Monday, September 12, 2022

Ron Desantis Commercials I want to see!


(View of white, unsmiling family of four). Thank you, Governor Desantis!  With the rising cost of housing in Florida, me and my family now are living in our car. (View of small SUV filled with clothes and empty food containers)

(Female woman in her 30’s) Thank you Governor Desantis! The restaurant I work for is building me a place to live so I can serve all those who can afford to pay $400,000 plus for a starter home in Florida. My family visits me every Wednesday for family time. (Show a series of shacks, and tiny prefabricated housing units crowded together).

(View of teacher in the classroom).  Thank you, Governor Desantis! Thanks to you, I don’t have to worry about teaching my students to think for themselves.  You’ve told us what we can teach and what we cannot teach.  Now I am teaching kids to be Florida robots!

(View of un smiling citizens in a community) Thank you, Governor Desantis.  You fired the person we elected to serve us.  Thanks for making our vote not mean a thing. 

(Voice over) Governor Ron Desantis.  Is he good for Florida?  Is he good for the country?

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