Friday, March 6, 2015

NBA Fans Beware

Our Indiana Pacers, who are fighting for a playoff spot (why I have no idea!  Tank it and get a chance at a franchise player like the Knicks and Sixers are doing) decided to "rest" center Roy Hibbert the other night against the New York Knicks.  The Knicks lost of course as they have sent all their talent to Cleveland, Dallas, etc. and Carmelo Anthony is gone for the year due to surgery and recovery.  It's amazing that the Pacers would rest anybody if they really were trying to make the playoffs.

NBA teams are into the tanking and resting mode, while fans pay premium ticket prices still.  I'm surprised more fans have not caught on and decided to stay away from games until the talent meets the ticket price range.  More  fans should be diverting their money into other entertainment modes.  Family vacations,  extravagant dinners, etc.

Once owners see fewer fans coming out to watch mediocre basketball, we may see more pressure for the team's stars to try to at least make an appearance for two quarters or so in NBA games.  Otherwise, drop the ticket prices owners!

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