Sunday, October 11, 2015

Indigenous People/Native American/Columbus Day

As America gets older and the landscape of people inside its boundaries change, our perspectives tend to change also.  Columbus Day was once revered as the day to celebrate the discovery of America by a European explorer.  That well meant proclamation has been overcome by a truth that was ignored years ago.  People and a civilization were already in  place when Columbus and his crew ventured into the north american territory.

Now more people acknowledge that Native Americans were here before Europeans settled into this land.  Now nicknames such as "Redskins" are no longer welcomed. So tomorrow Columbus Day will receive mixed recognition.  Those of Italian descent might celebrate the day.  In schools teachers will be faced with the dilemma of telling students the truth versus continuing the myth of who discovered America.  In the year 2015, the truth should prevail.   There is no shame in acknowledging that a race of people were already here when Columbus arrived.  North America and South America were inhabited by people at the same time European culture existed.  The limitations of travel and communication created a void between that already being a recognized fact.

What we can do is just acknowledge the fact that Native Americans did exist and were the caretakers of the land before Europeans came.  Europeans were the first immigrants. There is no record that as Europeans landed on shore they were met consistently by Native Americans who told them to go back home.  Such an act would have helped prolong the culture and wide spread existence of Native Americans, but for some reason they did not collectively act to repel those invading their land.  The result is what we have today.  A nation where some people today are attempting to keep immigrants from neighboring Mexico out of the country.  Truly ironic.  But such is human nature.  Those in power want to maintain that power.  People recognize when they have a good thing going and for self preservation try to keep others from getting what they have.  You should thank Native Americans for not having that view many years ago.

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