Thursday, February 15, 2018

Immigration Policies made by Human Caretakers

Sometimes we need to pull back from the  notion of human superiority/invincibility.  When we believe that we as humans control our existence and are the sole reason for our existence, we lose focus and ignore the truth.  Human beings are not responsible for our own creation.  We need to reflect on that fact daily as we make decisions impacting other people.  In pausing for reflection we provide the means to make better decisions.

It's from that foundation that I discuss the notion of people labeling other people as being immigrants, or illegals.  Our Creator conceived us and provided us with the means to sustain ourselves.  Food, materials for housing, products to keep us warm and cool in various climates.  Methods to entertain ourselves.  Yes, our Creator even developed a set of original rules for us to follow, which we continue to ignore.  Yet that same Creator is giving us time to correct our behavior before ending the madness we have chosen to create.

On this planet made by our Creator, people have developed a system of geographic borders,  ownership (over land given to us as caretakers) and developed symbols (flags and anthems) to separate us from each other.  We have countries, states,  cities, etc.  We develop armies to protect ourselves from other countries.  We have created layers of systems and rules that take us further and further away from the original notion of a Creator owning everything and giving us the right to use what our Creator made.  Now we think it's "our world", "our country", "our food", "our resources" and "we" will make decisions on how other people can use what is not ours.

Within our human system we now label people not part of "our" country as being "immigrants" or as being "illegals".  As a creation of our Creator, there is nothing illegal about them.  In the scope of our Creator's plan, they have every right to travel and live in any part of the world. As long as people peacefully journey into another land and respect the customs of that land they should be allowed to live in harmony with others.

I heard a story about a government agency that has decided to start actively seeking out "illegals"  Once found the people would be deported out of the borders of the United States back to the geographic border from which they came.  Although they had established a life in the United States, because they did not follow the human rules for being able to live in the United States, these people are now being forced out.  Our Creator didn't say only let certain people inhabit specific parts of the world.  That decision seems to have been mostly dictated by those of European American descent.  Ironically the descendants of European Americans also earlier made a decision to forcefully take land formerly inhabited by Native Americans who did not have a keep out immigration policy.

Imagine yourself living day-to-day knowing that at any time representatives of a governmental agency were looking to catch you and send you away because in the country's eyes you are illegally here.  What gives us the right to label anyone as being illegal?  We have created governmental institutions designed to keep people away that we do not want around us.  We don't want to share the resources of this country with anyone else.

Immigration and labeling people as being "illegals"  is an erroneous concept.  It does not recognize that we really do not have the right to dictate how the Creator's resources will be shared.  Breaking down the immigration barriers and rules around the world will be a step in this world moving toward it's final destiny.  It's all part of our Creator's plan.