Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Movies Reflecting Diversity?

A writer writes!

I recently peaked at what  movies are currently playing at local theaters.  Not surprisingly few featured minorities in starring roles.  As a matter of fact few featured minority actors period.  That is not surprising as those who produce films want to produce films that appeal to non minorities.  The film industry is of course about making money, not about writing stories that show diversity.

I do wonder if a non slave or non civil rights related film would appeal to non minority audiences? Also, if you replaced Caucasian actors and actresses in today's popular films with minority actors and actresses would the films still be popular and make money?  Well, it is the story and the performances that makes the movie correct, not the color of the actors, right?
It is true that minorities long to see movies which feature minority actors.  Speaking from experience it is nice to see that your existence is recognized in the movies.  If you the reader are a Caucasian, how would you feel if you had to watch movies that only featured minority actors?  

In the 1960s prior to blacksploitation films being produced, there were very few films made with prominent roles for Black actors.  Those that were released usually featured the same Black actor. Here we are some 50 years later and not a whole lot has changed.
Movies sometime reflect the image we want to see of the world around us.  You sometimes wonder why some films rarely feature minority actors, especially if the films are supposed to reflect today's diverse society.  I especially feel bad when I see movies made to appeal to families with kids, that do not feature minority actors.  The kids have to notice that there is no one in the movie who looks like them.  Come on producers....show a little more diversity in your films.  Even if you don't mean it.

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