Monday, November 28, 2022

"Florida is where woke goes to die" - Governor of Florida Declares in "victory" speech

 The education of Governor Desantis starts.  The governor of Florida has the attributes that European Americans adore.  Male, European American, war veteran, European Wife and children.  Plus he is using all the traditional code words that support a "God bless European Americans, and no one else" ideology.  In his comments after the election that gave him a second term, he made two catch phrase comments.  "Freedom is here to stay" and "Florida is where woke goes to die".

Let me address first the "...woke goes to die" comment.  Governor Desantis.  Your high school and college education apparently did not cover the 1960s and the civil rights struggles during that period.  During the early 1960s and even before, people would venture into the southern states of these United States to register black people to vote and to support their civil rights.  These efforts were not met peacefully by all the "fine people" in the south.  People risked physical harm and even death in making those efforts. In 1964 three men, Mr. Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman were killed for their civil rights activities in the south.

So Governor, you are correct that activities that deal with freedom, openess, and inclusion are often met by violence.  Your statement that "Florida is where work goes to die" reminded me of the lives of the three men murdered in 1964 and the many others killed, harmed or run out of the south during those years.  You carelessly used the word "die" in reference to the beliefs and views of people in this country.  The same country whom you want to become President and lead all the people in the United States, to include those who call themselves "woke".

I suggest you meet with vaarious components of people who express to have a "woke" ideology.  Learn and understand what it means before you condemn it and the people in it to "die".  You will find out that the ideology covers a range of viewpoints.  It is not focused on specific races of people.  One component of "woke" is to include facts about the history of this country, to include your state of Florida, that have been swept under the rug and hidden from public knowledge or discussion.

Your statement declares that the truth will never see the light of day in Florida.  You want to paint a clear blue sky as your worldly landscape free of any rain clouds.  Being a native of Florida, you know that the storms and hurricanes cannot be stopped.  All we can do is prepare for a storm and in some cases flee from the storms/hurricanes.  I have never heard you say, "Florida is where hurricanes come to die."  You should welcome a dialog of clarifying what does "woke" mean and how it can lead to the improvement of these United States.

Next, your comment "Freedom is here to stay".  I never knew there was a threat to freedom in the United States?  What are you talking about Governor?  Does freedom mean, the freedom to think one way?  The same way that Ron Desantis thinks?  Freedom for who?

I have no hope that the United States will ever achieve the lofty goals of equality for all, no racism, or anything that establishes a semblance of real humanity.  Selfishness, racism, stupidity, ignorance will continue with pockets of rationale human behavior scattered across the land.  Whomever reads this article I pray you live in a rationale "respectful of others" environment.

I look forward to the next governor of Florida declaring, "Florida is where we peacefully respect each other".

Monday, November 21, 2022

A Civil War for Self Protection?

 Every time I hear of an incident of road rage, or human violence against another person, I think of the January 6, 2021 insurrection at our nation's capital.  Acts of violence inspired, supported and condoned by the then sitting President of the United States.  A President whom to this day has not been penalized for his actions to support the riot and lack of actions to immediately stop the riot.  Several people lost their lives during the insurrection.  Today the ex President still walks around with his tax payer paid security detail.

Acts of violence against innocent people.  That is one of the legacies of these United States of America.  Establish a system and a penalty system that supports continued acts of deadly violence.  We live in a society that allows for purchasing of assault rifles.  A judicial system that allows perpetrators of mass killings to escape the death penalty.  Another incident occurred last night in the state of Colorado.  Someone shoots and kills people in a night club.  At this point the death toll is at 5, the gunman alive.

One thing is certain.  Absent proactive actions by law enforcement these incidents will continue.  Until these offensive weapons remain available these murders will continue.  So what do we do?  We all must remain vigilant under the knowledge that law enforcement currently responds once an incident begins.  We must report anyone we believe is suspicious or who has made statements or taken actions that we believe could lead to the death of others.  This may mean a series of false reports.  But false reports are okay if even one of the reports leads to stopping a mass shooting.

So those of you thinking and planning future acts.  Note that we are more aware of you now.   Your pretensions of innocence will be noticed.  There will be someone, some armed, ready to stop your acts of violence.  Some will respond with the intent to make you feel severe pain at the point of your initiated actions.  Our reactions will not be to spare your life.  Our actions will be to rid the planet of your evilness.  We are tired of being your victims.  We have the right to end your life when we see you with weapons of mass destruction.  We do not have to wait for you to point and pull.  We are going on our own offensive to protect our lives and the lives of our families.  The civil war for self protection has begun.

In regards to the 45th President of the United States.  The federal government needs to hold this person accountable and take swift action to punish that person or persons.   Are not the lives lost during the insurrection worth it?  

Monday, November 14, 2022

Taking the Testosterone Out of the Black Panther

 The absence of Chadwick Boseman was most noticeable in the overall theme of Wakanda Forever taking a female domination path.  In the 2018 Black Panther, there was more of a family theme.  Men, women, boys and girls were all noticed.  In this 2022 version only women/females seem to matter.  The major themes  of the 2022 movie are:

1.  Female leadership/domination;

2.  The male is subservient to the woman;

3.  Who needs a man?

4.  It's okay for a female to display male interests, behaviors, and characteristics; and

5.  Single parent mother family is the norm in a black family, even Wakandan.  It's okay if a single mother raises the next Black Panther without a male influence.

Chadwick, you are missed more than ever.   It's too bad the writers and producer of the film did not have the foresight to think that another black male would/could step up to the plate to fill the void that the Black Panther left by his untimely death.  No, the European American view that a black male can't do such a thing is what won out story line wise. 

I had to go to my bible and read Genesis 2:18-23 where God created woman from the rib of man.  If you were from another world and only watched "Wakanda Forever" as your indoctrination to humanity, you would have assumed that God created Eve first and made Adam by removing a rib from woman!

Hebrews to Negroes - Where Is the Anti Semitism??

 Instead of blindly accepting the labeling of Kyrie Irving as being a person who was pushing anti semitism, I viewed the documentary in question.  My thoughts as I was viewing the documentary?  How is talking about the heritage of black people anti semitism?  Did any of the athletes who jumped on the "anti semitism" banner even watch the documentary before making any comments?  The lesson learned from all this is never take a broad statement unbacked by evidence as being "truth".  Those who have made the anti semitism comment need to back up their comments with specific information from the documentary that proves their comment is accurate.  Of the 3 hours of documentary material, point out the specific moments in the documentary that are anti semitic in nature.  We await your information.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Observations on the film "Wakanda Forever" (No plot spoilers in my comments)

 I am taking a 13 year old nephew to see "Wakanda Forever" this weekend.  In advance, I decided to pre screen the movie.  Why?  Last year I was somewhat shocked to discover that Marvel introduced a black gay male superhero in the movie "The Eternals".  This black male was the only black "superhero" in the film.  The black male superhero was married to another man, and they were raising a young black male child as their son.  Of course Disney/Marvel included an on screen kiss of these male characters.

My reaction to this type casting of the black superhero as gay was not a positive reaction.  I thought, "now there are very few mainstream black male superhero characters.  So why did Marvel have to make the only one in this movie a homosexual character?  Why couldn't Marvel make one of the European American heroes gay, and give us our traditional black male who is fine with being a traditional black male?  Is this depiction of the black superhero the continuation of the media trying to feminize black men?"  I followed up viewing the material by writing a blog against Marvel making the black male character "gay".

Without spoiling the plot of "Wakanda Forever" I urge parents to be ready to provide some type of guidance to your children before and after the movie. Be aware that the "Wakanda Forever" character of Riri Williams (Ironheart) is possibly being developed to become either a bi sexual black female superhero, or a gay black female superhero.  Disney plans to feature the character in an upcoming series on Disney plus.  I urge concerned parents to write to Disney and Marvel to express concerns with this black female character being made bi sexual/homosexual.  There are also indications that Disney/Marvel may also introduce a transgender character into the upcoming "Ironheart" series on Disney plus.

In "Wakanda Forever" there are subtle indications that the character Riri might have a homosexual lifestyle.  I will let you judge for yourself.  People make their choices, but to present these type of images to our youth under the umbrella that this type of lifestyle is okay, crosses the line in term of religious viewpoints and influencing our children to be what the world now finds acceptable.

"Wakanda Forever" continues the theme of placing female characters to the forefront which is fine.   But, it does seem to diminish the importance of males, especially black males.  We just lost our male Black Panther character after waiting years for such a "superhero" to make it onto the movie screen with wide acceptance.  Marvel, give us a traditional black male super hero.  We do not need your "option A" gay black male, married to a male, raising a young black male."

An underlying theme in "Wakanda Forever" is how minorities battle each other instead of the people who are always trying to take from minoritie or use minorities for their own benefit and superiority.

The days of going to the movies to escape from reality are over.  Now reality follows you into the movie theater and tries to give you images to influence our youth.  Diversity and inclusion are the code words to allow any type of images and lifestyles into our entertainment spectrum.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Supreme Court Takes Aim at Affirmative Action

 In one of the most impactful decisions, since the United States legalized slavery in the "new world" over 300 years ago; the Supreme Court of the United States is taking on a case involving whether Affirmative Action should continue as a factor in selection for admittance to colleges.  Affirmative action is a tool used to open doors for groups of people wronged as a class by discriminatory actions and policies.

There are many black families who have had ancestors lynched, and killed by other means, by European Americans.  Why?  Because they were black and the culture in the United States allowed European Americans to be judge, jury, and exeutioner without a trial. There were very few European Americans held accountable for their lynching murderous behavior.  We now have many descendants of those European Americans walking around, leading a life of leisure and enjoyment. Some of them do not know of the crimes of their ancestors, and some do.

Isn't Affirmative Action the least this country can do to make amends for those horrific crimes against humanity?  Who are these Asians protesting this act of contrition to black people?  Those Asians can also benefit from Affirmative Action based on how they were mis treated as U.S. Citizens during the days in World War II when Japanese -American people were rounded up and sent to camps because of their heritage.  Wasn't there a financial settlement/reparations given to those Japanese Americans based on that mis treatment?  If so, does that mean the families of those Japanese Americans impacted now have to return those funds to the government of the United States?

Affirmative action has been an effective tool in breaking the cycle of poverty in families.  Affirmative action allowed members of a family to have a first generation family member attend a college of their choice.  Affirmative action moved families forward.  Affirmative action opened doors previously closed to black people. It continues to do so.

Any decision to overturn Affirmative Action as a positive tool is a return to injustice.

Many years ago, European Americans made a decision that the best way to build the "new world" they found inhabited my Native Americans was two fold.  One:  Enslave people from another land to do all the hard work European Americans were unwilling to do.  Two:  Eliminate the Native American population.  Now we have a continuance of those policies.  The new item number Three:  Take away and eliminate any practices that open doors to wronged classes of people.  Absent a one time reparations to black families, Affirmative Action is only one of the tools at our disposal.

I likely have benefited from Affirmative Action programs.  Doors were opened to me.  But once the doors were opened, it was up to me to do all the hard work required after I walked through the door.  That is what I have done.  As a first generation college graduate in my family, to include obtaining a Masters degree, I have flourished and had a successful life in these United States of America.  So, is that the intent of any elimination of Affirmative Action as a factor in deciding who will be admitted to a college.  If so it is a decision that will tell many that "we do not want you to be successful".

Regardless of what the Supreme Court does, we as black people will find a way through the closed doors.