Friday, March 18, 2016

The First Script from Oprah's "I love bread" video

Exclusive to  here is the original script from Oprah Winfrey's "I love bread" commercial.

“Hi, I’m Oprah Winfrey and my joy is….. I…love…toast!  Toast from a toaster, toast from the oven, toast from a grill.  I just love me some toast!  Lightly browned, medium toasted, black scraped toast.  I love toast.  I don’t deny myself.  I have toast every day.  I especially love the crumbs from the toast.  Little fine particles of bread.   I pick up every particle of toast crumbs from my clothes and eat them.  That’s how much I….love…..toast!

That’s the genius of the program. I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’ve eaten toast and chased toast crumbs every day.  I just manage it.  I think it’s the energy I spend finding each toast particle on my clothes.  The energy I use in finding all the toast particles in the sheets in my bed.  Finding toast particles in my car seat. The constant energy I expend taking my clothes to the cleaners every day to get the finger smudges off, from my finding the toast particles on my clothes. I’m Oprah and I love toast!"

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Hate Time In America

It is unfortunate that this political campaign features an individual who has caught on because he has become a spokesperson for hate, biases, and prejudice.  Many people are voting for that candidate because he is making statements they themselves are afraid to say in public.  This candidate has become the de facto spokesperson for other people's' hatred, meanness, and bully tactics.  It's apparent by the positive response to the candidate that many people in this country are not as sophisticated in terms of feelings on race as they want you to think they are.  People are flocking to political rallies to support someone who expresses the racists biases and dislikes that they have kept under wraps for years.

That co worker of yours who has been trying to be politically correct, now has a spokesperson who can say all the hateful things they can not say at work.  That neighbor whom gives you a fake smile or no smile, now is sending in money or attending campaign rallies for their candidate of hate who looks and sounds like them.  Yes, it's feel good time for those hateful people in America.  The hateful people are fighting back and feeling good about themselves.  Under the banner of freedom of speech they and their candidate are overflowing with all that is bad about our so called freedoms.

Freedom supports the right to be hateful.  There is something about that which doesn't seem correct. We as people are still a long way from being able to express different viewpoints without crossing over into the realm of violence and hate.  If we don't want to compromise and try to understand each other, a second option is to stay away from the element you refuse to get along with.  It's not the best of solutions, but a problem not encountered is not a problem.

If there is an element of life that I do not like, I try my best to stay away from it.  I understand that people do what they want to do.  My likes are not the likes of everyone else in the world.  What I try to do is put my efforts into causes that I support.  Why should I waste energy trying to tear down something when I can easily put that energy into promoting what I believe in?  Of course protesting against the views of others is very good drama as the news coverage attests to.  It makes for good TV and contains the violent acts and confrontation that we as humans seem to like viewing.

My advice is to understand the viewpoints you are hearing and take positive action to support what you believe in.  If someone is just griping about other people but doesn't offer any solutions, what do they really have to offer you?  If you are looking for someone who just supports your hateful views, well you may have found the candidate you are looking for.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Presidential Politics - Time to Start Paying Attention

I must admit that I've only watched a portion of one or two Presidential debates over the past few months.  I don't know the political views of all the candidates.  I have not taken time to read information regarding what each candidate believes or what policies they are advocating.  The sound bites in the media or alleged "news" blurbs via the internet have been my main methods of staying in touch with what's been going on in the Presidential campaign.

My initial views are that Hillary Clinton has a wealth of experience that would make her a good President.  I don't know much about Bernie Sanders, but from watching him in one debate I did come away with a favorable impression of him.

On the Republican side, it seemed as if there were over 10 people running at one time.  Jeb Bush never reached people with a message that caught on.  The same with the governor of New York who now seems to be Donald Trump's torch bearer or water boy, whichever comes first.  Trump.  My initial reaction is that Trump seems to be a bully or the anti Christ.  I sometimes wonder if he has three 6's carved into his scalp somewhere?  Is he Damien from the movie "The Omen"?  Or is he a throwback to Adolph Hitler?  The people who are voting for him apparently are using him as a way to express their true viewpoints that are not politically correct.  Trump loves to attack people and say the mean things that we want to secretly say to minorities, and people we just don't like.

Now it's March with the election some 8 months away.  It's time to start paying attention.  It's time to ensure you are registered to vote, so you can express your opinion come election day in November.  The eight years of Barack Obama's administration are coming to an end.  Now comes the dawn of a new era.  That glimmer of sunshine you see over the horizon will either blind and burn you come January 2017 or provide you a warmth and promise for the future.

Now's the time to read about the viewpoints of the candidates and to even start asking questions.  After that comes decision time.  So, what's it going to be?  Do we elect the first woman president in the history of this country?  Do we tear down another barrier that has existed for years by actually giving a woman a chance to lead the country?  Or do we return to the days of hateful viewpoints, finger pointing, blaming others for our problems, and re establishment of racial barriers?  You decide by your vote.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Soul Music Revue on Princess Cruise Ship

My wife and I recently experienced cruise ship life on the Princess Regal.  My wife planned the trip and did a great job.  The ship was well maintained and the service top notch.  One night we went to see a show that was publicized as a soul music review featuring the sounds of Motown.  So we went hearing that it was a good show.  We're in our seats and the show begins.  About 8-10 singers/dancers emerge from the wings of the stage.  But, only one of them, a female, is black!  So, I'm thinking , "okay this is the first group of singers."  They sing some early 1960's hits, Wilson Pickett, etc.  Then 5 white male singers go into a Temptations and Four Tops routine.  Now I'm sitting in my seat in semi shock.  I'm thinking, "Lord have mercy.  It's a Motown soul music review featuring the Pat Boone singers and dancers."  Note, you have to be over 50 to understand the reference to Pat Boone!  So new generation folks can Google the name.

I'm pretty much speechless through the rest of the show.  I was thinking to myself, "this is a damn shame."  Princess Cruises couldn't find one black male to be a fake Temptation!  That's why black unemployment is three times what it is for white people.  The Brothers don't even get a call for an entertainment job.  Maybe the White Oscars was only the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry?

Yeah, the white performers did display some good skills.  But if you're making oatmeal cookies, you don't replace the oatmeal with grits!