Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sandra Bland - Police Stand Down

I just watched the dash cam video of the altercation between the police officer and Ms. Bland.  These continued incidents make me wonder why there is not a nationwide "stand down" where all police officers are reminded on how to interact with the public.  Is it that difficult for police to gather in a conference room in each locality and review the proper procedures to reduce instances of escalating police stops into life and death situations for the public?

The police approach people armed with guns.  The police can not expect people to feel comfortable if  a person approaches them with a weapon.  Especially in light of events over the past year where policemen have been video taped killing people, just because they can.

In the military when events go wrong, especially leading to deaths, they go into a stand down mode. Procedures are reviewed and training provided to prevent repeats of the incidents.  So I ask again why can't this be done by police forces throughout these United States of America?  Provide police with sensitivity training.  Remind them that African Americans have been mistreated in this country for many years.  African Americans want to be respected.

A minor event has somehow curtailed into a woman now being dead.  As you hear in the video of the confrontation, people are tired of being seemingly picked on for minor issues.  The police, who legally carry weapons, need to go the extra mile to not escalate situations.

Stand down, educate yourselves.  Then treat us respectfully.

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