Monday, January 19, 2015

Affordable Health Care Act Year 2

A writer writes!

Who would have thought the idea of ensuring everyone has health care would be a controversial item?  Well, apparently it's all in the details.  The Affordable Health Care Act, given the political name "Obamacare", is now going into year two. I recall during the first term of President Clinton, when a drive for a health care bill was derailed.  The politics of that era doomed any hope of a health care bill being passed by Congress.

I already had health care so the Affordable Health Care Act did not have any specific wide spread impact on me.   It did allow me to get more free preventive care items such as blood tests and an annual preventive health care exam.  Being cost free I make sure I get these items done each year.  The goal being that if something is caught early I can take steps to correct some health conditions that are treatable.

Some in Congress have designs to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act, but have not proposed to  replace it with another program.  How does repealing a law without a suggested replacement help to ensure health care is available to all?  I don't have that answer.  Ask that of those who want to repeal the Affordable Health Care  Act.  Maybe it comes down to economics and who has to pay for the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act.  But, if businesses and the employee both share in paying for health care, why is that a negative scenario?  It would seem that an employee who has health care would be more valuable to an employer than someone who does not have health care. Someone with health care can take action to deal with a health issue.  The person without health care likely will have more problems overcoming an illness and then lose their job as a residual part of being in poor health.  A sick employee should not be at work.  They should be dealing with their illness so they can return to work and  lead a productive life.

Sure there may be changes needed to Affordable Health Care as time elapses.  Make those changes and scrutinize and evaluate each year what needs to be  modified and improved.  Just because a law is passed does not mean it should never be revisited.  I'm sure there have been lessons learned in year one.  There is no shame in discussing those lessons learned and then making changes.

So to those in Congress who are on a rampage to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act I say, wait.  Don't just abolish the health care act.  Suggest improvements and modifications.  Be a real lawmaker.  Don't just yell "fire" and lead the way out of the theater.  Bring in the water hose to put the fire out.  Help to keep the structure of the theater in tact, don't tear it down.  When you can do that you have truly earned your badge of being an elected official, representing the people who voted for you.

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