Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Celebrities" Who Deserve Front Row Seats

A writer writes!

Last week I was watching portions of the National Basketball Association (NBA) All Star Game festivities.  The cameras would occasionally pan to people sitting in front row seats.  Since I no longer keep up on who today's human idols are, I could not name most of the people they were focusing on.  I'm sure those in the court side seats either paid big dollars for their seats or where given the seats by a player, or got the seats through connections.

Of course my mind started wandering off into the nether region and I started to wonder about what "celebrities" I wanted to see sitting in those front row seats.  Or who would I put in those front row seats (if I had the money to pay the exorbitant idol worship prices for the seats!)

It pretty much came down to this for my top 4:

1.  Whomever finds the cure for Cancer.  He/She/They should be given lifetime seats to any NBA game period.  Pre Season, Regular Season, All Star game, NBA Playoff games in any round.  Seats on the floor where ever they felt comfortable.  The Big "C" has been destroying people and families for years.  Those who find the final cure to safely destroying cancer can have anything they want in my book.

2.  Students Making Straight A's in School.  Education matters.  Studying to be the best does take effort to utilize and strengthen the gift that you have.  It doesn't matter if they are in Kindergarten, fifth grade, or going for their masters.  Those who sacrifice and devote immense time to improving their knowledge deserve a distraction for a couple of hours to let the brain cells regroup for the next mental battle.  We don't take enough time to celebrate the academic efforts of students.  Don't just fawn over people who play sports!  Slobber over the "brains" out there who have the talent to make the world better using their mind power.

3.  The Quiet Charity Donors.  People who quietly give to charities only because they want to and can.  They have earned front row seats.  They are filling a gap that governments are unable or unwilling to fully fund.  Whether it is donating money for food for the poor, or donating time to help someone improve themselves, these people are trying to make a positive difference.  Without their efforts, the level of pain would be much greater for those in need.

4.  Undercover Do Gooders.  The television show, Undercover Bosses is one of my favorites.  It shows owners of businesses actually taking an interest in the lives of their workers.  It features the owners giving to their employees to assist in making their employees lives better.  Whether it is to give them money for school, money for medical needs, promotions within the company, or vacations for their family, these Do Gooders take actions that reflect the better parts of humanity.  I would like to think there are more of these type people out there whose acts are not being televised who are taking positive actions to help their employees when they can.  Yes, it is more dramatic when the TV camera records those acts, but I'm sure it has to still be a life changing experience even if those acts of kindness are done away from the cameras.  Life is not all about being selfish and only caring for your self and your loved ones.

I am sure there are enough people in the above categories to fill the lower level seats at least at the NBA All Star game!  At each time out, celebrate what they've done with a brief video on the scoreboard.  What about it Commissioner Silver?

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