Saturday, November 27, 2021

NCIS Hawaii pilot continues Hollywood formula on same sex relationships - Force it at us!

I watched the NCIS Hawaii pilot and was not surprised when 20 or so minutes into the episode it joined the ranks of numerous Hollywood formula shows that incorporate a scene of intimate same sex relationships. This has been the Hollywood formula for at least 10 years it seems. As a viewer I could since that this new show would not have the courage to not show a same sex relationship scene. It met my expectations. So, this is just another formula TV show that I will not watch as it feels it has the right to force me to watch same sex relatioship scenes without advance warning that the content of the show contains such scenes. 

The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board gave the show a rating of TV-14 Coarse Language Violence. There was no information in the rating that the show would contain a same sex relationship scene. The Board continues to believe that we as viewers just need to sit there and accept these scenes, without warning. The Board needs to immediately add an SSR-Same Sex Relationship warning at the beginning of such TV shows.

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