Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sports Fiasco - Robert Kraft/Anthony Davis

New England Patriots owner Kraft caught in a human trafficking sting.  NBA player Anthony Davis playing 20 minutes a game as the NBA condones his team pretty much throwing games. 

A player for the Kansas City Chiefs, a running back, lost his job based on a video that showed him pushing around a female.  The violence displayed against a woman and the NFL's no tolerance rule was the reason for his dismissal from the team.  That player recently received an offer from a team to hire him back for one year.

With that in mind, what should happen to Kraft for supporting human trafficking through his actions?  Should he be suspended for a year or more until he does some form of restitution?  He surely can't continue to be the owner of an NFL team?  Is supporting human trafficking not as evil as violently pushing a woman around?  We will see what type of punishment the commissioner of the NFL gives the owner.

Next up.  The New Orleans Pelicans in what they claim is an attempt to protect their "property", Anthony Davis, only play him approximately 20-25 minutes a game, regardless if playing him longer would give them a chance to win a game.  This is telling fans, "yeah, we know you paid $140 for a ticket to a game with the hope of seeing him play the whole game.  But forget about it!"  Anthony is our property, our slave, and we need to ensure he is in prime condition when he goes on the slave market after the season!

I thought about going to see Davis play when his team came to town. But, then I thought, why spend $130 plus to see somebody play a restricted game of 20 minutes or less?  Is the NBA stupid or what?  What is the NBA commissioner thinking?  The NBA just instituted rules to govern the "resting" of players that teams were doing, depriving again fans of seeing star players when they came to town.  Now the NBA condones teams behaving like slave masters and keeping property under control?

Fans!  Be smart and don't just throw your money at the NBA.  If teams hold back players, just watch the game on TV.  Don't spend your money on NBA tickets.  Go out and have a nice dinner.  $130 can buy a family of 3 to 4 a good meal.  Even better, it will buy a nice meal for two people paying $130 a ticket!

Sports often time reflects society.  In the case of Kraft and Davis, it is showing how hypocritical sports can be.  Let your opinion speak with how you spend your money in supporting these sports.  If they don't give you what you expect, give them nothing.

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