Saturday, February 21, 2015

Former Mayor Giuliani Seeking Love

A writer writes!

Since most of the alleged "news" these days is mostly pure drama disguised as news, I tend to ignore most of the "news" on television and even in printed mediums.  So I wasn't too surprised to see a "news" blurb that former Mayor Giuliani stated that President Obama does not love America.  My initial reaction was maybe the Mayor is experiencing some medical issues that are making him make statements that are ridiculous and strange?  But, apparently the Mayor is sticking to his original statements.

My second thought was as a President who has been disrespected and verbally abused by many over the past 6 years, President Obama must love the principles of America to deal with the non sense he has encountered since he became President.  Now added on to the pile of nonsense (remember the Republican who yelled out "You Lie!" during one of President Obama's state of the union addresses) comes the comments of Giuliani.

I wonder how Giuliani would feel if people referred to him as the mayor who benefited from being in office when the 911 attacks occurred in New York City?  His popularity soared during those tragic times.  Maybe now the Mayor is seeking to regain the attention he once garnered years ago by making outrageous statements?

If you have a moment while watching the local or national "news" tonight, send Giuliani a few words of encouragement and love.  Tell him you're sorry he cannot respect a President who has helped this nation overcome the turmoil that existed in America from 2000-2008.  Encourage Giuliani to start a "We Love America" political party and run for President in the year 2016.  Then we can see Giuliani show that he loves all parts of America.   From the urban blighted areas in major cities, to the principles that allow immigrants to become citizens and pursue their love of America.

Well ex Mayor, if you had spoken up sooner we all could have sent you Valentine Day cards.

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