Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Dear Police Chiefs - Part 2

 Four years ago I wrote the original "Dear Police Chief" blog article.  In 2018, I suggested that a "stand down" of police departments occur nationwide.  The idea being the Chief of Police of each department would gather officers together and review the use of force policies in their department.  Talk about the situations where use of force could result in the death of a suspect.  Talk about what police behaviors and actions to self control.

I ask you the same question I asked in 2018.  Has your office reviewed your use of force policy with your police officers?  If not, why not?  Are you okay when violent police behavior or the death of a suspect occurs during a police stop or when a suspect is in the custody of your officer?  What has improved for your department since 2018?

Recently two Indiana small town police officers were shot during a traffic stop.  One officer in Elwood, Indiana died from the gunfire.  Another in Richmond, Indiana as of this writing remains in critical condition.  In each instance the police officer stopped the suspect without having the benefit of a backup officer being there.  These one-on-one encounters are dangerous for both the police officer and the suspect.  In these one-on-one encounters there is a high probability that the officer or suspect will be killed.  The officer who fears for their life may shoot and kill the suspect.  The suspect may be someone who has made a decision that they will never be returned to prison again.  A lifetime criminal's "nothing to lose mentality" is dangerous to the officer and has fatal consequences to the family of the police officer.

I suggest police departments change your policies to always require a second officer be present when a suspect is stopped and approached.  If you currently do not have the resources, then request funds for the resources for a second back up officer policy.  Isn't the life of the officer and the livelihood of the wife, husband, and children of the officer worth the investment?  Isn't the officers life worth the additional funds?

The job of a police officer is likely among the top ten toughest jobs in the United States.  Your officer deserves your 100% support.  Take action now.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Don't worry about 40 year economic woes!

 I saw a "news" report several weeks ago.  It touted the current inflation rate being the highest it has ever been in the past 40 years.  I thought to myself, well, I am 65 years old so I lived through that last inflation milestone.  The lesson being, this too will pass.  Since I am typing this post now, you may rightly assume that I survived those turbulent inflationary economic times.  Yes, I did and I am doing well in today's environment, thank you, and mainly thank God!

My message is this.  Do not let the economic experts, pundits, and commentators scare you into any abnormal behavior.  Don't let them petrify you with fear on how you spend every cent of your income.  Just use common sense and reduce discretionary expenses.  Or if all your expenses are necessary rather than discretionary, just creat a plan on how to manage your income so all expenses can continue to be paid, on time.  Reprioritze the order in which you pay bills.  Don't pay your bills right away, but do pay them before the bill is due for payment.  Examine your current spending to see what you can eliminate as truly being a discretionary item.  Streaming services are one candidate.  You will not go into a coma if you cut back on 1-2 monthly streaming bills.  You can always catch up on watching episodes of a TV show or series.

Forty years ago, I was still a newcomer to the workforce with a 2 year old child and wife to support.  I don't recall doing anything extra ordinary back then to survive the high inflation rate in those days.  I just managed my spending wisely.  In 40 more years I likely will not be around to look back at the high inflation days of 2022.  But you will.  Then you will say, "what was the big deal?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

And you call yourselves Patriots??

 An ex President of the United States.  Senators and Congressmembers.  Governors of states.  Who would think that people in this category would be traitors to the Constitution and government of the United States of America. But such is the apparent case in the year 2022.  We all saw on January 6, 2021 when citizens of the United States marched on the capitol in Washington D.C. and violently threatened the government of the United States.

Now when the FBI attempts to retrieve documents under the pervue of its mission, the former category of people claim that the FBI is being misused to threaten innocent Americans!  These Senators, Governors, and Congressmembers are the people we need to fear.  Elected and former elected officials who support misbehavior of citizens.  Former elected officials who now seem to find themselves above the coverage of the law.  The law they swore to uphold.

As events move forward, be aware of people who support tyrants such as these. They are not patriots.  Instead they are a threat to the rule of law and order.  They only want to abide by laws and rules that benefit them.  Through your verbal tirade, they support the attack on the capitol building.  They support the attack on the capitol police.  And now they support an ex President being held above the law.

Let's not mistake who they are.  They are far from being Patriots.  They are the latest internal threat to the government of the United States of America.