Thursday, December 15, 2016

Open Letter To NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Dear Commissioner.  Last night fans in Memphis, Tennessee came out to see the stars of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.  Fans paid for tickets in advance in anticipation of seeing these stars perform.  What they got was an announcement that all 3 players were not there.  Instead they were back home in Cleveland resting!

Another instance where the fans are thought of last.  Another reason why NBA fans should reassess purchasing tickets to NBA games.  Especially if the teams feature marquee players.  There is no guarantee those stars will play the game.  The players do not have the loyalty to the fans who are paying the high priced tickets.  The players do not care if you spent 3 months of entertainment money on this one game.

Teams should start providing refunds if this trend continues.  Fans are being ripped off.  You as commissioner are doing nothing to support the fans getting their money's worth. Maybe it will take declining ticket sales to get your attention.

NBA fans, save your money for viewing parties at your home when the star players are playing at home on TV.  When the stars come to your town don't buy tickets unless you get a guarantee that unless the player is injured, they will show up and give you your money's worth.  Stop letting NBA players slap you in the face after you pay your hard earned money.

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