Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Abortion - State Laws Roll Back Man's Life or Death Decision

I have heard bits and pieces about two states in these United States of America, making a move to outlaw abortion except under one or two conditions.  That's the price I pay for not focusing on knowing every tidbit about human activity in this country and this world.

I must admit that I found the news refreshing.  Abortion is man's solution to being unable to control the sexual nature of ourselves.  We often engage in sex for pleasure and if birth control is not practiced the result is a life is conceived.  Unfortunately during some sexual acts conceiving a life is not what we had in mind.  The goal was sexual pleasure, not to conceive a son or daughter.  Then a decision has to be made on what about the coming child?  That decision often is made by the woman as it is within her body that the child is developing.

Sometime during the 1960s the "women's liberation" movement resulted in many women vocally expressing the view that they had a right to manage their bodies.  This "body management" included the right to terminate a pregnancy within their body.  This decision often was made in a situation where the father of the coming child did not want the child either and may have left the woman's life after the sex act.

Abortion was man's solution to what happens when through the act of sex for pleasure an unwanted child is conceived.  We have taken the gift of conception that God gave us and have created the "man" option where we can kill a life before it leaves the women's womb.

People do what  people want to do.  Just because we can.  I have yet to find a reference in the bible that God delegated to man the right to decide which life is allowed to live and which must die.  If you find that reference please send me the reference citation.  The root cause of unwanted pregnancies is with the actions of men and women.  Practicing birth control and understanding what may happen if you engage in sex (the conception of life) should be in the forefront.  We should not reduce the importance of God's gift by creating a process where we can abort the pregnancy because a human law says we can!

I'm hoping and praying that many other states over turn laws that make having an abortion a "right" of people.  It's time to return to the principles of life our Creator intended for us to follow.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Era of TV Displaying Homosexual Relationships Continues

I made the mistake of joining my wife to watch a new CBS drama, titled "The Red Line".   The story line allegedly revolves around what happens when a white police man shoots and kills a black man n a store.  There are several sub plots.  One being the fact that the black man shot, was a gay man in a relationship with a white man.  Yes, the TV industry continues to push gay relationships out for us to view.  The scenes often have scenes where same sex partners are kissing or engaging in sexual acts that can be shown on TV.  This was the case in the "Red Line" on Sunday.  A scene of two male characters kissing was prominently displayed.

The past 5 years have featured a number of shows that felt obliged to show the sex life of the characters as an important feature to display visually.  The scenes are not necessary to the plot.  So why are they being shown?  Do producers and executives really believe that the mass public wants to see same sex relationships on TV with partners kissing and having sex?  Do they believe our youth need to see these images on TV shows? If it were up to me I would cancel our cable TV subscription and invest that money in a certificate of deposit and earn at least 2% interest per quarter.

I understand we are going through an entertainment phase where TV shows are going to have numerous scenes and plots involving homosexual characters.  I just choose not to watch them. People do what people want to do.  There are several places in the Bible where it specifically says that God did not intend for people to have homosexual relationships.  I know some people say they were born Gay, but many people are making a conscious decision to lead a gay lifestyle only because they can.  We do not need television to put the idea into the mind of people, especially our youth.  People are well equipped already to make bad decisions on our own.

Enough is enough. I told my wife I  was tired of seeing these gay lifestyle TV shows.  She can watch them by herself.  I pray Hollywood reverses this entertainment trend and gets us back to showing images that depict how God wanted us to behave.  Or is that too hard to do?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day from an African American Perspective

Mother's Day.  A day to honor mothers of the present.  It's also a time to remember and honor the mothers of the past.  For me it's especially a time to think about and reflect on those African American and African mothers of the past in my family.

The African mothers.  Imagine that first expression on their faces as they gave birth to their children.  Compare that expression to the facial expression when told that slave traders had taken that child, now much older away from Africa into enslavement.  They would never see that child again.

The early years of African American mothers in these United States of America was not a joyous time.  The years when black people were enslaved in the United States meant that the child of an enslaved black woman could and many times was taken away and sold into slavery far away from the mother.  That black mother never had the opportunity to watch that child develop.  That mother did not have time to nurture that child into adulthood.  She lost contact with that child, forever.

We should never forget what those mothers went through emotionally seeing their children snatched away from them.  So as you look your mother in the eye and give her a kiss and hug, sometime today think about those original African mothers, and African American mothers whose mother hood was ruined by the American institution of slavery.

Friday, May 10, 2019

When Your Advice is Not Desired - Move on

After many attempts to offer help to family members and to offer my time in volunteer activities, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to have people approach me for help.  My initiatives to offer help to family members were often met with silence and no response.  I think people truly believe they do not need help or that they did not value my offer or felt I could not help them.  Such is life.  I recall when I was young I rarely sought help also.  It must be in our human make up to think that we can solve all of our own problems.

I have learned that the experiences of others and the knowledge of others can benefit me.  I know I do not know everything about life to be able to address all of my concerns.  Having someone to turn to for advice, whether it be a friend or mentor is a bonus.  As a black male I often find myself with no one who looks like me to turn to.  So I continue making decisions by myself..

Instead of pouting about my inability to be of use to someone else, I have decided to move on and just enjoy life to its fullest.  Maybe in my adventures I will come across someone who will seek my advice. Reaching out to organizations or specific family members is no longer on my agenda.  It it is meant to be they will find me.  Until life continues.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Black Fathers Generational Differences

I realized two days ago that there are some significant generational differences between black fathers of today and the period when I was raising my 2 sons.  I made the mistake of posting a viewpoint on a social media outlet about a scenario I was encountering as a father.  The comments I received back were very argumentative, judgmental and disrespectful.  I could tell that they were comments of fathers who were likely at least 15 to 20 years my junior.

It is my belief that the values of these black fathers are not the same as the values that I learned and tried to apply as a father.  These fathers seemed to support t!he disrespectful antics of their grown adult children as being allowable because the kids are now grown.  Their viewpoint seemed to be that once a child reaches the adult hood age a parent does not have a right to give that adult child any more advice or opinions!  For them parent hood ends when the child becomes an adult. 

I did not know parents were allowed to wipe their hands of their children's behavior once they turned 18 or 21.  It seems like today's generation believes parents only have limited rights to speak up and that time period covers only 18 to 21 years old.

My point to these dysfunctional fathers was that if we as parents have information or opinions that can help, don't feel you can't talk to your children just because they are grown.  Especially in the area of  finances if the child can learn from good or bad financial decisions you make.

After that incident I voluntarily left the social media platform I had been interacting with and left all the social media groups I had signed into.  I was looking for like minded people or people who wanted to dialogue thoughtfully about an issue.  I found neither of those on social media.  I just hope the majority of black fathers do not have the opinions and values I read that day!