Saturday, August 2, 2014

Congressional Republicans to Sue the President??

A writer writes!

Just when you think Congress is coming to its senses, they do something stupid.  Recently rather than focus on developing programs and legislation to push the country forward, Republicans gathered together to decide to spend effort and money to sue President Obama for abusing his authority.

Past Presidents have been sued before with the suits dismissed due to lack of standing.  How a law suit will lead to development of options to address various problems is something I have yet to figure out.  Yes, it is harder to engage in discussions with those representing the President to develop compromise solutions to issues.  Apparently House Republicans want to "win,win" and fully impose their views upon the public.

Politics may have once been an honorable institution.  The past decade does not reflect that the political system is improving.  Maybe as the Presidential election years approach we will see more substantive results from Congress.  In the meantime Congress, drop the lawsuit strategy.  You're embarrassing yourselves and the country.

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