Monday, September 21, 2015

Presidential Debate Follies

I have yet to watch any of the Republican Presidential debates.  The field of Republican Party candidates was more than 10 when I last checked.  Entertainment rather than substantial discussion of issues seemed to be prevalent in the debates.  The entertainment soundbites of the debate is what the media shared.  The candidate who made the most outrageous comments has been the frontrunner. That candidates comments ranged from offensive to border line racist/sexist.  But the popularity polls continued to show him as leading the pack.  That says much about those who vote and what the media cares about.

Thankfully the outrageous remarks candidate is now starting to slide downward in the polls.  Maybe reason and common sense is starting to take root.  The idea of a President who offends others with his/her comments rather than trying to link people together is a scary thought.  Hopefully that candidate will become an afterthought in a couple of months.

Next comes the first Democratic Party Presidential debate.  We can only hope and pray for more substance in discussing issues rather than entertainment and name calling.

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