Thursday, November 24, 2016

Standing Rock - North Dakota Pipeline Issue

When is enough, enough?  Haven’t Native American tribes been through enough turmoil, treachery, deceit and abuse since European Americans first came to their land?  The North Dakota pipeline issue is the latest incident and continuance of mistreatment.  Allegedly the plans for the North Dakota pipeline were coordinated with and approved by impacted Native American parties.  If that was the case then why are Native Americans now protesting the path of the pipeline?  Is the situation just a continuance of European American  beliefs in “manifest destiny” the belief that God approves their efforts to expand across the land of others?

European Americans took  land and resources from Native Americans hundreds of years ago to establish the United States of America.  Would it be too much to divert the pipeline around the area in question?  When is enough, enough?  Is it not enough that an entire civilization and culture was dismantled by European American self interests and greed? Haven’t Native Americans paid enough for the progress of others?

Sometimes decisions that seem economically sensible need to be weighed against other factors.  If  Native Americans have valid concerns about the impacts of the pipeline why not change the plans, despite any increased costs?  Do European Americans have to win at every dispute?  If so why?  “Experts” state that the pipeline will never leak.  More self assurance in European American technology.  Just check history to see how many times we’ve been surprised by events we thought would never happen.  Things that man builds do not last forever.  Deterioration happens.  If you don’t believe so look at the infrastructure in most cities in the United States and the maintenance/repair needed on water lines, gas lines, bridges etc.

Just because the US Army Corps originally met with Native American tribes on plans for the pipeline does not mean they listened and responded to their concerns.  Obviously Native Americans have enough concerns to attempt to physically block continuance of the construction.  Thankfully protests have brought attention to the situation.  Now we will see if the same approach used hundreds of years ago will be used to respond to concerns of Native Americans.  Or will the government of the United States barter a compromise agreement that results in changes to the pipeline plans?  If a compromise occurs it would offer hope for the future direction of the United States.  It would mean this country actually understands the impact it had on the demise of the Native American culture.  It would mean the United States can actually react humbly to the needs of all citizens in this country to include Native Americans, the original citizens.

After the hate filled Presidential election campaign, a positive decision in favor of Native Americans would be a breath of fresh air.  It would be a compassionate decision not based only on economics and faith in technology.  It would be a compassionate decision based on respect for human feelings and maybe even an attempt to correct some sins of the past.  If you have not followed the issue, spend some time learning about the facts of the situation.  Then express your views on what should be done to bring the situation to a close.

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