get pampered and get real customer service, you will have to pay a customer service fee for someone to do those things that you don’t want to do.  I hope this kind of service doesn’t come to the restaurant business.  Some restaurants have already started bringing a bottle of water to your table, pour you one glass then leave the bottle for you to pour your own damn water afterwards.  Self services truly is the wave of the future!