Monday, May 14, 2018

News Boycott - Give me News On Demand (NOD)

I finally had enough of being held captive by television news shows.  These "news" shows typically include "stories" where a collective of people  have decided for us what we need to hear and see during the news hours.  Then the same stories are repeated every hour on the hour.  The topics are the usual.  Someone shot; a body found; traffic problems; etc.  All you need to do is change the names in the stories and the specific location and you pretty much have a template that can be used every day.

I am tired of being downloaded on every day with stories of life events that are predictable and of course always negative.  Is that what news is about?  Sharing negative information?  So if there are 40 "news worthy" events happening, why do stories about death and violence always have first priority?  Is it so we're thankful that violence hasn't come into our household or impacted us?  On occasion you hear a "positive" story.  ABC network news typically has a story on the evening news that is inspirational and somewhat positive.  But, why save that item for the end?  Why not put the inspirational item first and save the depressing violence for last?

My response to the negativity of the news has been to stop watching the news.  If I want to know what is going on, I will peek into an online news website, or quickly turn to a news show of my choice for a few fleeting seconds.  I no longer see how people can sit stationary in front of a television and be bombarded with stories you did not ask to see or hear about.  It's time for News On Demand (NOD).  We need something where if you want information or news on a topic, you type in the category and then will be presented with those stories.

I have a problem with some producer or staff determining what 15 items I should hear about in the course of a 30 minute news show.  Especially as a black male.  Most of my concerns are not even addressed in a news show.  Showing me how another police officer stopped and shot a fellow unarmed black male is not something I want to keep hearing about and seeing.  I would rather see information on what solutions are being put forth to avoid such incidents.  Show me the positive stories of black people overcoming the odds and performing positive acts.

It is time the delivery of news was modified.  Talking heads are no longer the best option.  News on Demand.  Somebody deliver it please!

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