Friday, October 3, 2014

The MCL Crowd

A writer writes!

Famished and fighting off an approaching lack-of-food armada headache, I stopped by my local MCL restaurant for a complete meal.  Having visited MCL for the first time in over 15 years a month ago, I knew that MCL wouldn't let me down.

My image of MCL was always that it was the place where older people went for a decent meal.  I have no idea what "MCL" stands for.  Obviously for those who frequent it, the name stands for good food at reasonable prices.  For anyone who knows the history of the naming of MCL, send me a note and I will send you my coupon for a slice of pie for the cost of 99 cents.

As I entered MCL to first wash my hands, cleanliness is next to Godliness, I saw 4-5 older people sitting in a lounge area.  They looked semi dressed up in sport coats for the men and dresses for the women.  I said to myself, maybe it is their big day out for the week.  Having someone to meet and bond with is always great, at any age,  I surveyed the people inside the restaurant and in line, and quickly surmised that in the event of any conflict breaking out, I could take any of them and even a group of them in one-on-one combat.

The line was slowed by an elderly woman who was having problems moving at a quick rate.  I could have shoved her aside, and feigned food hysteria but better manners prevailed.  MCL does a good job of lining up the food in an orderly fashion.  The food looks all fresh and colorful.  To the point that you may find your mouth drooling while in line, which isn't a pretty sight.  I ordered everything I had not had in the past few weeks, liver and onions, fresh backed rolls so soft they slide down your throat, summer squash, (is there a winter squash?) pumpkin pie for dessert, and several more items along with the classic sweet tea.  At the end of the line I pulled out my trusty coupon for a whole dollar off an entree!

I joined the other "older" people in the eating area.  Although I did see a family and a man who must have been in his late 30s or 40s, I came to the realization that I officially am a senior.  I was eating with the other older people.  I can see myself now putting on a sports coat and tie, and making my way to MCL to join my fellow seniors for a decent meal.  The workers busing the tables are very friendly and must be to handle some of the banter the senior crowd delivers.  I heard one older woman railing about how they should not have let the person who contracted Ebola into the country.  Her recommendation was that no one from Africa should be allowed back into the United States.  Her "visit Africa and stay there policy" might become very popular if an Ebola breakout occurs in Dallas, Texas based on one person so far being found to have contracted Ebola after coming to the city from Africa.

I figure that in future visits to MCL I will gain knowledge from conversations with other seniors or just by overhearing their conversations to others.  Maybe MCL will one day be a recruitment center for those looking to find mature people with definite opinions on a variety of topics.  Until then, save a piece of pecan pie for me!

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