Saturday, March 23, 2024

Corporate America Applies Sanctions to my using "Human Being, Unlabeled Choice" as my race/ethnicty designation

 It did not take long.  After about a week of starting to respond with "Human Being, unlabeled" as my self identification of my race and ethnicity on surveys, my account  was suspended for earning rewards via Branded Surveys.  My refusal to allow myself to be categorized by the color of my skin, apparently was a violation of the human caste, label system which Branded Surveys apparently supports.

And so it begins.  The battle for my right to self identify my humanity as I so choose.  I choose to no longer go by the prescribed titles and categories created by humanity.  Those titles and labels only serve to divide us as humans and place fences between us.  By the labels created we are then expected to behave and show specific stereotypical traits.  I refuse to go along with that program.

Monday, March 18, 2024

My new racial category - Human Being Unlabeled (HBU)

 It became clear.  Suddenly.  For years, I have allowed society, my culture, and my country to place me in the category of "African American", "black", "Negro", "colored" and those other labels makind felt compelled to place on me.  We are all asked in surveys to identify our race/ethnicty.  Then follows a list of racial categories from "white" to "other".

After reading "Caste" by Isabel Wilkerson, I decided her discussion made sense on how we are herded into human categories and groups.  What I also realized is that we willingly allow ourselves to be put into these categories. We are willing members of our caste groups.

I have decided that I no longer want to play the game.  I had no role in setting the rules of the game.  The rules were imposed upon me to behave as my category dictates.  I am supposed to be a minority in terms of my racial category.  Why am I a minority?  Why am I not defined as being in a higher category of humans because there are fewer people like me than others?

I have redefined myself.  From now on, on surveys or anything that asks me my race, I will identify myself as "human being unlabeled".  That means I am a descendant of the original creation of God, Man.  Anything after that in terms of racial labels created by society, cultures, whomever is irrelevant.

That is who and what I am.  The other parts of my character you can learn by talking to me and watching me in action.  Join me in being a "Human Being Unlabeled".


Saturday, March 16, 2024

What is really Important to you?

 My question.  Are the things on your mind now, those topics of concern to you, really your concerns or thoughts placed in your mind by the news media or social media?  Think about that.  Did you wake up thinking about the possibility of a nuclear war?  Or did a news item, or a social media post raise that thought in your mind?  Have you ever thought, "How much original thinking do I really do?"  Pause and give that some thought.  Are your thoughts and emotions driven by exterior forces?  Again, something you see or hear via teleovision, videos on our phones, tablets, etc.  ?  What are the sources of your thoughts?

Are we being manipulated to think about specific topics?  Are our thought processes being hijacked and taken for a ride by the schemes of others?  I submit that in some cases our focus is determined by "information", true or not, that is thrust out at us to get our attention and then to influence our behavior.  Realize that somewhere in the world, a group of people are gathered together to decide what top 10 stories to push out at you each day.  Why?  Some is straight forward information.  Some is an attempt to influence your thinking.  And some is just out right sending out of data not caring what the data can do in terms of influencing you.  Some information is sent out to solicit high ratings and interest for the economic benefit of the senders.  Some information is sent out to influence your thoughts and to influence the creation of public policies.

What can you do?  Always question the source and intent of the information you are receiving.  Think, "what is the goal of this information?"  When you wake up each day, try to write down your top 5 concerns that have not been influenced by information you received or saw via the news media or social media.  Those top 5 un influenced personal items are the ones that are more meaningful for you to focus on.

It's time for us take control of our own thoughts.  Stop letting others control what you think about and what should be important to you.