Thursday, January 13, 2022

Marvels" Movie "The Eternals"

 I waited until a streaming service played the Eternals rather than pay full price last month when it was on the big screen.  I am glad I did wait!  The film basically was a fantasy film.  It features a Godly force being responsible for creating a group of beings called the Eternals.  Bestowed with super powers to be used to protect mankind, these "heroes" were sent to Earth to battle "evil" beings called the deviants who were attacking helpless earth people.  

The movie took a turn into the current trend of human beings idolizing our various traits and lifestyles.  Not surprisingly, the Eternals ventured into celebrating homosexual lifestyles.  The movie featured two men in a homosexual relationship with one of the men being one of the Eternals who has a super power.  As fits the formula now in movies and TV, the Eternal with a homosexual lifestyle had to be a black man.  Further effort to label us as black men and offer to those black youth growing up an alternative lifestyle for them to aspire to in a worldly fashion.  The two men were raising a black youth together as their "child".

Marvel decided to go with the trend and feature this homosexual lifestyle in a major movie.  Typical and again what seems to be expected in every TV show, or move made today.  Marvel's departure from the regular super hero character into the world of celestial Gods is disappointing, but it fits the trend of "entertainment" today.  

Also as expected the movie killed off the only Asian super hero in the film.  That was the formula in the 1960s when black men were given some presence in movies.  Those black male characters were typically killed off before the film reached the halfway point in the movie.  The movie's message in killing off the Asian super hero seemed to be, "we don't need this Asian guy to hang around and spoil our universe of heroes."

Of course a sequel is in the works.  I pray that such a sequel does not make it off the ground.  The Eternal offers us nothing but a regurgitation of current desires of this world.  The movie needs to be placed in a vault and forgotten about.