Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NBA TV Show "The Starters" Absent Diversity

A writer writes!

There is a television show on the NBA TV network called "The Starters".  It's allegedly a show where "guys" talk about basketball.  One day I figured this might be an interesting show to watch.  A show with "man talk".  Watching "the fellas" talk trash about one of America's favorite distractions, basketball.

So, I turn to the show and I see that the show features four Caucasian guys who look like they are in their twenties, maybe thirties.  I'm thinking to myself, now the NBA has to be at least 75% African Americans.  This show has 100% Caucasian hosts talking about basketball.  Plus they don't look old enough to even have a working knowledge of some of the legendary basketball greats.  I'm talking about Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson.  What can these guys talk about that would interest me?  Well my answer was after about thirty seconds I lost interest in what they were talking about and changed to the History channel.

Come on NBA channel!  Is that the best you could give us?  I can see these guys playing their NBA 2K Playstation game just before coming onto the set of the show.  Can't you throw in at least one African American and foreign male onto this panel to talk about basketball?  Now where did they get the name "The Starters" from?  These guys couldn't start on your local church league team.  So why should we care about their opinions on basketball?  What makes them experts whose opinion we are to value.  Hey, maybe I should contact the NBA channel as my opinions about basketball are probably as misinformed as those on "The Starters" panel.  "My Basketball Opinion, My Basketball Viewpoint" soon to be appearing on the NBA channel.  Tune in for 30 seconds when I'm on the panel.  Then turn back to your reality show.

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