Monday, June 18, 2018

North Korea and United States Governments Talk To Each Other

The drama over the missile launching escapades of the North Korean government seemed to have subsided.  The two neighborhood bullies met with the usual fanfare accorded such diplomatic events.  Many photographs were taken, and statements made with no real agreements coming out of the talks.  But, talking is better than a war of words, and continuing to launch missiles into the earth's atmosphere.  It even sounds like the joint South Korean/United States war "exercises" might be coming to an end.  No more pretend fun and games activities.  Reminds me of kids playing cowboys and Indians when no one understood it was politically incorrect to play such "games".

So for awhile our attentions will be distracted elsewhere until North Korea's ruler declares there has been no progress since the historic photo op meeting and starts launching missiles again.

I personally did not pay much attention to the event.  A meeting was bound to happen.  I do question why the United States seeking to talk to close neighbor Cuba was frowned upon.  I believe some of the decisions made to normalize relations with Cuba were frowned upon and maybe even overturned by the current Presidential administration.  Other than Cuba not actively launching missiles, what is the difference between talking to North Korea, rather than talking to Cuba?

Just more human nonsense at work.

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