Friday, December 17, 2021

The Stand and Pray Challenge

 Okay sports fans.  You all love challenges, right?  Well, I am back again asking you to take the Stand And Pray challenge.  It looks like our new neighbors, the Covid family, are getting rowdy again and may interrupt your in person viewing in elbow to elbow seating in stadiums across the country.  So when it comes time to stand for the national anthem, I ask that you just Stand and Pray.  Stand and Pray that you will not contract a variant of the Covid virus while trying to enjoy your spectator sport.  Even better, pray to God thanking him for your still being alive in year 2 of  the World Covid Season (WCS).  Pray for all those who have lost loved ones due to Covid and members of the Covid family, Delta and now Omicron.  Stand and Pray thanking God for all the good and positive situations in your life, past and future.  Whatever you pray for, simply Stand and Pray.

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