Monday, September 22, 2014

What Images/Actions Make Others Hate the USA?

A writer writes!

The latest terror threat to the United States apparently is a group labeled, ISIS.  This group apparently has a distinct hatred of anything American.  Well, I assume they do.  Who knows what American consumer products they use in the safety of their homes?  If you hate everything American, I assume that also means you avoid anything made by Americans?

What makes members of these groups hate America and all the citizens that make up these United States of America?  Is it the opulent wealth that is often displayed as being what America is about? Is it political policies of the American government?  What is it?  Even if these groups despise what America stands for in their eyes, why is violence the answer?  Especially violence against people who are powerless to control anything but their own lives.  Beheading people who are not involved in making policies accomplishes what?  It displays the brutality of your group and the inhumane nature of your group.  It displays how evil you are that you have rationalized that your actions are justified.

To those groups who despise others and their way of life,  that does not give you the right to destroy other people's lives.  For you to think so is absurd and just shows how off your thinking is.  For those Americans who are joining these groups...what are you thinking?  What are you fighting for or against?

Here's an idea.  Why don't you clearly explain why you have turned to violence to express yourselves.  What is is that America is doing that makes violence the answer?  Use your own words to explain yourself.  Don't use the doctrine of your "group".  Talk to us in simple common language.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NBA Owner Worried About Black Crowd Keeping Whites Away

A writer writes!  Although the National Football League had enough embarrassing stories about player misbehavior lately, the NBA not wanting to be left out contributed another owner/GM tale of misspeaking.

The Atlanta Hawks primary owner and GM Danny Ferry put themselves in the bulls eye.  The owner "self reported" his misstatements regarding having a mostly African American fan base.  Ferry read and paraphrased some statements he should have known better not to repeat.  My source tells me that Ferry has gone into the witness protection program, and will likely reappear transformed as an African American himself.  My guess is that his new name will be Dante' Jordan, in honor of you-know-who.

Ironically when I would watch NBA games from Atlanta I marveled at how the fan base there was predominantly African American.  Now we know the Atlanta owner wasn't impressed.

It's nice to get confirmation that people think of us just as we thought they think of us.  We are not paranoid.  We just know who we are dealing with.  Now I'm just waiting for comments and thoughts of the owners of major chain stores and restaurants and their views of African Americans to surface.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Human Annoyances

A writer writes!

I recently ventured out to a mall to purchase a few discretionary items.  Who goes to the mall to buy something you really need?  While driving to the mall I saw one of the more annoying current sights that you see on the streets.  That is the sight of a grown human being waving a sign in a circular gyrating motion to get your attention.  The sign typically is something about buying/selling gold, or an advertisement for some goods you really don't want.

My first thought is to feel sorry for the individual if that is the best job they could get.  Then I wonder is the person a college graduate who took out some $40,000 plus in student loans and this is the best job they could get?  My typical reaction when I see the wave signers is to do my best to ignore them as if they did not exist. The second reaction is to suppress the urge to yell out the window, "really, is this the best job you could find?  You must be desperate for money!"  But, they are making an honest living so I leave them alone, even if the sight of a grown person waving a sign seems demeaning.

Next pet peeve.  Workers in those mall kiosks who aggressively try to get you to try out their product. My deranged thought process is to think, "now these people really think I drove 15 miles so they could get in my face, pushing some product at me."  Today's product, electronic cigarettes.  My thought which I should have said out loud is "Why would you want to sell me something that you have no idea about the side effects?  You really want me to buy cancer??"

Remember, if you're old enough, those vampire movies where a cross could be used to ward off evil blood sucking vampires?  I am now looking for such a cross to wear to the malls around my neck, along with a garlic clove necklace to keep these vampire sales people away from me.  Next time I'm going to just have to respond, "Yeah, I drove 15 miles just to talk to you?  Didn't you get my message?  What's your address and phone number.  I'll come by your house at 9 tonight and we can talk."  In other words "Go away and let me conduct the business I came to the mall for!  Shuddup! Get out of my way!"

Or better maybe I should walk through the mall twirling one of those annoying signs. Mine will say, "No, I don't want to buy anything from you!"

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ray Rice in the Main Event

A writer writes!

Damn!  That was my first reaction today when I saw the "leaked" video of Ray Rice clocking his then fiancee' in an elevator.  I don't know if anyone in the NFL saw the full video before Ray got his 2 game slap on the hand penalty from the NFL commissioner, but the Baltimore Ravens quickly jettisoned Ray's behind off the team once the video became public today.  Then the NFL, trying to save some face, suspended Ray indefinitely (as if they had a choice).

Ray apparently has avoided the justice system by previously plea bargaining for counseling after the incident happened.  Some would say Ray has now gotten the punishment he originally should have been given.   But in addition to the suspension from the NFL, there is another alternative justice that I propose.  A pay-per-view event in the biggest stadium in the United States.  It would feature Ray Rice versus 100,000 of the angriest women on the planet Earth.  I would even allow for import of alien women from Pluto (since Pluto is no longer a planet it needs some other notoriety).  I would give Ray a football, place him on the 1 yard line and tell him he needs to run 99 yards to the other goal and score a touchdown.  In front of Ray I would place at least 500 women, each armed with a bat and a high heeled shoe.  In the stands and on the sidelines, just in case Ray decides to punk out, would be some 99,500 women waiting for Ray to just even think about trying to get out of the stadium.  Those women also would have the bat and high heel in their possession.

This would be a no rules event.  If more women want to come onto the field to help kick Ray's butt, that's okay.  Charge the public $50 a piece for this pay per view event, with all proceeds going to domestic violence charities.  Book the Rose Bowl or the 109,000 capacity Michigan football stadium.  Make it happen on a Saturday evening, around 6 p.m.

What is Ray going to do now?  Well, I can see him being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.  But Oprah had better watch out.  If she asks Ray the wrong question.....Bam!  Down goes Oprah, Down goes Oprah!  Then you'll have Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer running onto the set to stomp Ray until he taps out.

Ray, you need to man up and commit to this pay-per-view event and take your beating like a man. Go ahead and get knocked out and let the American public see you getting dragged unconscious out of the stadium. It's the only manly thing to do.

Now Ray, you know the video was released on purpose.  Maybe somebody asked you for money to keep it a secret.  Maybe somebody got a hold of it and made a copy.  It could have been someone you thought was a friend.  Either way it looks like the details of your elevator event are out for public consumption.  Ray, you might as well go to the nearest domestic violence organization and volunteer to be an example of what happens to someone who commits domestic violence.  One last word of advice Ray.  Stay out of elevators.