Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Smoking on the Planet Earth?

A writer writes!

Yesterday pharmacy giant, CVS, decided that they no longer would sell cigarettes in their stores.  We are soon approaching  a time when there will be no legal smoking of cigarettes allowed on the planet Earth.  But, that era of a smokeless society took somewhat of a hit in the United States when the state of Colorado legalized the recreational smoking of marijuana.   So, now it has become legal and acceptable in Colorado to smoke, well at least smoke marijuana.

Prior to that, I could envision a world where if you wanted to smoke you would have to charter a contractor based smoker spaceship to outer space. The cost of cigarettes was already approaching the point where people were being pushed into other non costly vices, or more dangerous vices.  That's one of the fall outs of no smoking.  People seem to need an unhealthy habit in their lives.

I recall the days of my parents smoking inside the small confines of the family car.  I would stick my nose out the window in an attempt to breathe non toxic air.  Over the years, more warnings came out that tied smoking to getting cancer.  That definitely spoiled that "cool looking" vice for many people.

So now I foresee the following.  Next year, CVS will announce, at least in Colorado, that they will sale medicinal marijuana in their CVS stores.

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