Sunday, June 19, 2022

North Port Florida Police - They meant well in acknowledging Juneteenth - How did North Port citizens respond?

 Why do we need Critical Race Theory (CRT), or as I call it, "the truth", told in the educational system in the United States?  A Facebook post this morning by the North Port, Florida police department provides an example of why.  Here is the post:

"Today we honor Juneteenth.  This day celebrates and commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, which happened on June 1865.  It was made a federal holiday in 2021, therefore City buildings and facilities will be closed June 20 in recognition. It's a celebration of resillence, perseveraance, and hope.  #Juneteenth"

The post, author unknown, incorrectly describes Juneteenth as celebrating and commemorating the end of  slavery in the United States.

Juneteenth (short for "June Nineteenth") marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be freed.  The troops' arrival came a full two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  Juneteenth honors the end to slavery in the United States and is considered the longest-running African American holiday.  On June 17, 2021, it officially became a federal holiday.

In response to the post by the North Port police, several citizens of North Port responded with proclamations supporting Father's Day but ignoring or denigrating the acknowledgement of Juneteenth Day.  The responses support the need for European Americans to acknowledge the existence of  non European American cultures in the United States.  The notion that everything in these United States must relate to European American culture and values is a false, racist, selfish, and evil notion.  The continuing denial and non acceptance of anything non European American having value is sad behavior.  But, the behavior is honest and makes us all aware of where this country stands in terms of the thoughts and values of a large segment of the population, at least in North Port, Florida.

The Facebook post was met with numerous affirmations and responses of "Happy Father's Day".  It was a light handed slap in the face to Juneteenth.  Now do you understand why some black people and Native Americans ignore July 4th "Independence Day" celebrations?

So, now it's time to include information about Juneteenth in the educational system.  Along with information about the lynchings, and massacares of black people over the past 300 years.  Plus the story of the annihilation of the Native American culture in the United States by diseases, and European American culture.  Finally it's time for the North Port police department to get fully educated on the cultures of the people it protects and serves.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Pride Month - Proud about what?


I recently shopped at a local super store.  The kind that sells food, items for the home, and almost everything else you can think of.  As I turned into an aisle, I encountered a display that said, “Celebrate Pride Month”.  The display had two sides and was very colorful.  One side  had a variety of rainbow-colored articles for sale.  Stickers touted “love is love”, rainbow facial masks, rainbow capes, rainbow wigs, rainbow buttons, rainbow hats, and rainbow cups.  The other side featured items for pets with slogans “tell your dog I said hi” and “one of a kind”.  The display was positioned in a main aisle of the store, not hidden off in a corner away from public view. 

The display was symbolic of the world we live in today. People do whatever they want, and live and justify any lifestyle we want under the banner of love and human rights.  Romans 1:21-32 addresses how humanity long ago strayed from God, our creator.  At that point God abandoned us to do whatever shameful things our hearts desired.  Women indulged in sex with each other.  Men also did shameful things sexually with other men.

The, ”Celebrate Pride” display is reaffirmation that humanity has embraced and been bamboozled to believe that we as human beings have the right to do whatever we want to do.  The notion of the limits established by our Creator is a foreign thought to many of us.  I had seen such “Pride” displays at other stores.  I was reminded of the Pride display when we were in Sunday school and the topic of “the Pride of Babylon” from Isaac 47:10-15 was being discussed. I remarked to the Pastor that it was ironic that we were talking about the Pride of Babylon during the month of June in what has been labeled Pride Month.

The origin of Pride Month goes back to the late 1960s and the police raid of a gay bar in New York city.  The creation of a rainbow flag is credited to an elected official in the state of California in 1978.  The original rainbow was originally created and given to people by God as a sign of God’s covenant that floodwaters would never again be used to destroy all life on earth. Reference  Genesis 9:12-17.  The use of a rainbow as a symbol of Pride Month is shrewd as are many tactics of Satan.  Sometimes what should be obvious misuse of what God intended flows right by us due to our lack of spiritual knowledge.

Proponents of Pride Month state that it celebrates our freedom to be ourselves.  They say Pride Month supports “minority” groups who have suffered from prejudice.  Let’s just be honest.  Pride Month celebrates a part of the sinful nature of humanity. This is discussed in  Leviticus 18:22 and  1 Timothy 1:10.  It is comparable to celebrating any other sin, whether it be murder, adultery, or theft.  So are we to express “pride” in all of our sinful habits/lifestyles under the banner of love, acceptance or mental illness?  I do not think that was God’s intention.  What do you think?

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

What we Continue to Lose

 Another day in these United States of America.  Another mass shooting.  More are coming.  Assault weapons have already been purchased and are in possession by those who will one day repeat the carnage that happened in Texas yesterday.  One thing seems certain.  You do not need to actually practice shooting an assault weapon.  Just load, point, shoot and reload.  Someone is planning another event, even as I type this.  I may even be one of the victims of a future assault.

Through all the carnage, and emotional pain being inflicted, we forget all that we are losing and have lost.  The loss goes beyond the individual lives.  It goes beyond the loss and heartbreak felt forever in families. We are losing people who would have made an impact in this world.  Much of that impact would have been of a positive nature.

Pause to reflect on this.  All of these victims of violence had God given gifts that would have been a benefit to others and possibly to all of us.  We have lost people who were given the God given gift to create a cure for Cancer.  We have lost peacemakers, those desperately needed to calm communities and countries from engaging in various forms of violent conflict.  We have lost people who would have contributed to charities and done the work to ease the pain of people in this world.  A world slowly moving towards its end.  We have lost those who would have entertained us and made us laugh. 

And what have we gained?  We have gained added feelings of loss of security.  We understand that a simple daily task or function could lead to our human death.  We have gained added mistrust in our government to take action to reduce the chances of a mass shooting occurring. We have inched closer to the creation of conditions where life will no longer be allowed to exist on this planet.

What can we do to turn conditions towards the positive?  We can reject the ways of this world.  We can seek the ways of our Creator and be what we were meant to be.  We were made to fellowship with God.  We were made to love each other in fellowship, regardless of the color of our skin and other physical differences.  All of us will not commit to that goal.  But as each mass shooting happens, if you have not committed to living a life with God, you are given another reminder to do so.  From the violence can come a new commitment.  An action to turn your life around.  What do you have to lose? 


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Victoria Spartz is more concerned about Ukraine than domestic terrorism

Congresswoman Victoria Spartz has shown major concern with the events in Ukraine.  Why?  Because that is where she is from.  Yesterday Spartz voted against the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022.  She has not put out a statement explaining her non interest in protecting the lives of United States citizens from acts of domestic terrorism in the United States.

In the 2022 election, elect someone else to her Congressional seat.  Let's allow Spartz to give 100% of her time to the issues that involve the Ukraine people who apparently are her first priority.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Merrick Garland where are you?

 Information continues to trickle out regarding the Buffalo massacre. Apparently, the killer posted information on several social media sites regarding his thoughts and plans.  The Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland is whom the person the Director of the FBI reports to.  By this time Merrick should have asked the Director of the FBI where was the FBI at in tracking the killer?  Is there a mechanism for the FBI to investigate people who are making threats?  If not, why not?

If the FBI is asleep at the wheel, again it comes down to us as individuals protecting ourselves through any means necessary.  We need to report suspicious individuals and activities.  If we come across hateful comments in social media, we need to report those incidents directly to the FBI.  Reporting such info to the local authorities apparently is worthless as most local law enforcement mainly responds to actions not words.

To the attorney general of the United States my question is, What are your plans and actions to put an end to domestic terrorism?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Time to Respond

  The massacre at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York is a reminder of past events in these United States of America.  The murders at the church in Charleston, South Caolina several years ago.  The numerous massacres in black communities such as Elaine, Arkansas in 1919; Rosewood, Florida in 1923; the Atlanta massacre of 1906; Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898; Colfax, Louisiana in 1873; Thibodaux in 1887; and numerous others during the Red Summer of 1919.  The indiscriminate lynching of over 3,000 plus black people throughout the history of this country.  And of course, the inhumanity of slavery forced upon black people in this country.

We as black people need to be more vigilant.  If a European American appears in our neighborhoods where they are rarely seen, we have the right to dial 911 and report a suspicious and possibly dangerous person in the area.  Just as the numerous "Karens" call the police on us, it is our turn to call 911 on the legacy of violent European American males.

Is is well documented that many European American males collect an arsenal of weapons.  You know why you do so!  And we know why too!  What profile most fits the active shooters in schools, shopping malls, stores?  We as black people can no longer just sit or stand by and let you enter our neighborhoods to carry out your evil plans.  Just as you have your police stop us when we drive through your neighborhoods.  It is time to respond.  Be vigilant.  See something, say something.  Report it.  Let's see if the police will respond to protect our communities rather than to just police us during demonstrations.

Unfortunately, we as people normally react after something negative has happened.  But, in the history of black people in this country there has been a historic pattern of negative treatment towards us.  Many of us don't know our history in this country.  Those who are against critical race theory and the truth being taught in schools do not want us to know because we would then be vigilant and aware.

Now we can add Buffalo to the examples of racism and hate towards black people.  Racism and hate that we must admit is a part of the American culture.

Remember Buffalo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

People Do Whatever They Want To Do

 The conclusion.  People in this world, when given the opportunity, do whatever they want to do.  It does not matter what laws constrain their decisions, the morality of a decision, or the religious rules to a decision.  The decision point comes down to what a person feels and thinks best suits them and their beliefs.  We sometimes come together if we share common viewpoints.  But our individual decisions relate to what the decision does for us.  Whether the decision is economical, political, spiritual. or leads to just our enjoying life.  We all do what we want to do, if given the opportunity.

So what does all this mean?  Any thought of us gathering together in harmony to make humanity the best it can be is a foolish thought.  It will never happen.  Stop wishing, praying and hoping for that result. We were not designed to end up in worldly harmony.  If you are a devoted bible reader, simply turn to the last chapter in the bible, Revelations.   Is that chapter a happy ending for humanity?  Exactly.

What I try to do is interact with my fellow human beings as positively as I can.  If they do not want to interact with me, or have stereotypical hateful views towards me, I simply stay away from them.  I have chosen to stay away from them.  I am not here to change their minds about me as a person.

We start our days with hope that all will go well.  We know it will not.  So knowing that, we decide to do whatever we want to do.  If our life is destined for a series of dramas, we decide what drama that will be.  Go about your business now, and do whatever you want to do, based on your personal criteria and beliefs.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Murderer of Indiana policeman gets 55 years. Chauvin, killer of George Floyd gets 20 years?

 The courts in Indiana recently sentenced a white male who killed an Indiana Southport policeman in 2017 to 55 years in jail.  The defendant apparently was under the influence of drugs when the policeman came to his rescue after the man overturned his car in a traffic accident.  For some reason the defendant fired 18 shots at the policeman who was only trying to rescue him out of the accident.

Yes, the circumstances are different from the death of George Floyd.  But the results are the same.  Was the Indiana court trying to make a statement regarding the value of the life of the policeman?  If so, what does that say regarding the sentiment on the value of the life of George Floyd?

Yes, different states have different judges. Yes, each state in the judicial system in the United States may assign harsher penalties than another state. It all comes down to the public sentiment in each state.

The judicial system in the United States cannot be said to be consistent among all the states.  But really.  A policeman gets 20 years in jail for killing a citizen, while a citizen gets 55 years for killing a policeman?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Chauvin Sentence - 20 to 25 years

 The European American justice system has come to a decision.  The person who killed George Floyd in May 2020 was sentenced to a jail term of 20-25 years.  Not a life sentence.  Not 40 years or even 30 years.  The system of justice in the United States has once again confirmed what it thinks of the value of a black man's life.  Kill a black man while the whole event is videotaped.  Traumatize black people with the images.  Such a crime is only worth 17-20 years of actual jail time.  Time enough for Chauvin to be released to live 20 more years.  That would be 40 more years than George Floyd could have enjoyed with his children, and possible grandchildren.

But on the positive side, it is 20 more years of jail time than what was given those who committed over 3,000 lynching's of black people in the confines of the United States of America.  Typically, those who lynched black people received no jail time.  There was no investigation, no trial.  Only a lynching, often with a smiling crowd of European Americans witness to the event.  If you have 15 minutes to spare, watch the video documentary "Lynching Postcards:  Token of a Great Day".

In May of 2021, Chauvin carried on the great European American lynching tradition when he lynched George Floyd on a public street in the state of Minnesota in these United States of America.  Unlike the leader of past lynching's, Chauvin was actually brought to trial to be held accountable for his actions.  He was found guilty.  That is where the good news ends.  Twenty to 25 years in jail for killing a man on a public street in his role as a public servant, a policeman.  If you created a graph and compared the sentences give to black men and women for crimes committed against European Americans, what would the statistics show?  Would the length of sentences given black "offenders" be longer than those given to European American offenders?

My only view is that the life of George Floyd is worth more than a 20-25 year prison sentence. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Russia vs Ukraine - The Planned War

 Russian "leader" Putin did not just decide overnight to start a war against Ukraine.  He took advantage of the economic fallout from Covid.  He believed that the world, already worn down by over a million people being killed by Covid, would not respond to defend Ukraine from aggression.  He hoped that the economic impact in countries that supported Ukraine, rising gas prices, supplies etc. would prevent other countries from coming to the aid of Ukraine.  He hoped for the same reaction that world countries had to Hitler invading European countries in the early part of World War II.  Back then many countries tended to take an isolationist view.  If it doesn't directly impact us, don't get involved.  Thankfully, that was one lesson that the United States has retained in the governmental memory bank.

Putin planned on the negative impacts the Ukraine war would have an impact on the political situation in the United States.  It is not just a coincidence that the approval polls for President Biden have plummeted during this period of the Ukraine war.  It was all planned and hoped for by Putin.  The Russian government would love for the United States to elect another imbecile as President of the United States.  Putin planned the attack on Ukraine during the Presidency of the 45th President of the United States.  Putin was aided by 45's attitude toward Russia and the Ukraine.  The political agenda of Biden has been hijacked by Putin's war against Ukraine.

And know we have the results of all that planning.  Wake up people.  Understand what is happening in Ukraine and why it happened now.  Understand how the war is being used as a tool to also impact political conditions in the United States.  Unfortunately, the suggestion of one United States Senator to "take Putin out" is the best worldly decision to end this lunatic lead war.  Prayer and human kindness doesn't work in these situations.  Sometimes the imperfect action of a violent act against a violent person is the best we can do.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Our Natural Beaches


When Europeans ventured to the shores of what is now the United States of America, they did not find gulf shore or seashore resorts awaiting them.  There were no beach rentals, condos, or hotels built on the smallest piece of land available.  Those were created much later as part of European American civilization and the desire to profit from what God had made.  Instead, Europeans found the sandy beaches with a backdrop of trees and vegetation.  Living within this landscape were likely a number of animals and a variety of birds. Now when you visit a beach area, you don’t even think that there was a layer of vegetation and trees along the beach area.  That does not seem natural.  We’ve become accustomed to the commercial model of a beach that features $400 and above per day room rates for even the most modest of accommodations.  The higher rates are for the simple “water view” rooms.  A water view that was free before we started charging money for what originally had been free to all. The current beach rental/condo/hotel setting is supplemented by the presence of a “public” beach area which at times becomes stacked with people satisfied with just being at the beach, despite being cramped together.

Imagine if there were no hotels, condos, beach rentals, or overpriced homes alongside your nearest beach area.  Instead imagine the layer of trees, vegetation and wildlife that was originally there before the area was commercialized.  Would you enjoy going to the natural habitat of that beach?  Or would you prefer the crowded row of lodgings that now exist along beach areas?  Imagine a natural beach area for all to enjoy regardless of income.

Why do we not have such natural beach areas to enjoy?  Because at least in the United States, beach front property automatically converts to making money.  Making money by purchasing such property years ago and then creating the idea to rent that area to others for a financial charge.  That is what hotels and private individuals have done.  Turn what was God’s gift to us all, into an experience that only a few can enjoy.  That is how far humanity has strayed.  The access to nature, what was freely given to us, we as humans have imposed a financial charge to enjoy.

Monday, April 25, 2022

The Right to Pray

 Today the Supreme Court, the United States version of the last judicial review of human laws, will hear arguments on a case from the state of Washington.  A football coach sued the school district for suspending him because he chose to pray on the field after football games.  Some students chose to join him.  Somehow his actions were seen as pushing his religious views onto others, specifically students.

This is the same society in the United States that allows students to organize into groups at schools that support human diversity.  The same society that allows the entertainment industry to push out to us commercials, tv shows, and movies that depict scenes of homosexual activities, non binary behavior, transgender and other non traditional lifestyles, without a warning to us on the contents of the videos.  This is the same society that somehow finds praying on a football field offensive or unconstitutional?

The prayer on the field is not broadcast through the public announcement system!  Why are commercials featuring alternative lifestyles, alternative sexual preferences, and gender freedom not offensive?  Especially since we have no choice but to react to these scenes after they have already been shown to us.

I pray that the Supreme Court understands the conflicting message of not allowing prayer on a football field, but allowing all types of undesired videos to flow into our homes, and streaming devices.

A prayer that is not to a specific human religion cannot be offensive correct?  A prayer that is inclusive to all does not run contrary to the human rule of separation of church and state correct?

We all know this world will never be what it was intended to be by our Creator.  I stand and pray that the members of the Supreme Court will listen to what our Creator is telling them.  Do not humanly outlaw the right of God's people to speak and pray to God in any situation or location.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Patrick Loya - One on One Encounters are recipe for Death

 I saw the video where Patrick Loya attempted to flee from the Michigan policeman.  My first impression was whether the Police Chief had ever called for a "stand down" and reviewed the "use of force" policy with his staff of policemen?  Then I wondered, why would a policeman want to deal one-on one with someone they have stopped?  If backup is available, why not seek assistance? Does having a weapon (gun) give the policeman the impression that if the suspect doesn't cooperate, they have the option of going into a "shoot to kill" mode?  We have seen numerous videos where the death of a black man has occurred when the officer was alone.  In that environment, it is easy for the officer to go into a "fear for my life" mode and to resort to pulling the trigger as the only solution

Ideally it would have been better if Mr. Loya had just let himself be arrested.  Maybe he would be alive today.  Live to see another day, may need to become the motto of black men stopped for whatever reason.  Yes, the police stop might be related to being profiled.  But at least you will remain alive to share the story of how you were profiled.

Black men, we know that the odds of a police stop ending badly increases if we resist,  So when you are pulled over, make the decision to answer the questions and calmly live to see another day.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board - Unaccountable to the Public

The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board and the Parents Television and Media Council have contrasting goals.  The Monitoring Board works for the entertainment industry and allegedly responds to complaints regarding erroneous or inadequate ratings that networks assigned to their TV programs.  The Council allegedly is a watch dog over the Board and points out to the Board TV shows and movies that appear to not have been rated properly based on the content of the TV program.   

What they have in common is this.  They are both private organizations not accountable to the public.  The same public who watches TV shows and TV movies.  Neither organization will speak to you over the phone.  Neither organization will respond to you in writing in request for information you requested.

The Monitoring Board is not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Nor is the Board accountable to the Federal, State or local governments.  Even though the product they control/”monitor” impacts taxpayers, they are immune from public scrutiny.  Something is wrong with that scenario.  Every week, hundreds of TV shows, TV movies and other programs are cascaded and thrust out at us, the public for absorption under the definition of “entertainment”.

Over the past few years, I became aware that the current rating system was making decisions for parents on what content of TV programs was appropriate.  That content involved scenes of homosexual/same sex relationship being depicted in TV shows.  Time and time again, TV shows and movies did not have a parental warning that the program featured scenes of homosexual activity.  This resulted in viewers being surprised when a scene of homosexual behavior suddenly appeared on the screen.

I proposed to the Board that a descriptor of SSR (same sex relationship) be added to forewarn parents, grandparents and other guardians about content that includes homosexual scenes.  The Board countered that the current system and descriptors were adequate.  No current rating or descriptor covers homosexual activity.  So, families continue to be surprised by the content of TV shows and movies under the current rating system.  How many times have you been surprised?

I brought this matter to the attention of the Council.  The Council appears to have no interest in the issue of homosexual scenes in TV shows and TV movies.  Their focus seems to be on content related to teen agers and youth.  The Council does not want to acknowledge that teens and youth are influenced and impacted by these homosexual content scenes.

The members of the Board, in addition to the chairman, includes 18 industry representatives from the broadcast, cable and creative communities appointed by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), NCTA – The Internet and Television Association, and the Motion Picture Association (MPA), and five public interest members, appointed by the Board chairman. Disney, Fox network, Discovery and Hulu are among the entertainment organizations serving on the Board.  My request for the names and contact info for each Board member was refused.  My phone calls to the Board chairman, Charles Rivkin, were not returned.  My request for names and contact info for the five interest group members was also not responded to.

I wonder, “Why are they afraid to have a dialogue?”  “Why can’t the names and contact info of the Board members be released?”  Why?  Because they do not want to be accountable to you, the public, the same public who are impacted by their decisions on complaints received from the public.  It appears as if the Board is established to maintain the authority of the entertainment industry on what content reaches you in your home.  The content that influences the behavior of your children.

I am asking you as a parent, grandparent, teacher, or guardian to complain to your Congressperson and Senator regarding the lack of accountability of the Board.  Write and telephone the Board and let them know you want more input on what you want to be warned about in regards to the content of TV shows and TV movies.  They can be reached at the following:

TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board
PO BOX 771
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 570-7776


Mr. Arnell Hill

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Create A Historic Super Bowl Moment

 One of the iconic human sports events is about to occur.  The Super Bowl.  As we close out another year of Covid Football Season (CFS), I humbly ask all fans paying $$$$ to attend the game to do one thing.  You don't have to buy anything to do it.  It is something you already are asked to do at a football game.

I ask you that during the invitation/command to stand for the national anthem, that you instead "Stand and Pray".  Even if you don't attend church, or normally pray, on this occasion please "Stand and Pray".

Why?  To acknowledge that human kind did not create the Earth.  Humanity did not create the sun.  Human beings did not create the air and water we consume daily.  Pray for all the things we take for granted every day.  Pray for your family.  Pray for those suffering.  Pray for the homeless and poor.  Pray for all the families impacted by Covid. In the one minute and fifty-five seconds that it takes on average to sing the national anthem, "Stand and Pray".

Stand in the stadium.  Stand in whatever venue you are at to watch the game.  It would be a historic moment if the person chosen to sing/play the anthem simply just let the melody of the anthem play in the background as they themselves simply "Stand and Pray".

After you "Stand and Pray", enjoy the game.

The Good News

 In a world destined for destruction in a horrific chaotic manner, God has created a system and method for human beings, as broken as we are, to have eternal life beyond this world.  God's system was to place His son in a human form on Earth, and to allow that Son to suffer and die for OUR SINS.

That system opened up a new door for all people to achieve eternal life.  The system/method is in place. The rules for humans to follow have been established in the words shared in the bible.  Now it is up to each of us to overcome the human ways of the world and to adhere to those guidelines if we want what God has offered.  

A narrow gate it is to enter.  What is your choice?  What is your chosen destination? Begin and continue your journey.  The path is full of obstacles and detours.  Tread carefully and in constant prayer.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

More Human Stupidity from the United States Senate

 I heard Senator Ted Cruz state that President Biden's statement that he wanted to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court was a disservice to white males.  Are these the same white males who have an advantage over every other human category for thousands of years??  At times I wonder who voted for idiots such as Ted Cruz?  How in the hell can they be elected when they make so many stupid statements?  But, this is the state of our government.  We elect boneheads whose mental capacity is less than that of the first humans on the earth.  Yes, those humans who were totally ignorant compared to the knowledge an 8th grader now has in an elementary school.

We can only pray that wise, spiritually guided men and women will be elected into Congress in 2022.  But, don't count on it.   This is the same country that is still following our idiotic 45th President around like a dog in heat!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Marvels" Movie "The Eternals"

 I waited until a streaming service played the Eternals rather than pay full price last month when it was on the big screen.  I am glad I did wait!  The film basically was a fantasy film.  It features a Godly force being responsible for creating a group of beings called the Eternals.  Bestowed with super powers to be used to protect mankind, these "heroes" were sent to Earth to battle "evil" beings called the deviants who were attacking helpless earth people.  

The movie took a turn into the current trend of human beings idolizing our various traits and lifestyles.  Not surprisingly, the Eternals ventured into celebrating homosexual lifestyles.  The movie featured two men in a homosexual relationship with one of the men being one of the Eternals who has a super power.  As fits the formula now in movies and TV, the Eternal with a homosexual lifestyle had to be a black man.  Further effort to label us as black men and offer to those black youth growing up an alternative lifestyle for them to aspire to in a worldly fashion.  The two men were raising a black youth together as their "child".

Marvel decided to go with the trend and feature this homosexual lifestyle in a major movie.  Typical and again what seems to be expected in every TV show, or move made today.  Marvel's departure from the regular super hero character into the world of celestial Gods is disappointing, but it fits the trend of "entertainment" today.  

Also as expected the movie killed off the only Asian super hero in the film.  That was the formula in the 1960s when black men were given some presence in movies.  Those black male characters were typically killed off before the film reached the halfway point in the movie.  The movie's message in killing off the Asian super hero seemed to be, "we don't need this Asian guy to hang around and spoil our universe of heroes."

Of course a sequel is in the works.  I pray that such a sequel does not make it off the ground.  The Eternal offers us nothing but a regurgitation of current desires of this world.  The movie needs to be placed in a vault and forgotten about.