Monday, June 6, 2022

Pride Month - Proud about what?


I recently shopped at a local super store.  The kind that sells food, items for the home, and almost everything else you can think of.  As I turned into an aisle, I encountered a display that said, “Celebrate Pride Month”.  The display had two sides and was very colorful.  One side  had a variety of rainbow-colored articles for sale.  Stickers touted “love is love”, rainbow facial masks, rainbow capes, rainbow wigs, rainbow buttons, rainbow hats, and rainbow cups.  The other side featured items for pets with slogans “tell your dog I said hi” and “one of a kind”.  The display was positioned in a main aisle of the store, not hidden off in a corner away from public view. 

The display was symbolic of the world we live in today. People do whatever they want, and live and justify any lifestyle we want under the banner of love and human rights.  Romans 1:21-32 addresses how humanity long ago strayed from God, our creator.  At that point God abandoned us to do whatever shameful things our hearts desired.  Women indulged in sex with each other.  Men also did shameful things sexually with other men.

The, ”Celebrate Pride” display is reaffirmation that humanity has embraced and been bamboozled to believe that we as human beings have the right to do whatever we want to do.  The notion of the limits established by our Creator is a foreign thought to many of us.  I had seen such “Pride” displays at other stores.  I was reminded of the Pride display when we were in Sunday school and the topic of “the Pride of Babylon” from Isaac 47:10-15 was being discussed. I remarked to the Pastor that it was ironic that we were talking about the Pride of Babylon during the month of June in what has been labeled Pride Month.

The origin of Pride Month goes back to the late 1960s and the police raid of a gay bar in New York city.  The creation of a rainbow flag is credited to an elected official in the state of California in 1978.  The original rainbow was originally created and given to people by God as a sign of God’s covenant that floodwaters would never again be used to destroy all life on earth. Reference  Genesis 9:12-17.  The use of a rainbow as a symbol of Pride Month is shrewd as are many tactics of Satan.  Sometimes what should be obvious misuse of what God intended flows right by us due to our lack of spiritual knowledge.

Proponents of Pride Month state that it celebrates our freedom to be ourselves.  They say Pride Month supports “minority” groups who have suffered from prejudice.  Let’s just be honest.  Pride Month celebrates a part of the sinful nature of humanity. This is discussed in  Leviticus 18:22 and  1 Timothy 1:10.  It is comparable to celebrating any other sin, whether it be murder, adultery, or theft.  So are we to express “pride” in all of our sinful habits/lifestyles under the banner of love, acceptance or mental illness?  I do not think that was God’s intention.  What do you think?

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