Saturday, February 18, 2017

Only A Second Away

While taking a vacation from the social medium called Facebook, I continued to see notifications from Facebook groups I was part of popping up on my smartphone.  As a member of the University of Evansville African American Alumni (UEAAA) Facebook group I started seeing posts from several alumni who normally don't post onto the site.  Yesterday I was curious what was going on and was shocked to see the news of the death of the person who hosted the website group.  Her name was Angela Williams.  She had last posted onto her personal Facebook page on Sunday February 12th.  Her post mentioned that she was thankful to the Lord that she was on the mend from blacking out several times the week before and bruising her ribs.  Two days later she died in her sleep.

Angela was 57 years old.  In these modern times that is a number that seems too young for someone to pass away.  It just goes to show you that continued life is not promised.  We have to live for each day and each moment, while we have life.

So, if you find yourself thinking of the future, don't forget to live for the present.  We all don't know what day will be our last.  We're all only a second away from leaving this world.

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