Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Don't Tell Me What's Important!

I stopped watching television news weeks ago. If I want to hear the daily propaganda on what I am supposed to care about as news, I may turn in for a good 30 seconds. But, if it was up to me 99.9% of the stories the news put forth would not be the lead story. The lead story is nearly always something negative. In the case of weather warnings I'll give the propaganda machine called the news a pass. We do need to know if violent weather is approaching so we can take cover. But I've also seen news reports make an approaching storm seem like the coming of the 40 day 40 night flood in Noah's Ark. So I just check the weather radar app on my phone to see for myself. As a matter of fact with all the news apps etc who really needs the televised news?  Maybe the networks can run old cartoon episodes in place of the news? Note to self, forward that suggestion to Heads of television networks!
What I would like to see is some stories about things I care about. Such as seeing positive news stories about the actions and lives of African Americans. Yeah I'm still upset about sitting in history class in elementary school and being told that lie that Columbus discovered America. I should have been smart enough to raise my hand in class and ask the teacher "what about those Indians that were already there?  Did they take a cab into the country just before Columbus arrived?
If there is a positive African American television network, Internet company, live production, etc. tell me what and where it is and I'll tune in to it. It would have to be an inspiring show with positive stories. No use of "n" word past or the current ridiculous derivative. N word is "n"  word no matter how you spell it or want to use it in a comical fashion. Yeah when I hear the youthful version I want to tell the user, "you need to go back to the slavery days right now. Enjoy picking the cotton and having fewer rights than you have now!"
So I search for positive stories about African Americans rather than listen to the negative hype, true or not, put forth by a media that could care less about me. I know there are other things besides shootings and murders to hear about. My choice is to seek the positive stories. You have your choice I have mine.
I wonder if I watch 30 days of positive stories and you continue with your 30 days of negative stories, who would have the better outlook about the future, you or me?

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