Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Letter to the Mayor of Fishers, Indiana on diversity of materials in local library

 Mayor Fadness,

 As a retired person on a fixed income, I try to find ways to save money.  One way is to use our local library to obtain books instead of purchasing a book for a one time reading only.


As a black person, the topics I seek are often covered by minority authors. Or the topics in a book might run contrary to the belief that European Americans can do no wrong.


In the past two years I have sought several books from the Hamilton East Public Library.  I have often been shocked to find out that some classic books by black author, or controversial books involving treatment of black people in this country, are not part of the library’s holdings.  To their credit the library does try to obtain the books using the interlibrary loan system.  In some cases the library has even purchased books by black authors that I suggested.


One of the books I sought from Hamilton East is titled, “Before the Mayflower” by Lerone Bennett.  It is a classic book on the history of black people in the United States from our roots to enslavement.  The library obtained it through the interlibrary loan system and did not decide to purchase it for its holdings.


Fishers prides itself on being  one of the top upcoming municipalities in the United States.  This does not seem to follow in the area of diversity and availability of diverse library holdings.  I also found that books on the treatment of Native Americans seem to be un welcomed as part of the library’s holdings.


The library has sent me a link to the policy on what books and materials the library will seek.  I understand that approximately 90% of Fishers’ citizens are European Americans.  But does that mean that only topics and viewpoints of European Americans will be sought for the holdings of the library?  To paraphrase a current theme, the Fishers library does  not make it seem as if “all lives matter”.  Or the phrase, “God Bless the United States of America….and no one else.”.  The content of the library’s holdings makes it seem as if topics involving non white races/cultures are not aggressively sought.  Viewpoints that paint European Americans in a negative view seem to be kept out of the library. 


Fishers has initiated a race relations initiative.  That is a positive move.  Just understand that if supporting institutions such as libraries, schools etc. do not promote diversity your actions will not succeed.  If the viewpoints of minorities are not sought via something as basic as library books in the holdings of the public library, progress is not being made.


Books that outline what really happened to Native Americans, and books that document the massacre of black people during and after Reconstruction must be shared.  It is only through revelation of the facts that healing from past racist policies can occur.




Mr. Arnell Hill


Monday, September 28, 2020

Victoria Spartz - Opportunist?

 Earlier this year, every advertisement for Victoria Spartz seemed to tie her to Donald Trump.  She expressed loyalty and commitment to Trump's policies and personal habits.  If so, maybe voters should ask to see Spartz's tax records from the past 10 years.  We do not need another politician seeking movement up the political ladder to profit personally for themselves and their business interests.  We do not need Victoria Spartz representing us in the 5th District.

Since Trump has experienced negative fallback over the past 2 months, the advertisements of Spartz have removed all ties to Donald Trump.  But, it's too late.  We all know she is a closet Trumper who believes and promotes the same self interests as her idol, one of the world's biggest tax evaders.  As you vote early, vote by mail or vote in person, understand that Spartz is not the bi partisan politician we need in our Congressional district.

Also, don't believe the negative advertisements about her opponent pressing for more taxes.  We all know that raising taxes and throwing money at problems does not work!  Spartz opponent is well aware of that fact.  Please don't fall for the negative ads that are making an emotional appeal rather than a factual appeal.

It is time we sent potential pro Russian, self promoting candidate for Congress back to where they belong.  And that is not in the halls of Congress.

Vote for anybody else but Victoria Spartz.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

For You Folks Who Refuse to Wear a Mask

 Most stores and establishments are very clear on their policies regarding wearing a mask during this Covid season.  So why do people go to places where a mask is required and then once you are inside the establishment decide you have the authority to no longer abide by the policy?

My spouse just encountered an experience on Southwest Airlines where a passenger refused to keep their mask on during the flight.  The plane had just departed and due to the passenger's rude behavior had to return to the airport so security could take this idiot off the plane.

So you knew the policy before you got on board and planned this all along?  The airlines should have allowed each passenger to slap this passenger before he/she was taken off the plane.  If you want to protest against a policy respect the travel plans of those you are impacting.  Otherwise, stay at home or get a rental car!

I guess it will come down to such passengers being subject to being sued if an event occurs where a delay causes a passenger to later be harmed.

Stupid Selfish Human Tricks.