Friday, December 17, 2021

The Stand and Pray Challenge

 Okay sports fans.  You all love challenges, right?  Well, I am back again asking you to take the Stand And Pray challenge.  It looks like our new neighbors, the Covid family, are getting rowdy again and may interrupt your in person viewing in elbow to elbow seating in stadiums across the country.  So when it comes time to stand for the national anthem, I ask that you just Stand and Pray.  Stand and Pray that you will not contract a variant of the Covid virus while trying to enjoy your spectator sport.  Even better, pray to God thanking him for your still being alive in year 2 of  the World Covid Season (WCS).  Pray for all those who have lost loved ones due to Covid and members of the Covid family, Delta and now Omicron.  Stand and Pray thanking God for all the good and positive situations in your life, past and future.  Whatever you pray for, simply Stand and Pray.

Thursday, December 9, 2021


Daunte Wright/Kimberly Potter

Day 1 of the trial.  I was struck by several statements made during the first day.  The lawyer for the defendant (Potter) stated that in regards to Mr. Wright “all he has to do is stop and he’d be with us”.  That is the typical “comply” comment, of European Americans.  It’s as if they are saying “just comply and be a good slave like you people used to be!”  The automatic reaction of the police to draw a deadly weapon on a black man seems instinctive.  Although she had been trained on which side her weapon is on and which side her taser is on, Potter instinctively drew for her deadly weapon.  It’s as if the police have a shoot to kill mentality against black men regardless of training.

The lawyer for Potter went on to say, "She made a mistake. This was an accident.  She is a human being, but she had to do what she had to do to prevent a death to a fellow officer, too."  I thought about the news reports over the past years of black men being released from prison after serving 30 to 40 years for crimes they did not commit.  The justice system made a mistake or just convicted those black men because they could.  Those men still served time and cannot gain back the years they lost.  Nor can their families.

I see several issues in this trial.  There needs to be an acknowledgement that European Americans seem to have an inherent belief that black men are dangerous.  European Americans seem to believe that a non-compliant black man deserves to die.  Because a black man behaves in a defiant manner is no reason to shoot and kill them.

The punishment for Potter.  A prison sentence is too lenient.  She appears to be a heathy individual.  She needs to be sentenced to at least 30 years of community service in the black community of Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis.  Her retribution needs to be the daily performance of tasks that provide support for the black community.  Whether it is helping to build a home for first time homeowners under Habitat for Humanity; feeding the homeless; sweeping streets; cutting lawns and landscaping homes; working at a community center; helping youth improve their educational skills; etc.   Living in a prison after being found guilty or not guilty, will do nothing for the legacy of Daunte Wright and the black community.  Potter needs to admit the “mistake”.  Admit that maybe she instinctively reacted due to the European American notion that a black man must be dealt with using deadly force in all occasions.  Then she has to dedicate 30 years working day to day to assist with the needs of the black community in Brooklyn Center/Minneapolis.

A guilty verdict with only serving some jail time and eventual parole, or a not guilty verdict with no further actions required are both the same.  It’s time for a different type of justice.