Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Real Fake News

Today people have problems with fake news.  Me, I have a problem with the real news.  Especially news about black people.  Nine times out of 10 the first local news story you hear is about a black person  being shot or a black person shooting somebody.  Then the accompanying film of the story is always shot a nighttime, under dark, mysterious, murky conditions.  It’s like they think black people only come out at night like vampires.  The black person could be shot at 9 in the morning.  But, they send the film crew to cover the story 12 hours later at 9 p.m. so everything looks gloomy and depressing.  So now I just refuse to watch the local news.  Then the opposite story happens.  Somebody is murdered in a European American neighborhood.  The news crew comes out in the daytime under a bright sunny sky.  A European American couple is standing outside their $450,000 home on their door step with their two smiling children by their side.  The news reporter is talking about the “unfortunate incident” that occurred as birds chirp in the background, and squirrels scamper around playfully. It’s amazing how murders in European American neighborhoods become “tragedies”, and “terrible accidents” while murders in black neighborhoods are depicted as typical “black on black” crimes.  So don’t worry about fake news.  The real news is the fake news!

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