Thursday, August 24, 2023

Distractions from a Spiritual Lifestyle

 Trying to live a life starting from the foundation that we are all "children" of God is difficult.  The verbal, human communication with our Creator is not a direct verbal ask and response method.  We communicate via praying in reverence.  We "talk" to God, but we don't receive a verbal response.  We are then left to our human means to determine what is the path we are to take in response to our prayer request to God.  Then we await an outcome.  Yes, we do have a part in deciding the answer.  Sometimes the outcome will depend on the effort we put into the issue at stake.  Whether it involves economics, relationships, or other decision making, how we prepare for the result can be a deciding factor.  We just can't ask God for a result and then go watch TV or play video games while we let God do all the work.  We have to put in the work too.

Unfortunately, the supporting systems in this world that impact us do not have a Godly spiritual foundation.  Public schools that we are educated in rarely connect us to our spiritual Creator and Father.  In pubic schools, we are not taught the rules, principles and laws that God created for us to follow.  We start off our lives in an educational system that distracts us from the purpose that God created us for.  Fellowship with God is what we were created for.  Having a successful materialistic life is not what God created us for.  In God's eyes, the person who achieves materialistic riches is no better than the head of a family whose lifestyle is grounded in having God at the center of their life.

We have gotten so far off track, that we do not realize how off track we are.  We now talk about people being the G.O.A.T., "greatest of all time" in various occupations, primarily sports.  We are infatuated with idolizing other humans because of their entertainment star status.  A skill with a basketball or football is more admired than having a lifestyle that is in alignment with being in Fellowship with God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit.

To obtain that spiritual lifestyle one has to reject many of the human rituals and lifestyle that we have created.  We have to change the definition of having a successful life.  This begins in the family.  If we can't practice being in fellowship with God at home, we certainly can't expect to do so once we leave the home.  The distractions outside the home are many.  We often bring those distractions into the home and into our family environments.  Today start screening what you allow inside your home.  Screen out the lifestyle factors that are not in fellowship with God.