Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Trump Experiment

Well America.  How is that experiment going with a businessman with no political experience being President?  Are you folks in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio who voted for Trump rethinking your vote?  Do you feel safer in a world where North Korea is launching missiles almost weekly and we have Trump as our leader?  Do you have confidence in a President who appears to be an amateur among seasoned world political leaders?  Do you see a President moving out with a well planned agenda to address the myriad of domestic issues in these United States of America?  The economic markets have started to panic at the performance of our Russian connected President.  You may want to move your stocks and other investments into safer areas.
It’s only been 4 months and now we’re moving into investigations of Trumps actions/decisions. Are we going to have to adjust to saying President Pence?  “PP”.  It kind of has a nice ring to it as a quick acronym for number 46.  What’s going to happen next in the Trump administration?  Where are all the great things he spoke about in the campaign? 
What do Presidents do when they are in trouble at home?  They get the hell out of the country and act Presidential in foreign countries. Trump is now headed to Saudi Arabia and among other stops will meet with 50 Muslim leaders over lunch, visit Jerusalem and then meet the Pope in Vatican City.  So we can look forward to stupid comments and embarrassing actions from overseas on the nightly news for 8 days.  Order your pizza, chips, sodas etc. ahead of time.  It should be a show worth watching.  Who knows, maybe he’ll even stop by North Korea on a quick detour and observe a missile launch.

We can only hope that he’ll meet Jesus in Jerusalem or the Pope will exorcise him of all his demons.

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