Saturday, November 25, 2023


 My human curiosity had me check to see how many views my writings have had over the years.  Fifty Two thousand views is what the tracking system shows.  I have wondered if college or high school students have been "borrowing" from my writings to help them in their educational pursuits?  Have I contributed to some student achieving a passing grade in some high school, undergraduate, or graduate course?  If so, I hope my writings helped to inspire you to write your own words, rather than you just taking my material verbatim and putting it forth as being your thoughts.

I do hope that my writings have helped some people to think about issues and to formulate your personal viewpoints on a topic.  The views expressed were my own based on my experiences and what I have been taught or observed over the years.

I have noticed that sites tagged in foreign countries have been the locations where my writings have been viewed.  Again, I am not sure what that means.

Anyway, the goal of my writings is to put forth an opinion and to help us think about various issues. I have only received one or two comments to my writings.  If you are out there and have read my material, please let me know what your views are. awaits your responses.