Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unplugged From Being Forced Fed The "News"

The local news stations typically begin every program with a "Breaking Story" by line about the latest murder and shooting in the city.  Positive news for viewers to begin their work day!  Negative information is news.  That is the media's viewpoint.  Murders and shootings have priority over most other stories.  Video to accompany the story is a must. Most times it's dark footage taken at night or early in the morning.  The media knows that a daytime video is less eerie and scary.  So set the proper tone.  Get the night time video, even if no one is around to talk to.

Next, find the most uneducated person you can and put them on camera.  Build up the image of uneducated people in crime laced neighborhoods killing themselves.  Give the viewers something to look at and shake their heads to so they can say, "Glad we don't live in that area!  How can people live like that?"  Then they can begin their day having been fed their portion of stereotype visuals for at least the morning.

What the news does not do is present any ideas being worked on to decrease the violence.  The news does not show the other side of the story.  Positive stories of people who have turned away from violence and are now doing constructive things with their lives.  All is not hopeless as the media depicts.  All is not a violent society.  Everyday the media begins with negative stories because that is what they do.  Negativity is how the media earns a living.  The more terrible the story the more dramatic it is.  And that is what the media specializes in, drama.  The news is reality TV at its best.

My reaction is to unplug from watching the news.  Once again I control what the media can tell me and when.  I decide if I want to turn to the news for a weather or traffic report.  If I want to hear the negative news I will turn on the television.  What I now refuse to do is simply turn on the television and simply sit there allowing the news to bombard me with continuous negative stories.  It's time to take control.  We should not allow our smartphones and television control our lives.  Don't allow information to be pushed out to you.  Take control of what you let into your lives.  Change the news by sending a message that you will not listen, watch or read the news until the caliber of the stories change. Unplug from the nonsense being thrust at you.

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