Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Covid 19 - What Have you learned?

What have you personally learned during this Covid-19 virus season?  What will change in your behavior after Covid-19?  What is your story?

We exit this world through death.  That departure might be in a dramatic fashion. Or it could be a quiet ending, anticipated over time.   We just don’t simply flip a switch and turn off our life. (Although some try through suicide).  We just don’t say, I choose to die at a specific, time, and place and then await that moment .  No, we die from accidents and illnesses, such as Covid-19.  

In the past months Covid-19 has taken away people we knew.  Covid ended their earthly journey. At the end we could not sit next to them.  We could not hold their hand.  We could not comfort them in their last moments.  We were physically distanced from each other.  We were all placed into our own social cocoons. Left in some cases to communicate via electronic means or through barriers.

Ask yourself, “How has this pandemic affected me?”  Did you connect spiritually with God?  Did your faith grow stronger?  If you did not connect spiritually, why not?

Prior to the onslaught of Covid -19, we chose to not begin the start of athletic contests, whether it be National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball games, etc. with a prayer.  Instead we opted in for everyone to stand and sing a “national anthem to our human greatness. When Covid ends will we now start sports events with a common prayer that we all can say?  Or will we continue the self-adulation expressed in our national anthems?  Will we stop worrying about individuals who choose to kneel in protest over social issues. Will we recognize that it isn’t about disrespecting the flag or those who fight wars to protect us from ourselves?  It’s about our continuing to not put God first in our lives.   It’s not about idolizing sports personalities and reacting with compassion and sorrow only when a sports celebrity dies unexpectedly.

After Covid will the news on television start with a prayer? Or will it once again go into the pre Covid dramatic headline “Breaking News”?

Will we return to the idolization of ourselves or will we be humbled and recognize more the existence of the God who Created us?

Will we return to being the self proclaimed greatest country on Earth? That same country that was unprepared to save the lives of those impacted by Covid-19?  The same country that could do nothing to save the lives of some 40,000 plus people?  The same country that was unable to place needed supplies and equipment in the precise places needed at the precise time?  That same country with a national government and leader who was unable to bring the country together in a united fight against a common nemesis?

Will we continue to not recognize God because we can not see God in a physical form, or hear him as clearly as we can hear a chirping bird?  Will we continue to not fear God because we can’t see God?  But, we fear the unseen enemy, Covid-19, to the point of constantly sanitizing and washing our hands.  We wear masks and other “PPE”.  We can’t see Covid-19 but we know it’s there.  Just as we know there is a God by looking at the sky, breathing in the air, watching the sun rise and set; watching the changes of Seasons; and knowing this God has provided for us to live every day.  It’s not wrong to acknowledge that those great ideas that people develop came from God.

Will this virus season wake you up to those realities?  Will you return to your sports idols?  Will you return to your life distractions and cheer loudly when in golf someone hits a small ball into a cup in the ground?  Will you shout with exuberance when a baseball player hits a baseball farther, catches a ball greater, or if a basketball player jumps higher and gyrates their body wildly while slamming a basketball through the net?  Will you return to idolizing those same players who were tested for Covid-19 well before there was a thought of testing you and your family?  Will your idols and personal interests still excite you more than acknowledging that there is a God and we all should worship God first?

If we return to our own humanistic habits than you/we have learned nothing from this virus season.

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