Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sports Fiasco - Robert Kraft/Anthony Davis

New England Patriots owner Kraft caught in a human trafficking sting.  NBA player Anthony Davis playing 20 minutes a game as the NBA condones his team pretty much throwing games. 

A player for the Kansas City Chiefs, a running back, lost his job based on a video that showed him pushing around a female.  The violence displayed against a woman and the NFL's no tolerance rule was the reason for his dismissal from the team.  That player recently received an offer from a team to hire him back for one year.

With that in mind, what should happen to Kraft for supporting human trafficking through his actions?  Should he be suspended for a year or more until he does some form of restitution?  He surely can't continue to be the owner of an NFL team?  Is supporting human trafficking not as evil as violently pushing a woman around?  We will see what type of punishment the commissioner of the NFL gives the owner.

Next up.  The New Orleans Pelicans in what they claim is an attempt to protect their "property", Anthony Davis, only play him approximately 20-25 minutes a game, regardless if playing him longer would give them a chance to win a game.  This is telling fans, "yeah, we know you paid $140 for a ticket to a game with the hope of seeing him play the whole game.  But forget about it!"  Anthony is our property, our slave, and we need to ensure he is in prime condition when he goes on the slave market after the season!

I thought about going to see Davis play when his team came to town. But, then I thought, why spend $130 plus to see somebody play a restricted game of 20 minutes or less?  Is the NBA stupid or what?  What is the NBA commissioner thinking?  The NBA just instituted rules to govern the "resting" of players that teams were doing, depriving again fans of seeing star players when they came to town.  Now the NBA condones teams behaving like slave masters and keeping property under control?

Fans!  Be smart and don't just throw your money at the NBA.  If teams hold back players, just watch the game on TV.  Don't spend your money on NBA tickets.  Go out and have a nice dinner.  $130 can buy a family of 3 to 4 a good meal.  Even better, it will buy a nice meal for two people paying $130 a ticket!

Sports often time reflects society.  In the case of Kraft and Davis, it is showing how hypocritical sports can be.  Let your opinion speak with how you spend your money in supporting these sports.  If they don't give you what you expect, give them nothing.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Zion Williamson Injury - a Humbling event for us all!

Those of us who intended on watching the newest college basketball sensation, (the list exists every year) were humbled last night some 40 seconds into the North Carolina vs. Duke game.  Zion Williamson was injured last night as one of his basketball shoes self destructed while he was making  a basketball move on the court.  Ironically the Nike brand shoe in question was related to Paul George who himself endured and recovered from a serious leg injury a few summers ago.

The media hype surrounding the game was that a ticket to the game rivaled the prices people had paid for recent major events such as the recent NBA all star game.  So it was truly justice that we were all reminded who was in charge.  Some people allegedly had paid $2,000 for one ticket.  When I heard that price I did think to myself that kind of money could feed a lot of people!  This was supposed to be the biggest game of the college season so far.  I could only laugh out loud thinking how all of us who had turned to watched the game were being taught a lesson.  What is the importance of a basketball game in relation to other events in life?  We were given the answer less than one minute into the game.

There are more important things.  Yes, games are a distraction from the harsh realities of this life.  But, we need to remind ourselves and continuously put things in perspective.  Even an ex President of the United States fell for the hype and was present to watch the game!  We all hope Zion will recover quickly and that his career will continue into the professional ranks.  If we were all placing college basketball into the realm of idol worship, we were taught not to do so last night.

Thanks for the reminder.  I am re grounded and ready to move forward.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The bible: Discussion on Genesis in the Old Testament

Genesis 12 begins coverage of Abram.  My cryptic notes in Genesis 14 were, "Descendants of Noah created "Kings" Why?"  "When did this King role begin?"  It also reads about tribes and clans being developed. Again I wonder how people became so unfocused after an event when the world was destroyed and people from Noah's family had to repopulate.  Did Noah's early descendants not pass on the lesson's learned from the flood and God's destruction of life based on his disappointment in how we had turned out?  Why did God allow the concept of "Kings" to develop?

Genesis 14 seems to address the concept of tithing.  Giving one tenth of everything.  There is also a reference to not depending on man to make you rich.  Genesis 15:13-16 mentions that those enslaved will come out with great possessions!  Although this was meant directly for people in those times, I look to it as a forecast of the future for those enslaved from Africa from 1619 to the 1800s.

Genesis 16 mentions an early method of parents having a child through another host.  The notion of a surrogate parent has been around for awhile!  Genesis 16 also discusses Ishmael being cursed.  He had no choice in his development.  That does not seem fair and adds to the notion that life is not fair.   We have been put into a system by our Creator where we sometimes have no choice in what happens in our lives.

Genesis 17 goes into a discussion of circumcision.  It states that those not circumcised will be cut off from his people.

Genesis 19 goes into another destructive act of God.  Our creator routinely seemed to turn to violence as a way to make corrections.  It is no shock in how we his people also turn to violence so often.  The traits of the creator passed on to us. Homosexuality is mentioned in Genesis 19.  This behavior and lifestyle choice has been around for thousands of years.  Sodom and Gomorrah were both destroyed along with all of their inhabitants.  True to His agreement the entire world was not destroyed again, and the destruction of the 2 cities was not by flood.  Genesis 19 also mentions incest and the misuse  of alcohol.

My general impression from reading Genesis up to chapter 19, is that human beings were a flawed creation.  A violent, misguided people were created by God.  We seemed to wander for many years with no direction to correct our behavior.  Unchecked behavior leads to non Godly actions.  Even destruction of the world through a reboot, did not correct the true nature of Mankind.  The lapse of time without Godly intervention makes it seem as though God lost interest in us and went away to focus on another species maybe.  Then He returns and through his methods attempts to lay some seeds to help people he has identified as leading the way in the future?

The future gift of God's Son awaits us and opens doors to new hope with guidance given us on how to reach our fullest potential.  On the surface, Genesis is a depressing, morbid tale of our early years as a species on Earth.  Some of the issues of today, homosexuality etc. existed early on in our existence.  The violent nature of the world today mirrors the violent actions and conflicts mentioned in Genesis.  One cannot blame the current generation from not turning to religion.  The documented actions in the Old Testament are not inspiring by any means.  An explanation of the Old Testament and how God moved us into the doctrine of the New Testament is essential for a better understanding of how to apply the Bible to our daily lives, and how to interpret and apply the bible period.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Continuing the dialogue on Genesis

Genesis 9.  From Noah's sons came the people who would repopulate the Earth and continue God's creation, Man and Woman.  Noah's life span was 950 years.  Noah's descendants developed into various named clans and tribes.  It appears as if the continuity of God's message through Noah was being lost. Their is no indication that God's message is being passed on to guide the lives of these descendants.  Different spoken languages developed, placing another barrier to effective communication between people.

Then in Genesis 11, apparently after some passage of time, the people in the world somehow began to speak one language.  Where was the direction to follow God during this period? It seems strange that after God saved Noah's family, none of the story of God's destruction of all life on Earth, except Noah and his family was passed on to Noah's descendants to guide them to correct behavior in God's eyes?  If they had known about the prior destruction of life by God would misbehavior and people idolizing themselves, not God, have followed?

At this point the need for guidance was critical.  God's response in Genesis 11:7 is to confuse the people so they no longer speak the same language and can't effectively communicate with each other?  People were then scattered all over the world.  My reaction to this passage was how is this method effective in teaching the people the principles  God wanted us to follow?  How was this method effective in bringing the people closer to God?

What follows in Genesis 11 seems to be a period where people seemed to be wandering, with lack of effective guidance.  We were back to our own means, which meant progress into what God wanted us to be was hopeless.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Genesis: The Flood and the Reboot of Earth

Genesis 6:11 states that the Earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.  What had Adam and Eve and their descendants passed on to people in terms of knowledge about God?  Whatever was passed on was not enough to keep the entire world from becoming corrupted.  Imagine if everyone today were doomed to be destroyed due to widespread corruption and violence.  God had decided to destroy all people and whatever walked on the Earth.  Among all the people was the family of Noah who he decided were worthy of saving and leaving on the destroyed Earth to restart what God had begun with Adam and Eve.  But, God did decide to save the animals that existed on Earth by having Noah collect every kind of animal for storage on the Ark that God directed Noah to have built.  Since the Earth was to be flooded with water there was no need to save the creatures in the seas, oceans and other watered areas on Earth.  Their lives would continue.

The flood waters came and every living thing on Earth except those protected in the Ark perished.  After the flood and when the waters receded Noah, his family and all the animals in the Ark were released back onto the Earth.  It was an Earth which had been purged of all evil, supposedly. In Genesis 8:21 God acknowledged that every inclination of human heart is evil from childhood.  But he promised to never destroy all living creatures by a flood again.  God did not say he would use other forms of destruction at His means.

This was God’s first attempt to correct the deficiency in His creation, Mankind.  But as history has shown that deficiency appears to be permanent.  Nothing can be done to save Man from our ultimate fate.  The repetitions of human acts of violence and the atrocities we create are part of what we are.  Yes, we are capable of performing great acts of kindness.  But nowhere in Genesis prior to the flood is there any mention of the kinder gentler side of Man that impressed our Creator enough to not destroy 99.9% of the people on Earth.

The comparison of the actions of God and those of his son Jesus Christ does show that God evolved over the years.  It seems as though a way for Man to improve and correct his nature was developed.  The old covenants of Genesis and the old testament, were replaced via the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Genesis does not present a sense of hope for mankind.  It creates the view that we as people are hopeless and raises the question why would God want to continue our existence?