Thursday, April 18, 2024

Our Video Game World = Stupid Human Tricks

 There it was on TV. A news clip showing Israel rockets soaring towards drones fired from Iran.  It brought back memories of the 1980s video game Galaga.  The object of that game was to shoot down approaching aircraft.  But, this was not a game.  It is reality.  Modern warfare is at the point that we send rockets and drones at each other.  The intent is the same.  The rocket or drone is expected to cause death and destruction. The same destruction that manned jets and planes brought in past armed conflicts.

This is the best we can do as human beings.  Resolve conflicts via video game techniques.  As with people who use guns to shoot others in a conflict situation, world leaders have decided to use missiles and drones as the upgraded guns of the military.  Both get the same result.  Someone dies or is maimed for life.  If there ever was an art of diplomacy, it seems to be on a long vacation.  Dialogue, discussion, and compromise appear to have left mankind as a skill and technique.  Instead we seek to destroy each other using technology.  Self destructive techniques in a "civilized" world.

My wish is that the nonsensical decisions of so called world "leaders" and the actions of terrorists, domestic and foreign just stay away from me and my family.  I would love to have the ability to put together a group and go visit leaders who instigate wars and acts of terror against people, only because they can.  The horrific actions of these leaders and terrorist needs to be inflicted upon them.  Their evil spirited stupidity impacts us all.  They need to be removed from this planet.  They are not helping us to be able to live spiritual lives devoted to the purpose and lifestyle our Creator wanted us to have on this planet.

Stop the stupid human tricks.  Create your area of solitude and evil.  Leave the rest of us alone.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Similarity to The Omen's Damien Thorn to todays D. T.

I was watching a video on social media.  A reporter was asking a candidate for President what were some of his favorite scriptures.  The candidate has the initials D.T.   The candidate refused to mention any scripture.  His reason was because it was personal.  I thought to myself, "here is a chance for you to inspire someone spirituality.  Can't you mention even one scripture?"  Then I thought to myself, who is afraid to mention scriptures?  The answer was Satan or someone who does not want the word of God even spoken.

This candidate started putting bibles for sale for $59.99.   I believe the funds will be going to his campaign or to his criminal defense fund.  Then I thought of the movie the Omen and the evil character Damion Thorn who was evil and Satanic.  Is it a coincidence that today's candidate has the initial D.T. and displays some of the same behavior as Damion Thorn did in the movie, The Omen?  Connect the dots.

It is not surprising that many people are following today's D.T.   Some people have always attached themselves to people who present selfish behaviors that appears to our own selfishness.  It is only further confirmation that life as it is today will one day come to an end.  The rise of such evil behavior will never go away.  

Seek life after death.  The antics and promises of evil based candidates such as Damian Thorn will not lead to everlasting life.