Monday, September 22, 2014

What Images/Actions Make Others Hate the USA?

A writer writes!

The latest terror threat to the United States apparently is a group labeled, ISIS.  This group apparently has a distinct hatred of anything American.  Well, I assume they do.  Who knows what American consumer products they use in the safety of their homes?  If you hate everything American, I assume that also means you avoid anything made by Americans?

What makes members of these groups hate America and all the citizens that make up these United States of America?  Is it the opulent wealth that is often displayed as being what America is about? Is it political policies of the American government?  What is it?  Even if these groups despise what America stands for in their eyes, why is violence the answer?  Especially violence against people who are powerless to control anything but their own lives.  Beheading people who are not involved in making policies accomplishes what?  It displays the brutality of your group and the inhumane nature of your group.  It displays how evil you are that you have rationalized that your actions are justified.

To those groups who despise others and their way of life,  that does not give you the right to destroy other people's lives.  For you to think so is absurd and just shows how off your thinking is.  For those Americans who are joining these groups...what are you thinking?  What are you fighting for or against?

Here's an idea.  Why don't you clearly explain why you have turned to violence to express yourselves.  What is is that America is doing that makes violence the answer?  Use your own words to explain yourself.  Don't use the doctrine of your "group".  Talk to us in simple common language.

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